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Kagome awoke a few hours later in the healers den. Her head hurt but something didn't feel quite right. Something big was going to happen but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She blinked a few times before focusing her attention on the old healer, who bustling around, mixing some herbs together.

"What happened? Did we win?" Kagome asked the busy healer.

"Oh! You're awake! Yes we did win thankfully. How do you feel? Is there any pain?" She asked, slightly startled. Kagome thought the questions were normal but there was a hidden meaning behind them.

"Yes. My head hurts a little. Why?" Kagome asked cautiously. Again there was the feeling of something not quite right.

"Well my dear" the healer smiled "Today is the day you are supposed to go into labor." Kagome's jaw hit the ground.

"What? So soon?" She replied with her hands on her stomach.

"Why yes. Demon pregnancies go much faster than humans." The healer replied as she mixed the strange concoction. The healer saw her questioning stare and told her it was a powerful pain medicine. Kagome blushed and realized it was for her.

"Kouga is celebrating with the other men in case you're wondering. He will come and see you before it's time to have the baby." Kagome nodded.

'Wow. Today I'm going to be a mother… I think I'm going to faint! It's hard to believe it's been 5 months already!' Kagome silently thought to herself. (Pretend that its been that long lol) The healer handed her a small bowl of soup.

"You'll at least a little bit to eat so you'll have the strength and energy." The healer gently said, shaking Kagome from her thoughts. She silently sipped the soup once again lost in thought.

Shortly after she had finished her soup Kouga walked in.

"Kagome I'm so happy to see you're awake. Do you feel ok?" Kouga asked after kissing her.

"I feel fine. Just a little worried." Kouga smiled at his pregnant mate.

'How did I ever get so lucky?' He wondered. Kouga sat down next to her and they talked for a while.

"What do you think we should name him?" Kagome pondered aloud. Kouga cocked his head to the side for a moment, thinking.

"Hm. I'm not sure. I never thought I would have to think about names for my child." Kouga smirked.

"How about Ichiro? I like the sound of that one." Kagome smiled.

"First-born son. I like it. So it's settled if it's a boy his name shall be Ichiro. But what if it's a girl?" Kouga asked after a moment. Kagome thought for a while and smiled brightly

"Chihiro." Kagome responded.

"A thousand questions. I think it would fit if she took after her mother." Kouga laughed. But her laughter was cut short by sharp pains…in her abdomen.

"What's wrong Kagome?" Kouga exclaimed. The healer bustled into the room and shooed Kouga away.

"It's time. Kagome drink this." The old women said as she handed Kagome a cup of purple liquid. She just managed to get it down when her water broke. The healer had other females there as well. The healers den was about as a busy as a bees' nest. More contraction hit Kagome and she writhed in pain.

"When's the damn pain killer supposed to kick in?" She shouted.

"Soon sweetie I promise. But mind you the worst has yet to come." Suki said trying to comfort her friend and sister. Kagome groaned.

'I am so going to kill Kouga!' Kagome thought as she was once again consumed by pain.

Kouga, meanwhile, paced just outside the main den overcome with worry. His inner wolf demanded to go in and get everyone away from her and console her. He growled I frustration.

'Damn! What I wouldn't give to go in and be with her.' He growled again as he thought. It was considered inappropriate for a male to be in the same room as a female when she was giving birth.

"Hey Kouga you'll never guess who heard about you expecting you're first child. Congratulations by the way!" Ginta said clapping him on the back. Kouga stopped


"Who?" Kouga cautiously asked.

"Yukio and he's on his way. He should be here in a few hours." Hakkaku replied, also patting Kouga on the back in congratulations. Kouga growled, just what he needed to add to his shot nerves. He heard Kagome scream. It took all he had not to run in there. The two noticed this and decided to try and distract there leader and friend.

"Do you want to go hunt? Since there's probably going to be a big feast to celebrate." Ginta asked cautiously. He was afraid of getting hid on the head for 'Trying to change the subject at a very dire time.' But when nothing happened Ginta asked again. Kouga snapped out of his thoughts and agreed. He looked back at the cave as Kagome screamed again.

'Be strong my mate. I will return to you soon.'

Sweat was beaded across Kagome's forehead as Suki held her hand and told her to push. She screamed, there was no way she'd be able to go through with it. Another female wiped off her forehead.

"I can't do this." Kagome cried.

"Yes you can! Now think of Kouga and your child! Push! Come on Kagome if you can beat Naraku you can do this!" The healer exclaimed. Kagome, tears running down her face, pushed as hard as she could.

"I'm going to kill Kouga!" Kagome yelled in pain and frustration. That earned a few quiet giggles.

"C'mon Kagome you're so close I can almost see the head!" The healer joyfully said. Kagome, worn out and exhausted, pushed again with renewed strength. Howls were heard outside but Kagome didn't even notice, and even if she did she certainly didn't care.

A bunch of men returned from a 3 hour hunt. They would certainly have a feast. There were howls and Kouga looked over. His father, mother, and siblings had just arrived.

'Kouga! Where's the little one? Has it been born yet?" Jin exclaimed while hugging her son. Yukio patted his son on the back, nearly sending him flying, and looked very proud.

"I can't believe my oldest has finally settled down and has started a family!" Kouga blushed a bit. His siblings looked equally happy.

"I can't wait to see my little nephew or niece!" Aiko squealed. Jiro laughed, but was also just as excited and happy.

"C'mon Kagome you're almost done! The head's out!" Kagome screamed again as she pushed with the little remaining strength she had.

"One more big push!" She used the last of strength before nearly passing out. The healer hit the newborns bottom and wrapped it up in a fur lined blanket as it screamed its little lungs out. Kagome smiled, she was a mother. She cried tears of joy as her and Kouga's little boy were handed to her.

"It's a boy. Congratulation's Kagome I'm so happy for you!" Suki replied. It had taken 6 or 7 hours, but at last Kagome held her little boy.

"My little Ichiro." Kagome whispered as she cried and kissed his little forehead. The healer cut the umbilical cord and cleaned everything up. Kouga was notified that everything was alright and he immediately raced into the room. He stopped at Kagome and kneeled down. This was his son. He was awed at the tiny little hand curled around Kagome's finger. He gently stroked his sons face and beamed. Never before had he ever felt this much pride. He looked at his mate and at his new son, who had just opened his eyes to gaze up at his mother and father for the first time. The room was empty and Kagome nearly cried. Kouga looked into the little pale blue eyes that stared up at him. Ichiro also had a little bit of black hair ad small furry black ears that were constantly moving, picking up the sounds of an unfamiliar world. Kagome started to nurse him as she was shown.

"I must be the luckiest being on Earth. I have you for a mate, and a beautiful son. I have everything I could ever want." Kagome kissed her mate and they both stared at their now sleeping newborn son.

Not long after the couple had their moment together Kouga's family walked in. Jin gasped and rushed over immediately.

"He's so precious! Kouga he looks just like you when you were born!" Jin was nearly crying. Yukio looked very proud of his son and grandson as gently stroked the young pups face. His two siblings were quiet, neither could think of anything to say at the moment. Kagome felt exhaustion starting to take over. The healer walked in and shooed them all away, saying Kagome needed her rest.

After Kagome had taken a few hour nap she woke up and joined everyone in the main den for a huge feast. Everyone was excited to their leader's first child. The tribe had howled, waking up Ichiro, who looked around, startled. The howling didn't bother him but made him giggle. Kagome smiled at his reaction, thankful he didn't cry.

5 years later

Kagome looked for Ichiro in the field. There were other pups there playing also. He ran up to his mother and hugged her leg. Smiling, Kagome picked him up and kissed his head. Kouga walked up behind her and hugged her and kissed her cheek. The family stayed like this for a moment in a comfortable silence.

"Go play momma?" Ichiro asked. Kagome smiled and put him down, and he toddles off as fast as his little legs would take him. Kagome took Kouga's hand and put it on her stomach.

"It appears that Ichiro is going to be a big brother." Kagome said trailing off. It took Kouga a moment to comprehend but eventually he did and fiercely kissed his mate.

"Hey Kouga careful you don't want to scare Ichiro." A tribe member playfully teased. Kouga smirked.

"I have a feeling it's going to be a girl." Kagome whispered to him. He smiled and nuzzled his mate. They would be together for a long time. Kouga had wished on the Shikon jewel that Kagome would become a full demon so that way they could raise their family together forever.

'Yes' Kouga though 'I am indeed the luckiest being alive.'

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