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Chapter 3

Momi once again awoke in a bed that was not her own. Moving up into an upright position, she waited until her eyes adjusted to the light. Then she remembered where she was. Legion HQ, or more precisely, a guest room four doors down on the right from what she believed was the control room. Funny though, she remembered the light being off when she finally fell asleep. Someone must have come in when she was asleep and forgotten to turn the lights back off. Looking around she could tell that the room was pretty plain, with just a bed and a nightstand. Slipping out of bed, she cringed back when her feet touched the cold floor. Momi then remembered that she was wearing different clothes.

The blonde one, Saturn Girl, had traded her an oversized white shirt for the dirty brown tunic and worn out shoes. The headquarters did not seem to have anything her size, so the shirt would have to do. Saturn Girl had also bombarded her with questions the night before. Momi had told her her name and her current living situation, but she refused the offered telepathic brain-scan. She was not going to completely trust anyone just yet. Daring to touch the cold floor again, Momi set her feet on the ground and took a few steps towards the door before it opened.

"Oh, you're awake!" Saturn Girl walked though the door. "I thought that you would want to clean up, maybe take a shower and try on Phantom Girl's latest…..creation." Looking down at herself Momi noted she did in fact look a little worse for the wear, and that a shower would nicely remove all the grime and dirt. Saturn Girl took the self-check as a yes, and offered the smaller girl her hand. Momi stared at it for a moment before deciding it was safe. She saw Saturn Girl smile when she took her hand, and allowed herself to be led to the bathroom.

Momi was surprises that the older girl did not bother her with questions on the way. Then again, maybe she knew that she wouldn't answer most of them. Momi paid attention to her surroundings in case she ever needed to find her way back. Legion HQ sure was a big building, and therefore easy to get lost in. Once they reached what Momi assumed was the bathroom, Saturn Girl explained how to use the shower and left her in peace. The bathroom was plain, with light blue walls, white tile flooring, a sink, a shower, and a toilet. She stripped off all her clothes except her necklace and stepped into the shower. After letting the hot water run on her head for a while, she got to work cleaning. Once she was done, she turned the shower off and opened the curtain. Grabbing a towel, she began to dry and noticed that her previous clothes had been replaced by a new set that looked new and her size. Finished drying, she began to brush out all the tangles in her hair, know that they would never all come out.

Sighing after seeing the small difference her hard work with the brush had made, she turned her attention to the clothes. Picking them up she found that they were a strange stretchy but soft material. Deciding it wouldn't hurt to try it on; she proceeded to do so. Looking in the mirror, she looked almost like a different person with the clean hair and clothes. Her blonde hair was back to being shiny and not matted, and her outfit was….weird. She assumed it was fine because most of the Legionnaires she had seen so far had weird outfits anyways. Momi's clothes were sky blue in color. There was a white horizontal stripe across the top, with a vertical white line running from the center of the horizontal white line to the bottom of the dress. The dress itself was short, and ended halfway above her knees. The material was tight, so the dress took to her skinny shape. There was only one sleeve, which was long and looser on her left arm, leaving her right arm bare. She had also put on the knee-high boots, which had white bottoms and a white stripe around the top of the boots. Not so bad. After all, she was lucky to have any new clothes at all. Giving her reflection a self-assuring smile, Momi smoothed out her outfit and turned to the door. Beyond that door was a new life, and she was not going to screw it up.

She only made one step outside the door before she was tackled by a blur of orange, purple, and white.

"You're so CUTE!!"

The blur was now taking a shape. It was girl, shorter than the other girls in the Legion, but not by much. Her short hair was three colors: orange, purple, and white; the same colors of her clothes. She wore white boots and gloves to match with her short form-fitting dress which was also divided into three colors. At the moment though, the new girl was on top of Momi, which made her very uncomfortable, causing her to squirm after she recovered from her initial shock. Did everyone in the Legion disregard personal space completely?

"Oh," the girl giggled, "sorry about that." She stood up and helped pull the smaller girl to her feet. "It's just that you're so adorable in costume! Phantom Girl did a great job this time." Momi, unsure of what do or say, just nodded. The girl then put out her right hand.

"By the way, I'm Triplicate Girl." She split into three as she said this. One was wearing only white, one only purple, and one only orange. "It's a pleasure to meet you," they said in unison. Confused on which hand to shake, Momi decided to shake all three extended hands in turn. This made their smiles widen and the orange one giggled.

"So, I've told you my name, what's yours?"


"Momi? Hmmmmm….. If you're serious on becoming a superhero, you'll need a better super-name." Momi was about to reply that she didn't even sign up for this, when the orange Triplicate Girl noticed her embarrassed face and put a gloved finger to her own lips.

"But it's okay for now, I'm sure you'll think of something later." With that the purple one grabbed Momi's hand a started to pull her along.

"Come on, I'm sure the rest of the Legion is dying to see you!"

Being pulled along once again, Momi started to wonder if there was ever a peaceful moment. The Triplicate Girls were chattering excitedly; apparently the last person who joined the legion wasn't as "adorable" as Momi.

"I mean, sure Timberwolf is cute and all, but it's more in a puppy dog way. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, and he isn't one to joke around. It's only fun to bug him."

"Definitely. Remember the time Phantom Gil caught him cooking?"

"Yes! His face was priceless!"

The three identical girls continued their conversation until the purple one bumped into another teenager. What was his name…… Thunder Boy or something…. It was hard for Momi to hear the introductions they gave her yesterday when they flew back to HQ because of how fast they were going.

"Whoops! Sorry Lightning Lad," the purple Triplicate Girl said. Lightning Lad? Well, Momi was close.

"Next time pay more attention to where you're going instead of talking to yourself," he said crossly. "Hey, you clean up pretty well." He said this in surprise while looking Momi up and down. "I'm impressed. Did Phantom Girl really do that herself?" Feeling like a showcase, she did her best not to blush and nodded. She seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

"Well then, I guess it's time you meet your new comrades."

"There are more of you?" Momi asked in dull surprise. She thought she had already met everyone.

"No duh," Triplicate Girl said as she morphed back into one person. "You've only met me, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Superman, and Thunder Butt here." Momi heard a quick "HEY" from Lightning Lad.

"Only them?"

"Yeah, what did you expect?" Lightning Lad said. "It is a Legion."

"Most of the Legion is out on missions," Triplicate Girl interjected. "But that still leaves Bouncing Boy and Timberwolf, and you haven't been properly introduced to Brainy yet."

Then both of the Legionnaires' belts started blinking and beeping.

"Speak of the devil…" Lighting Lad murmured. "Brainy's got an alert. We'd better get to the control room." It was Triplicate Girl's turn to nod, and she motioned for Momi to fly after. It took a few moments for her to realize that Momi did not have a flight ring.

"Hey Lightning Lad….."

"We don't have time to get her one. She'll have to go on this mission without one." He swiftly bent down to grab Momi and brought her to his chest. She let out a small squeak of terror.

"Wow, you're really light," her captor said in surprise. "Just hold on for a sec." Activating his flight ring and started to fly down the corridor. Then he took a moment to look down at the small girl. She looked a little shaken, but other than that she was perfectly ready for a mission if you ignored the age factor. Speaking of age…..

"Hey, um, Momi right?" She looked up at him. "Exactly how old are you?"


"Really?" She looked younger than that. It was also the same age Brainy thought he was. Brainy might not be the youngest on the team anymore. Wondering if that would be good or bad, he was so distracted he nearly ran into the control room door. Triplicate Girl giggled and Momi looked up in horror, afraid her carrier might run into a wall with her still in his arms. Triplicate Girl stopped giggling, walked ahead and pushed the bottom that opened the door.

"We're here," Triplicate Girl announced as she entered the room, followed by Lightning Lad who was still carrying Momi.

"You're here just in time," Timberwolf said, "Brainy was about to tell us why we were pulled out of bed so early."

"It's the Scavengers," Brainy informed them. "Apparently they're launching an attack on the Druunium Plant in the Northern sector."

"The Scavengers? Why do we need everyone here then?" Lightning Lad had a good point. The Scavengers were easy to take down. They were one of the lower-class villains.

"I wasn't finished," Brainy said crossly. "Druunium is a highly unstable compound. If it was tampered with or even if the temperature was raised a degree the explosion could take out an entire continent."

"An entire continent?" Phantom Girl asked skeptically.

"If we're lucky."

"Well then, we'll just have to kick their butts before they mess with it," Lightning lad said with a smile as he dropped what he was holding and cracked his knuckles. Thankfully she was able to land on her feet, but Momi reminded herself to leave a mental note not to let him carry her again.

"My point exactly," Brainiac 5 went on, "If we are going to stop them, we have to do it before they tamper with the Druunium. Luckily, the Scavengers triggered a silent alarm inside of the Druunium Plant, so they have no idea that we realize they are there."

"We have surprise on our side," Triplicate Girl said.

"Let's hope that doesn't change," Brainiac 5 added sternly. "My plan is we split up into four groups of two, surround the Scavengers and cut them off from the Druunium. Stealth is very important on this mission, so don't be careless. We don't want the Scavengers to know we're there."

"Triplicate Girl. You and Bouncing Boy will form the first team. You enter the Plant from the east entrance. "

"Aye aye, captain," Triplicate Girl said giving Brainiac 5 a salute. Brainy ignored her and continued his instructions.

"Phantom Girl and Timberwolf will enter from the west while Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl enter from the south. Superman and I will come from the north entrance. Everyone understand?"

Momi fidgeted before clearing her throat nervously. "What about me?"

"Ah, yes," Brainiac 5 said and her finally noticed her by the doorway, "about that. I was going to place you with Phantom Girl and Timberwolf, but there's been no time to swear you in and all of the spare flight-rings were damaged… unexpectedly."

"I didn't mean to sit on them, honest!" Bouncing Boy whined.

"So she can't go?" Phantom Girl pouted. "Couldn't Timberwolf carry her? I bet she would be very helpful." Timberwolf was going to object to such a diminishing request when the small girl caught his attention. She was pointing a finger at his direction and silently turned to face Triplicate Girl. No one expected the next thing that Momi asked with such a serious face.

"You want me to ride on the puppy one?"

This was followed by quiet snickers and a spontaneous outburst of laughter from Phantom Girl who was unable to hold it in. Timberwolf stood quaking in anger with his mouth hanging open in shock. Momi, who was unsure what exactly she said that would cause such an outburst, stood in complete silence and confusion. Phantom Girl's hysterical laughing continued.

"Who told her I was 'the puppy one'??"

"Sprock" GASP "I love" GASP "This kid!" Phantom Girl gulped for air before wiping the tears forming in her eyes. Momi did not think it was healthy for anyone to roll on the ground like that.

"Well then," Timberwolf said with a growl, "This puppy thinks that the Scavengers are not going to wait for us to show up." Brainiac 5 nodded said something Momi could not quite hear to Superman. They took off, followed by Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad (who was grinning enthusiastically) who were in turn followed by a snorting Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl. Momi saw her give her a wink and mouthed 'good job' before Triplicate Girl grabbed Bouncing Boy's hand and pulled him after her. After everyone had left, Phantom Girl (still giggling slightly) dashed over to Momi and lifted her up from under her arms. Honestly, Momi was beginning to wonder if it was typical for teammates to pick each other up so often without warning.

"All aboard the Puppy Express!" Phantom Girl places Momi on Timberwolf's back. Even though she could not see his face Momi knew his disapproval when the small growls followed.

"I don't have to carry her you know."

"Oooooh sorry to ruffle your fur," Phantom Girl replied. She then turned to Momi.

"Make sure you hold on tight. I wouldn't be surprised if Puppyface here throws you off by accident. Momi paled slightly and tightened her grip. That's when she noticed how soft it really was, almost like a fuzzy blanket beneath her. She had her hands buried in the think fur as Timberwolf mumbled incoherently and leapt after Phantom Girl. The sudden lurch almost made Momi fly off but luckily she had a tight hold. As they flew out the window into the sleeping city, she could not help but look down at the city and wonder if she had ever felt this terrified in her life.

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