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a/n: I know I haven't updated in FOREVER and I'm REALLY sorry. Please forgive me!! I've been very busy (and writer's block) and I've had a lot of work to do (and writer's block) and I haven't had much time (and writer's block). So I'm typing up this very short…er…creepy…story that I came up with a while back and I'll be continuing most of my other fanfics soon!


Once upon a time, Gaarapunzel was trapped in a tower. His long red hair could reach the ground if he put it outside the only window in the tower. Then one day, Prince Gai came along, wearing his trusty old gay green jumpsuit of youth, with a frying pan on his head and his broom-er-sword at hand.

Prince Gai looked up at Gaarapunzel and cried, "Oh, Gaarapunzel, Gaarapunzel, let down your youthful hair so I, Prince Gai, may youthfully climb it and youthfully save you!"

Gaarapunzel stared down at this so-called "prince" in disgust. "Hell no!" he replied, flipping his long red hair in a disturbingly girly way. "I don't want no gay green fool saving me! I'm too, like, good for you!"

Prince Gai started to cry and left, riding his faithful green horse, Rock Lee, who said "Youthful" instead of "Neigh". And so, Gaarapunzel lost his one chance to escape from that wretched tower, all because his savior had been gay and green.

a/n: I know that was really short and kinda scary, but I wanted to put it up anyways. Review! :D