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Chapter one: Rumored Stranger

The night was dark, cold and rained poured out in buckets out of the sky. A lone figure stumbled across a meadow in front of rice fields bordering a small village. It collapsed before the fields. Lightning lit up the night, exposing a young woman, wounded, in a torn, bloody kimono, with a katana clenched in her right hand. She heard someone walk up to her and opened her eyes. A young man in a red kimono with long silver hair and dog ears stood in front of her. His golden eyes stared at the stranger, but she fell unconscious. He realized she was seriously wounded and picked her limp body up and carried her to the village. The man rushed toward a hut near a temple and barged in.

"Kagome, Kaede, wake up." He announced loudly. The two women stirred from their sleep. The young, black haired and brown eyed girl yawned and stretched. "Huh? Inuyasha?"

The old priestess Kaede stood up and lit a fire in the charcoal pit. "What is it that you want at this hour of the night?"

The young man placed the injured woman on the floor in front of the warm fire. "I found her barely breathing on that hill in front of the rice fields. She had this bloody katana in her hands." Inuyasha put the sword to the owner's side. Kagome walked over to the young woman and sat down on her knees in front of her. She brushed a few, wet stray hairs from the girl's face and gasped, moving her hand away. "She's a demon!"

"I don't know, she doesn't have a demonic aura. The blood on her is that of humans and demons, but the blood in her veins is strange. It's not human… or demon."Inuyasha observed, sitting cross-legged.

"Maybe she's a half demon?" Kagome suggested. By now, everyone had woken up: a beautiful demonslayer named Sango, a monk named Miroku and a small fox demon child, Shippou. An unexpected visitor popped onto Inuyasha's shoulder and exclaimed.

"I cannot believe my own eyes! So the rumors are true!"

"What the hell are you talking about, Myoga? Where did you come from anyway?" Inuyasha growled. Kagome began to tend the young woman's wounds.

"I have never seen such a mysterious woman. She's a beauty my eyes have not yet seen the likes of." Miroku scanned the woman from head to toe. Sango was blowing off steam and snarled "She's half dead, and all you could think of is her looks, you lecher?"

"Actually, you were right the first time, Kagome, she is a demon. But none like the ones you have seen. She comes from a distant land, across the sea, from the north. From the lands of snow covered forests. Is she not the one hunted by Naraku?" Myoga the flea changed the subject.

"Indeed she is." The old woman answered, carrying a bundle of herbs to the stranger.

"Why the hell would he want her?" Inuyasha said in a rude voice.

"She is rumored to behold great power and a devastating secret. She possesses an ancient key, a thousand years old, but it's not a key that would unlock a box. It is something that she is said to use as her weapon. It's more powerful than yours or your brother's sword." Kaede continued the story. "Supposably…"

"Power rivaling that of Inuyasha..." Myoga cut in, Inuyasha was feeling proud with the flea's comment. " not too hard to comprehend, but Sesshoumaru? And with her being a woman…" The flea continued. Inuyasha's pride didn't last long, and before he knew it, Myoga was smothered on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"His bark is larger than his bite." Inuyasha scowled.

"You ignorant, proud fool. You have never seen the extent of Sesshoumaru's real power. Besides, he is your older brother, and everyone here sees that he has developed feelings for you. He even protected you." Kaede groaned, tending to the woman's wounds. Kagome, Miroku and Sango exchanged surprised looks. No one came out and just said that the seemingly heartless Sesshoumaru cared for his half-demon brother.

"Pfft. Whatever. I don't care for that moron, I want to know why Naraku is after this girl." Inuyasha protested.

"He gets her, he gets more power than the shards, if the rumors are true, that is." Myoga responded.

"So what do we do with her?" Kagome looked down at the girl before her. She was without a doubt beautiful and strong, but still fragile as any woman. Kagome washed off the dried blood and soot off of the demon's pale skin. "She looks so weakened. Do you think she is an enemy?"

"No, she has a kind soul. She will not oppose us if we don't." The old priestess finished mixing her herbal medicine and noticed blood seeping through the kimono. She looked at the men and demanded "You two wait outside for a short while." Inuyasha left the hut without a word, but Miroku was more hesitant. He was mumbling something but Sango kicked him out, literally.

Kaede kneeled and untied the ruined green sash around the woman's tiny waist. Kagome and Sango sat next to each other and blocked the view to anyone spying from the door. The old priestess took off the destroyed kimono from the young woman's shapely body. Sango soaked a cloth in the herb mixture and treated the claw shaped wound on the demon's left shoulder. Kagome gasped at the numerous injuries on the girl's body. "What happened to her? Poor thing, how did she survive?"

"She's strong, just look at her, she is able to take on a lot of pain." Sango replied.

The women finished cleansing and treating the girl's injuries and dressed her in clean clothes. The men were called back in and everyone resumed their sleep.

The next day, before sunset, the demon woke up.

The woman was in shock, panting like she was out of breath, and completely lost. She didn't know where she was, why she was in a hut, in clothes not her own and what happened the night before. Inuyasha's sensitive ears heard the confused demon rustle around in the hut. He announced the news to Kagome and the two bolted to the little house. The young demon was sitting in bed, examining the bandages on her body. Inuyasha kneeled at the woman's side. The frightened girl turned and saw the half demon staring at her. She was stunned enough as it was, and the sight of a strange demon sitting next to her only made it worse. In a split second, Inuyasha was knocked to the floor by a forceful kick to the head, and the woman was gone.

"Inuyasha! Are you alright?" Kagome panicked, helping the half-demon up.

"Damn. She wasn't awake for five minutes and she nearly took my head off!" Inuyasha growled as he rubbed the side of his head. "Come on, we can't let her escape!"

"She is still badly wounded, she probably won't make it far." Kagome shouted as the two were running up hill and joined up with Sango, Miroku and Shippou. The woman was already past the hill and out of their view. She kept running until the sun had set and the moon rose. The demon woman stopped and turned to see if Inuyasha and his gang were still in pursuit. Her slightly pointed ears heard nothing but the wind, and her eyes saw nothing but the dark forest around her. She felt her strength drain out of her body. The demon risked her safety by whistling a loud and steady note, calling her steed. Within a minute, a magnificent black stallion emerged out of the shadows.

"Teyn'." (Russian for shadow) She whispered, her voice a sweet and calming melody, neither too high nor too low. The horse neighed and nodded, glad to hear his master's voice. The woman walked over to the saddle and jumped on, letting out a faint groan of pain as she hit her left thigh on the horse's side. The stallion snorted in concern , but the demon dismissed it and ordered the horse to gallop away.

They arrived at a peaceful stream in a small clearing in the forest. The woman got off the steed and let him graze and rest while she started a campfire. She took out a small pot and hung it over the flame using perched bamboo branches. The woman took a wooden box, full of medicinal herbs and powders, and three glass bottles of black liquid. She poured water into the kettle and boiled it, adding a black mixture from a tiny glass bottle. The woman felt terrible, drained of energy, and her body burned with pain. She looked at the clothes she donned. Now, how did this happen? The clothes of a priestess... twice my size... huh.She undressed and washed herself in the river, then treated her wounds with her medical brew. Her wounds stopped bleeding with the help of the benzoyl peroxide. The girl took out her own, clean clothes and dressed herself; a pair of loose, amber colored pants with a thick leather belt, a light, white shirt that untied in front with a leather tube-like top that tied on each side, and brown leather boots that had daggers strapped to the sides. Without any energy to go for food, the woman leaned against the roots of a sakura tree and fell asleep.

A few hours have passed and the flames were nothing more than the glow of bamboo cinders. The horse was resting near its owner when a rustle in the bushes caught its attention. A young girl in an orange kimono, with brown hair and chocolate eyes, jumped out of the woods, followed by a toad demon wearing a brown kimono and carrying a staff.

"Rin, Rin!! You, foolish girl! Get back here!" The toad squeaked. But the girl kept running until she stopped in front of Teyn', guarding the resting woman. The stallion snorted and flared his nostrils, blowing stray hair out of the little girl's face. She merely shrugged and giggled. The commotion awoke the demon woman, her eyes opened and she sat up.

"Who are you?...What are you doing alone in a forest at this time of night? You should be home." The woman's melodic voice reached out to the girl. The little intruder looked at the demon with innocent eyes and replied. "I have no home. I travel with Lord Sesshoumaru."

"Then go back where you belong. You should not be here." The young woman said, preparing to depart. She put out the fire, wincing when she knelt.

"You're hurt!" Rin exclaimed.

"Farewell, Rin. Be safe." The woman paid no heed to the girl's concern. She rode away, leaving the girl staring at her and the imp anxiously mumbling to himself. After a short minute, the two left the campsite as well.

The young demon woman did not get too far when she heard the desperate shrieks of the little girl. The woman turned around and lashed the reigns, speeding toward the little girl's voice. Rin was no longer at the campsite, bu in the meadow about 500 feet to the left across the stream. The stallion's hooves splashed across the water, disturbing the reflection of the moon. The demon jumped off the horse as soon as she reached the clearing. Rin was crouching in fear next to her dragon and a woman in a red and white kimono, with black hair tied back into a bun, was standing before the girl. The woman held an enormous fan and beside her was an eerie albino child in a white kimono and black eyes, holding a round mirror. The young woman pulled out two katanas from the horse's saddle; one was slightly shorter than the other, and with a spiky, razored blade. Rin's attacker turned toward the strange young woman approaching her.

"So is this the one who Naraku is after, Kanna?" The demon asked her younger assistant.

"Yes." She replied in a slow, lifeless voice.

"Well, what is she? ...Besides a weakling..."The dark haired woman frowned.

"Why are you frightening the child? Leave her and I may spare your life." The approaching demon warned.

"Ha! I am merely here to see Sesshoumaru. Besides, those hunks of metal are useless against me."

"A silk fan cannot slice off a head... I would be accepting my offer before it expires, if I were you."

" How dare you?! I am Kagura the wind sorceress! I can easily tear you into shreds!" Kagura shouted and opened her fan. A shuffle in the trees captured the attention of both women. Inuyasha burst through the branches with Kagome on his back, Miroku and Sango followed on the ground. Inuyasha landed and growled. "Kagura!"

"Inuyasha! What a pleasant surprise. This indeed should be enter-" Before Kagura could finish the phrase, the young woman had destroyed her fan with a thin dagger. Inuyasha reached for his sword, but Kagura was already sprawled on the ground, with the strange demon at her back. She was pointing the long sword at Kagura's spine, right in the center of her neck, and the jagged blade was at her throat.

"Too late. The offer expired." She murmured. The young woman showed no sign of pain or struggle.

Inuyasha gaped at the sight and whined. "How could she move so fast while she is injured? How in the hell did she take Kagura down so fast?"

"Maybe Kaede was right about her." Kagome suggested. She suddenly gasped and shouted. "Rin! Get away from her!"

Kanna was sucking the soul out of Rin with her bewitched mirror. Rin summoned up the last bit of strength she had and screamed at the top of her lungs "Lord Sesshoumaru!!" The demon woman who had Kagura pinned threw the long katana at Kanna's mirror and shattered it. At the same time, Kagura made an attempt to get up, but she failed because the young woman slammed her back down with her knee.

"You will pay for this!" Kagura hissed. The demon merely twisted the blade at the witch's throat and cut her skin. Kagome and Miroku ran over to Rin and tried to protect her while Inuyasha and Sango approached the young demon.

"Come no closer. Who are you and why are you following me?" She growled.

"We are not your enemies, we just want to help and protect you from Naraku's grasp." Sango explained. A cool wind blew from the west, behind Inuyasha. The half demon turned abruptly and unsheathed his sword. "Sesshoumaru!"

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