The night was calm and quiet, and the dark sky was full of bright and beautiful stars. "This is calming, I love just looking at the stars." Kagome said to no one in particular. "Yes, this is quite romantic isn't is Sango." Miroku said trying to impress Sango. " I choose to ignore that comment Miroku, but it is calming and relaxing." Sango replied while trying to hide the blush Miroku had caused. "Psh, what's the big deal it's just a bunch of stars, besides we need sleep if we're going to look for shards tomorrow morning." Inuyasha said with his eyes closed. All of a sudden they heard Kagome squeal, everyone quickly looked around to see if there was a demon. "What the hell was that for!" Inuyasha angrily said to kagome. "Look! A shooting star, quick everyone make a wish!" Kagome replied excitedly. Everyone looked up and made a wish. "I wish I could get Sango to love me back." Miroku thought. "I wish miroku would act like a gentleman." Sango thought. " I wish I could figure out my feelings for Kouga and inuyasha." Kagome thought. "I wish Kikyo was alive." Inuyasha thought sadly. After looking at the stars for a dew more minutes, Kagome sighed and said "I'm going to bed, night everyone."

Inuyasha pov He was sleeping when he awoke to a beautiful, yet familiar smell. "Could it be..." Inuyasha thought. He quietly got up and ran into the forest, and started sniffing the air. "I just smelled it a minute ago, i know its hear." He said to himself. "Hello Inuyasha, long time no see." a calm voice said. Inuyasha turned quickly to find the one person who he truly loved, the one he was willing to die for, and the one tried to kill him all those years ago, and the one who he would trust with his life. "Kikyo, w..what are you doing here?" Inuyasha asked quietly. "Well my soul stealer's saw you and I decided to pay you a visit." Kikyo replied calmly. Then she added, "Don't you ever get tired of being with my reincarnate? Remember the love we shared, and how much we wanted to be together?" Kikyo asked. "I..I do miss you kikyo but.." Inuyasha was cut off by kikyo when she walked over to him and started to kiss him. He didn't object, and started kissing back, he missed her kisses, her feeling, her scent, and how they could talk for hours and never run out of things to talk about.

Kagome's (thoughts) pov "I knew I shouldn't have drank all that water." After walking into the woods and finishing her business, she remembered not seeing Inuyasha sleeping. "Hey, isn't that one of Kikyo's soul stealers?" Kogame thought out loud, after seeing one float past the trees. Kagome, not being able to resist, followed it. What she saw next horrified her, because standing there in a clearing, was inuyasha making out with Kikyo, and it was going a bit to far for Kagome to handle. "I can't believe he would do this to me!" With that last thought she turned and ran away from the awful scene she had just witnessed. She ran, and when she was out of breath she realized she was very far from camp. She slowed to a walk..But, being as graceful as she is, she tripped over a tree root and twisted her ankle. She yelped in pain, but managed to crawl to a tree to sit against. She replayed the images she saw in her mind over and over, and stopped when she realized she was sobbing. All of a sudden she sensed two jewel shards coming very fast, she started to panic when she realized it was probably just Kouga who had caught her scent. She sighed knowing she would end up having to explain why she was upset.

Kouga POV "Ginta, Hakkaku, I smell Kogame I'll be back shortly." Kouga said. They said alright, and made salutes to Kouga. He just rolled his eyes and started running toward the smell of Kagome. "I wonder if mutt-face is with her." Kouga thought. He soon smelled salt, and realized she was crying. "If he hurt her in any way, shape or form, I'll kick his ass to the moon and back, then rip off his head." Kouga thought angrily. "After all, nobody hurts my woman."

Kagome POV

"I must be really stupid to not see it sooner." Kagome said sadly.
"I don't know who you're talking about, but my woman is the smartest person I know." Kagome jumped to see who said it, but relaxed when she saw Kouga with that famous smirk on his face. Kagome just gave him a small smile. "What's wrong Kagome?" he asked looking into her eyes. Kagome couldn't help but love how he was always concerned with her feelings, unlike SOMEONE, and she also loved his deep blue eyes that always calmed her. She sighed before replying "Nothing." She knew he didn't believe her. "Look me in the eyes and tell me that." Kouga said softly. She just looked down. Kouga gently lifted her chin so she was looking at him. "Please tell me what's wrong, I just want to help you." Kouga pleaded using his puppy dog eyes. She sighed again before explaining everything she saw.

Kouga pov "I can't believe that mutt would do that to her, and what does he see in that dead clay bitch!" Kouga angrily thought. He saw that she had started crying again, so he scooted closer to her and pulled her into his arms and hugged her. He was shocked to see she didn't pull away, but snuggled closer. He inwardly congratulated himself, since this was a new accomplishment, and he was one step closer to winning over Kagome.

Kagome pov I was shocked to see kouga hug me, not that i objected any but the gesture itself was very nice and kind. I looked up into his eyes and saw that they were full of love and concern. I felt sleepy, warm, and safe in his arms. "Oh Kouga before I fall asleep, I think I twisted my ankle running through the woods." I said sleepily, and slurring some words. Kouga just chuckled and said he'd take a look at it in a bit.

Kouga pov After she told me about her ankle she just relaxed, and the next thing I know, she's asleep. Smiling, I picked her up and just admired her beauty in the moonlight. When I got to the cave I sat her down on some fur blankets, and tucked her in like she was just a small fragile child. I was happy that I finally had my angel back, my woman, my one true love. Then I remembered her ankle, and looked it over before wrapping it up to heal. It was just a twisted ankle, and would be fine in a few days. I looked at her one more time before going to sleep.

Sorry it's so short, it's my 1st story, and it was a lot longer when I wrote it. I already have chap. two started but I just need to finish it, then edit it and it will be posted. Thanks for reading and let me know how it was, and I'm open to suggestions!