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Magic Knight Pokémon

By Wanderer D

Chapter 8

Showdown: Part 1

Hikaru looked at her newest Pokéball. "Are you sure?"

Erika nodded. "I am. This Gloom was left behind by her original trainer. The boy had no patience at all and despaired every time that Gloom didn't do or perform exactly as he intended. He was abusive and I used my influence as a Gym Leader to get his Pokémon License revoked."

Hikaru nodded somberly. "I can try, Erika. But I don't know if we would work well together."

Erika smiled. "Well, you and Ryukari just got a Rainbow Badge and I saw how much your Pokémon love you. If you try, I'm sure you can make it work… if not, I trust you enough to find a good place to release her."

"Oh, just take it!" Joy said with a smile. "Glooms evolve into beautiful Pokémon."

"That and you need six Pokémon to compete in any League out there." Sabrina added. "Having a Grass Type will balance out your team better."

"Puu!" Mokona added.

Hikaru smiled. "I guess."

"Good," Erika said, now, do you three want some tea?"


Frey snarled and buried his fist into a monitor, making it explode.

"I see your arm re-grew." Giovanni said, impressed despite himself, as he watched the monster destroy equipment in its hideout

"Yes. But I must have revenge!" the wolf-like monster growled. "I will make that Magic Knight pay!"

Giovanni frowned. "Well, why don't you do it before the next machine is built? She seems to have a knack to be in the right place to destroy them."

Had he been there, the look Frey gave him would have made him run away in terror. As it was, through the computer monitor and hundreds of miles away from the monster's hideout, it still gave him shivers. "That's what I plan to do. But I need Team Rocket to find her location for me."

"That can be arranged." Giovanni nodded. "I'll see to it."


In his office, Giovanni pondered. He pressed a button. "Get me in contact with the Intelligence Division."

"Intelligence Division." A voice answered a few seconds later.

"I need someone found."

Immediately recognizing his voice, the Intelligence Officer sounded slightly nervous. "Yes sir. Do we have a name?"

Giovanni looked at the newspaper. "Hikaru Ketchum."


The trio had returned to Celadon Base, happy to have added a new member to their team. They immediately reported to General Grace, who was very glad to see them.

"I have some information for you girls." She said, motioning for them to follow her. "We have discovered a Team Rocket base in the mountains. We believe it is the Laboratory of one of their scientists might be hiding."

"Do you think that's where they developed the machine?" Sabrina asked.

"We don't know." General Grace said. "But, it is entirely possible, since it is pretty centric compared to Hop Hop Hop and Pepper Island."

"We might as well investigate it." Hikaru said. "Even if it doesn't turn out to be the base we're looking for, it might have information on where the other bases are."

General Grace nodded. "I'm assigning a small team to take you there and help you as much as possible."

"Thank you General, but, isn't it a bit dangerous?" Hikaru asked. "If they have another machine in there…"

"If that's the case, they know how to fight without Pokémon." The General deadpanned.

Hikaru shook her head. "I guess we don't have a choice."

"You leave in two hours." General Grace said. "Get ready."


Giovanni's computer beeped, letting him know that he had received an email.

He opened it and browsed the information on the girl. She was a Captain in the Kanto Army. He frowned when his Intelligence Division wasn't able to produce more information on her other than she possessed a Charizard of considerable size and that she had won a few badges.

It was then that he received another message. He read it and smiled. With some preparation, this would provide Frey what he wanted and once that was done, the creature would be able to concentrate again on what mattered.

"Patch me through to Agent Troy."


"What can we expect at the Rocket's Base?" Sabrina asked.

"We don't know, Ma'am." Daniel, one of the three soldiers accompanying them answered, sharing a look with the other two, which Sabrina ignored. "But we can expect strong opposition."

"Team Rocket has a long history of stealing and acquiring strong and rare Pokémon." Helen, the only female soldier answered. "And they have members all over the world."

"And let's not forget Frey." Hikaru said, studying the mountain range. "If we have to fight our own Pokémon it will make things much more difficult."

"I thought he could only do that with his machine?" Joy said nervously.

"That's right." Hikaru said, turning to look at them. "We have to careful with the limited amount of protection we have."

"I'm still not clear on how that works." Thomas, the last soldier pointed out.

"Did you put the bracelets I gave you on one Pokémon each?" Hikaru asked.

The soldiers nodded.

"Well, then they should disrupt the signal from the machine." Sabrina shrugged.

"Yeah, but how does that work?" Thomas insisted.

Hikaru sighed. "Mokona created them." She said, pointing at her backpack, where the little rabbit-like creature waved at them.

"Right." Thomas deadpanned.

"It's probably need-to-know, anyway." Helen muttered.


The small group made it to the edge of the base, and watched carefully from amidst the trees as the two guards with their Pokémon cruised around the entrance.

"They must be pretty confident on how secret their location is," Thomas said. "There's only a couple of guards."

"We can take them without raising much of a fuss." Hikaru said from her vantage point.

"But what about that Raticate and the Sandlash?" Daniel asked.

"We can take them, right Sabrina?" Hikaru smirked.

Sabrina nodded. "It might be convenient to create a distraction and disable the cameras."

"I'll take the cameras." Helen said. "Security is my specialty," she explained showing Joy a set of equipment.

Hikaru nodded. "Let us know when to act."

Helen typed at her computer like crazy, while Joy watched bewildered. "Done."

Sabrina and Hikaru shared a look and nodded.

The Gym Leader's eyes flashed.

The Team Rocket grunts suddenly collapsed, unconscious, their Pokémon ran up to them to check them when they heard something behind them.

"Alakazam" Sabrina's Pokémon's eyes glowed eerily and both Pokémon followed the fate of their masters.


As he flew towards his destination Frey smiled viciously. He would rid this world of the Magic Knight one way or the other. He could feel the cold anger burning inside of him, but with his objective at hand, he quenched it down.

It wouldn't do to waste energy he could use in the fight.


"This is extremely suspicious." Thomas said. "One would think a Team Rocket base would be full of enemies, and we have yet to encounter any."

"Well, we can't look a gift-Rapidash in the mouth." Hikaru said. "Even if it is strange, we don't have much of a choice. How is that going, Helen?"

"Almost done, Ma'am." The tech expert replied. "Got it! There are a few guards walking around but I think I can take us towards the Communications Room without fighting anyone."

They followed Helen through a maze of tunnels, with the tech expert checking her map from time to time. Eventually she stopped. "We're here."

"We'll secure the room, Ma'am." Thomas said.

The Communications Room was also suspiciously empty. "This is strange." Joy said. "Even at this time someone should be here, right?"

"You're right," Helen said. "Let me take a look at the computers, maybe we can find out what's going on."

As the tech expert was about to touch the keyboard, Sabrina grasped her hand.

"Why are you so excited, Helen?" she asked, looking at the soldier steadily.

"I… don't know what you mean…" Helen said, taking a step back, but her hand had reflexively gone to her Pokéball, her eyes shifted to the side.

Sabrina's eyes opened wide as she caught a random thought. "It's a trap!" she shouted, getting ready to release Haunter.

Hikaru cursed, her hand picking Ryukari's Pokéball.

"Too late!" Helen shouted, slamming her fist on the keyboard. The whole floor under them, except for where Helen stood, collapsed.


They were surrounded. About twenty Team Rocket members and their Pokémon glared at them. To Machamp's quickly grabbed Joy and Sabrina's arms, preventing them from taking their Pokéballs. Daniel and Thomas were similarly held by a Primape and a Blastoise.

Hikaru's hand still held her Charizard's Pokéball and she prepared to battle.

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you." Helen said, walking down the stairs at the back of the room. She had changed out of her combat fatigues into a familiar black and white uniform with a red "R" in the chest.

"Traitor!" Thomas shouted.

Helen smirked and nodded at the Blastoise, who started crushing Thomas' arms. The soldier cried in pain.

"Stop it!" Nurse Joy shouted. "You'll kill him!"

"Wouldn't that be a waste." Helen remarked sarcastically, nevertheless she gave another slight nod and the Blastoise stopped. Thomas slumped in its paws.

"What do you want?" Hikaru growled.

"Isn't it obvious, Captain?" It was clear she had complete disdain for Hikaru's merits in getting the title. "My mission was to capture your little entourage. What the Higher-ups want with a bunch of girls that have no combat experience is beyond me."

A deep voice chuckled. "I wouldn't say that, Agent Troy."

Helen turned around and stared at the creature that marched into the room. "Hikaru here is a Magic Knight. She's seen more combat and more death and destruction at her young age, than you have in your entire career."

"Frey…" Hikaru said venomously. "Are you such a coward that instead of facing me you set up traps?"

The wolf-mutant snorted. "Don't provoke me, Magic Knight. I asked Team Rocket to find you, I had nothing to do with this working out as it did… but it did work out, wouldn't you say?"

Hikaru considered her options. "You tell me."

Black energy coalesced into Frey's jagged sword. "Face me in battle, Magic Knight! If you are the chosen defender of this world, meet the destroyer and see who emerges victorious!"

Knowing that she didn't have much choice, Hikaru placed her Pokéball in her belt, and with a wave of her hand, flames sprung up and formed her escudo sword.

"What the hell?" Helen asked, disbelief etched on her face.

Frey chuckled. "Do not try to understand, Agent Troy." He growled. "It is beyond your understanding."

If Helen was offended by Frey's remark, Hikaru wouldn't find out, because soon she was twirling her blade, parrying the fast, jabbing attacks that the mutant performed.

"I am surprised you made it here, Magic Knight." Frey said, when Hikaru managed to lock blades with him. His foul breath made her tear up a little. "I am curious, how is it that you knew to come here? My master kept his plans very carefully hidden."

Hikaru, having enough of the stench, pushed away and back-flipped out of his reach.

The Team Rocket members around started cheering at the fight. They had never seen anything like it before.

"Well, you can thank your master for bringing me here, Frey!" Hikaru said, carefully circling her opponent.

The wolf charged her. She ducked under his overhead sweep, and sliced upwards with her sword. Frey allowed the momentum of his sword to aid him in twisting out of the way, and Hikaru's blade missed his torso by a hair.

The fighters jumped back from each other, ignoring the murmurs of the Team Rocket grunts around them. The mutant's eyes had narrowed. "What do you mean?"

"I wasn't even going to come to this world." Hikaru said. "We were going to a completely different world, but his magic distorted the transportation spell. We ended up getting separated, and I ended up here."

Frey barked a laugh and flew back, leaving more space between them. "If that is the case, then I have an offer for you, Magic Knight." He said with a smirk. He pulled out a cube of some sort and held it up towards Hikaru, who readied her sword. She was surprised when her magic aura flared and the object, which was white turned into a soft pastel green. "This is a unique item that my master created." He said. "The only one in the multiverse." He tossed it to the side, where it started spinning on the floor, faster and faster. "It detects a type of magic and follows similar patterns… to create a bridge between them." The spinning cube finally expanded into a window-like surface. She could see twirling lights behind it.

Hikaru eyed the portal warily.

"This portal will take you to the other Magic Knights." Frey growled. "I used your own magic to find the closest one in the multiverse. Take the offer and leave this world, find your sisters wherever they are, since you are the only Magic Knight here."

Hikaru started. "What do you mean?"

"The dimensional cube does not waste energy." Frey explained. "If there was another Magic Knight in this world, it would have brought it here. Wouldn't that have been a merry re-union."

Hikaru looked longingly at the portal, but shook her head. "What type of person would leave her friends and family to die for their own benefit?"

"The type that survives." Frey smirked. "If you go, I will let them go free. This base is not even useful anymore, so Team Rocket will have no problem letting it go."

"And what guarantee do I have that you'll keep your word?" she asked, glancing at Sabrina and Joy, who were being held by Machamps.

"I don't want you finding your way back. If you give me your word, bound on your magic that you will not return I will get you to your warrior sisters and your friends here will leave unharmed."

"I'm not taking your portal, you bastard." Hikaru growled. "Even if it would truly take me to my sisters, I won't abandon everyone to a fate in your hands!"

"Have it your way." Frey shouted, slashing at her suddenly. Hikaru jumped back, "Red Lightning!" she shouted, firing angry red-black energy at the charging monster.

Frey jumped up and batted it to the side with his sword, it exploded against the wall, raining plaster on the Machamps, who looked up at the hole in it with horror in their eyes. The distraction was all that Sabrina needed, with a push, she turned around and suddenly both Machamps were flying into the air, to crash against the Primape and Blastoise holding Daniel and Thomas.

With flashing red energy, Kangaskhan and Ryhorn charged into the Rockets, while Chansey and Kadabra attacked the other group.

"Quick! Capture them!" Helen shouted, throwing her Pokéball and releasing a Golem.

The fight started for real then. Hikaru, taking advantage of the distraction, released La Farga, Ryukari, her Evee and Umi. "Guys, help Sabrina and Joy! I'll take care of this guy!"

The Pokémon nodded and joined the Kadabra and Chansey, but not before giving their trainer a worried glance.

Frey was frothing at the mouth as he attacked, his swings were vicious, and he wasn't even worrying about finesse. Not that he had to, Hikaru noted, since he seemed to be able to re-grow missing limbs. She dodged his latest swing by twisting to the side, but his sword nicked her backpack and ripped it. Unused Pokéballs, food, water and Mokona all went flying into the air.

"Puu! Puu!" Turning in panic, Mokona tried to jump away, but the wolf-mutant, intent on killing the Magic Knight, struck her with a backhand, sending her flying towards the portal.

"Mokona!" Hikaru shouted in horror as Mokona crossed the portal and the cube collapsed.

Frey smirked. "Without that creature you cannot produce more bracelets. And when I'm finished with you, there will be nothing standing in my way!"

Hikaru's anger seeped through her, as she was enveloped in flames. "Yaaah!"

This time it was her that started the combat. Her sword traced and upward arc that Frey had to dodge. He brought his sword up to defend against the follow up. Hikaru was attacking and following the momentum of each strike, adding more force to each subsequent attack.

Frey gritted his teeth as his arms strained under the barrage of attacks. This was not going well for him.


The room was oval-shaped, with tables all around. Everyone stared in shock at the white, fluffy creature that had dropped out of the small vortex to land on the floor.

Mokona shook its head trying to get its bearings back. It heard an unknown male voice. "I didn't know that Asari could do that."

"We can't!"

Immediately there were a lot of clicking noises and when Mokona finally looked up, she found herself face to gun-point. She looked past the gun and stared at the person holding it.

"Well, are we going to shoot it?" Someone asked.

"It looks edible." A gruff voice said. Mokona sweat-dropped when she looked that way and saw the huge, humanoid dinosaur pointing a shotgun at her, "Poo?" she didn't dare take her eyes off of it, just in case it tried to bite her.

"Wait, Wrex-san." A somewhat familiar female voice said to the side. "It… somehow looks familiar to me."

"Are you sure?" Another female voice asked. "It just dropped out of no-where."

"I think so, Commander… I believe its name is… Mokona?"

At that Mokona had to turn around. She stared, completely flabbergasted for once.

"Is it dangerous?" the Commander asked.

"No… I believe it's pretty harmless."

"If you say so, Fuu." Commander Shepard said, putting away her gun and indicating the others should follow suit. "However we need to talk about what the hell that is, and how it got into my ship."

"Yes, Commander." Fuu said, putting away her own automatic rifle.

"Too bad." Wrex grunted stomping past the terrified Mokona. "It looked tasty."

o.0.o End Chapter 8 o.0.o