The Crying Sky: a LOSH story

Okay, I though I would just let you know that this is my first time writing a fanfic, so do not hate me if I make mistakes! I am having problems working with this site, but I promise to do my best. The plot will take a while to see, but I swear there is one.

Chapter 1

"I won't let you go!"

"It doesn't matter to me, honest."

"It does to ME!"

"I'm going to fall anyways. You can't save me this time-"

"Yes! Yes I will! You won't fall if I don't let go!"

"But I was never holing on."

"No. Cobu? COBU!! NO!!"

Momi woke in a cold sweat. That was the fifth time in a row she had that dream. Turning towards the clock, she didn't need to see it to tell that it was early morning. Probably right before sunrise. Slipping out of bed, she silently pulled on some clothes and grabbed a nutris-bar. As she walked out the door, she flipped up the hood on her cloak and felt the relief wash over her as she stepped into the clean open air. Ok, so maybe New Metropolis didn't have the cleanest air, but it was outside. She touched her necklace; it always seemed to give her good luck. The sun was just beginning to rise on the east horizon and the city's lights seemed to sparkle and smoke. Smoke? That certainly wasn't normal. She decided to steer clear of the evident danger and instead choose to sit on a curb by the library. Staring coldly at the other side of the street, she finished the nutris-bar in a matter of seconds. Sighing, she stood up effortlessly and took a few steps onto the smooth concrete street and headed towards the-


At the same exact spot she had just been seconds before, the library was smoking and crashes could be heard from the inside. On the curb two people seemed to be fighting with lasers. One was a women dressed in green with wild green hair to match and had a giant eye shooting a laser at the opponent. The opponent was a teenage boy with black hair and a blue and red leotard thing sporting a huge S in the middle. Not only did he look somehow familiar, but he was shooting laser-beams out of his eyes. That had to hurt.


More strange people joined the fray and suddenly the physical fighting stopped and the staring contest began. There were now four more people standing with the green lady and five more with the leotard guy whose name escaped her. They each stood in a line and faced each other across the street. Becoming increasingly confused, she slowly stepped back and was just about to make a run for it when she heard a loud crack. Her knees buckled and as the ground sped closer. Then the world faded black.

She heard voices to quiet to make out. As she opened her eyes blurred shapes began to form in front of her. Well, actually above her, because Momi was staring at the ceiling. Her head hurt like a rock fell on her head and called its friends for a party. Wondering where she was, she slowly turned her head, wincing from the sharp pain as she did so. There seemed to be some kind of wiring stuck in her arm, which was connected to a beeping device with jagged green lines moving up and down on the black screen. The walls were whitewashed and had no decoration except for the picture of an obese unhealthy women smoking a long piece of something reading: "Want to quit? Stay fit! "

No doubt about it. She was definitely in a hospital.

Moving her head back into a more comfortable position, Momi went through her options. Out of all eleven possibilities, she decided that by assessing her situation more thoroughly it would add knowledge to help her make a better choice, and therefore escape.

"For the last time! I am perfectly fine! It's just a scratch and there's no need to worry!"

"Well excuse me for asking if you needed help!"

"Who said I needed any help??"

"No one! But I thought it would be rude not to!!"

Two voices, a teenage girl and boy, were arguing over something. The fighting was becoming so loud Momi found it hard to resist covering her ears.

"Lightning Lad! Saturn Girl! Please stop arguing, you're going to wake her!"

"Sorry Phantom Girl, but face it. That girl's been unconscious for almost a week now. You sure it's not a coma?"

"I hope not, or else Superman will be depressed. He went out of his way to catch her and she may not ever wake up. She did take a blast from the Emerald Empress…….." the voice trailed off.

So that's what hit me. Superman……where have I heard that before…….

She heard a door open and close. "Hey guys. How is she doing?"

" 'Sup 'Supes. I don't know how to say this, but she hasn't shown any sign of waking yet…"

"Garth! It's okay Superman, I'm sure she'll be fine! Have you found anything on who she is yet?"

"No Phantom Girl. Strangely, there isn't even a single record of her living here. Brainy and I worked all week and there's nothing about her at all!"

"Hmmmmm…..really? That's weird. Maybe she's on vacation?"

"I don't think so. A kid like her shouldn't be roaming around the streets so early without a parent-"

"Did you hear that?!"

After the supposed "Saturn Girl" made a comment, Momi accidently gave a sharp intake of breath. Before she could close her eyes to pretend to be asleep, there was a pair of bright blue eyes staring down at her.

"HEY 'SUPES! She's awake!"

"Lightning Lad don't yell in her face! Give the poor kid some space!"

"Sorry Saturn Girl…." the teen mumbled.

By then Momi was sitting up, and blinking rapidly to accommodate the intake of the images she was seeing. The "Lightning Lad" in front of her had short orange hair and electric blue eyes. He had a strange black suit on with long white gloves and gold thunderbolts on his shoulders and down his front. Currently he was arguing (again) with a girl with long blonde hair and a pink and white outfit. She also had big pink Saturns hanging from her ears and the same symbol on her chest. That was probably "Saturn Girl". After reaching the conclusion that the two teens either hated or secretly liked each other, another voice cut into her thoughts.

"Cut it out you two! You're scaring the kid. She's not even talking!"

The person who spoke was a girl from earlier. She had long onyx-colored hair and pale ghostly eyes. Her "costume" was composed of black and white material, with a flowing cape and a ghost emblem on her shirt, making Momi guess that this was the "Phantom Girl". While the ghost-girl joined the growing argument, Momi could not help but notice that someone was watching her. Turning her head towards the door, she found herself looking at a familiar face.

It was the boy from before, the one who had caught her after the blackout. She immediately recognized the red S and cape. As he slowly walked over from where he came in, she could not help but think that he had a kind face and friendly smile. So she smiled back. This was "Superman".

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