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Chapter One Revised: The Beginning

Bulma wiped the sweat from her brow and leaned back, surveying her latest invention. The machine gleamed brilliantly in the harsh florescent light. If Bulma's calculations were correct, this contraption would enable whoever operated it to cross dimensional boundaries into alternate realities. This would allow her to visit Mirai Trunks, his own reality now being separate thanks to his tinkering with the original timeline. The plan was to finish construction of the machine in time for Trunks' birthday: Chibi would be turning nine; Mirai, 19. Bulma couldn't wait to see the look of shock on her "older" son's face when she, Vegeta, and Chibi Trunks arrived on his doorstep with a birthday cake and presents.

Bulma sighed heavily, a sound of appreciation for her own brilliance. It was great being a genius.

Glancing at the calendar tacked to the lab's bulletin board, Bulma quickly calculated the remaining time until the big day. She had exactly three weeks left until Trunks' birthday. The machine was nearly complete. Just a few kinks in the fueling system and the minor detail of the battery not wanting to stay charged. But for an intellect like Bulma Briefs, this was nothing. Feeling confident that she had plenty of time to work out the problem, the world's greatest scientist left her lab and headed for the kitchen. It was nearly noon and heaven forbid she not have a feast prepared for her ever-so-demanding husband.

On the second floor of Capsule Corporation, a fight had broken out. Son Goten stood glaring at his best friend and partner-in-crime, Trunks. Normally the younger boy went along with whatever his friend suggested, but today was one of the rare moments when he decided to stand up for himself.

"How come you always get to be the good guy?" whined the spiky-haired youth, crossing his arms and frowning at his counterpart.

"Because, I'm better at it," replied Trunks matter-of-factly. "Besides, being a good guy is boring. It's a lot more fun being the bad guy. I'm really doing you a favor."

Naturally, this was a blatant lie. However, Trunks had become an expert at getting his way in general, especially with the ever trustful Goten. This time it didn't work.

"But I'm always the bad guy. I want to be the good guy!" protested Goten, his voice reaching a new level of whininess.

"But you're such a good bad guy," commented Trunks, using honeyed words to flatter Goten into complying. For a moment, this method appeared to work. But then Goten's face hardened with resolve.

"No," he stated firmly.

Trunks frowned, unnerved by Goten's unusual opposition. "Yes. Stop being such a baby, Goten. Besides, I'm the Prince of all Saiyans, and I say you're going to be the bad guy!"

"I'm not a baby!" retorted the younger demi-Saiyan, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Crybaby, crybaby," chanted Trunks in a mocking tone.

"I am not!" cried Goten, balling his fists in anger.

"Dad's right," drawled Trunks, an inherited smirk crossing his lips. "All of you Sons are just weaklings."

Goten's body shook with rage. He could take a lot, but his friend's words wounded him more than the older boy could ever realize. Unable to express this, Goten responded the only way he knew how: with anger.

"You're such a jerk. I hate you, Trunks Briefs!" he screamed before turning and running blindly down the hallway.

"Fine! I didn't want to play with a crybaby anyway!" Trunks yelled after him. With those words, he threw himself backwards onto his bed and glared at the ceiling.

Goten quietly slipped through the corridors of Capsule Corp., careful to avoid Bulma and Vegeta's ki. Tears ran down his cheeks, blinding him as he made his way through the building. Trunks' taunts echoed his mind on infinite repeat, drowning out his sense.

The young boy came to a dead end, his path blocked by massive metal doors plastered with warning signs. Goten vaguely recalled that this was Bulma's private lab. This area of the company was off-limits and the perfect hiding spot.

Pushing the doors open, he crept into the enormous room crowded with beakers, test tubes, and other various tools. In the center of the space stood a large machine, similar to one Goten had seen before in pictures: Mirai Trunks' time machine.

Levitating quietly, Goten settled himself down into the pilot's seat. He huddled down in a corner, pulling his knees up under his chin. He resolved to stay there until the afternoon, when Gohan was to pick him up. He began to plot his retaliation, imaginging the look on Trunks' face when he would leave without saying even saying good-bye.

Fifteen minutes had passed and Trunks was still glaring at the ceiling. He had expected Goten to come back five minutes after their fight with an "I'm sorry" and that goofy grin of his, just like he always did. Goten would apologize and Trunks would graciously accept.

The idiot was ten minutes late.

Another five minutes passed, and Trunks' anger grew. He didn't like having to wait, and he was growing very impatient.

Ten more minutes. Trunks stubbornly blinked back tears as he remembered Goten screaming "I hate you" at him. He hadn't really meant it, had he?

Five minutes later, Trunks wandering the corridors, looking for the younger boy. He muttered angrily to himself, irked that Goten had finally gotten the better of him this time. Searching out his comrade's ki, Trunks retraced his friend's path to his mother's lab.

Making sure he wasn't being watched, Trunks slipped into the cavernous room. He knew that his mother would be furious if she found either of them inside. The number one rule in the Briefs household was that no one was to enter her sanctuary. If she found Goten and Trunks "playing" in there, she would be more than willing to hand them over to Vegeta's wrath.

Tiptoeing across the slick linolieum floor, Trunks hovered up into the machine in which his young friend was trying to hide. He crouched down next to Goten and gently placed his hand on the other boy's shoulder.

"Chibi?" he whispered, using his special name for Goten. The Son child responded by curling up tight and moving farther away from him.

"Come on, Goten. I'm sorry. Please don't be mad," Trunks pleaded.

Goten shifted so that he could peek at the lavender-haired boy from under his arm. "Bully," he hissed.

"Goten! I said I was sorry!" Trunks tried to move closer, but Goten again shifted out of reach. Tears began to form in the corners of Trunks' baby- blue eyes.

"Please don't hate me Goten. You're my best friend. You're not allowed to hate me. Forgive me, will you? I'll let you be the good guy if you forgive me."

The black-haired youth glanced up and carefully studied his friend's face. "You promise?"

"Sure I do! Have I ever broken a promise to you?" Trunks asked, winking at the other boy.

Goten grinned.

"You're the best Trunks!" he shouted, lunging at the older boy and wrapping his arms around him in a rib-crushing hug.

The pair tumbled backwards, jarring the machine's controls. A loud humming noise filled the room as the machine activated. Both boys cried out as the glass slid shut, trapping them in the device.

Bulma flinched as the alarm blast sounded across the loud-speaker system. It took her a moment to figure out which alarm had been triggered; there were so many emergency systems at Capsule Corp. that it was often difficult to keep them straight. This particular siren indicated that the security system had picked up on unauthorized activity in her private lab.

Cursing corporate spies, Bulma sprinted towards the lab. She slid to a halt in front of the massive doors, nearly losing her balance and colliding with the thick metal. Shaking the handle furiously, she realized that the doors had automatically locked, a precaution only taken when one of the devices within the lab had been activated. Glancing through the reinforced glass, she saw two familiar figures trapped in the reality jumper. Bulma's heart stopped.

"Trunks! Goten!" she shrieked, pounding frantically on the doors. She had to reach them, somehow...

Vegeta suddenly appeared by her side, alerted by the feelings of panic coming from his family members. He glared at his mate, his dark gaze intense. "Woman! What's going on!" he barked.

"The boys are trapped inside. I can't get the doors open..." she replied, her voice desperate.

Grabbing her arm, Vegeta dragged Bulma backwards. Pushing her behind himself in order to shield her, he began gathering energy for his infamous Big Bang Attack.

"You can't just blow up my lab to get to them! Idiot! Stop!" screamed the scientist, her voice shrill.

But before Vegeta could release the ki attack, a brilliant yellow light flashed from within the lab, and Goten and Trunks were gone.

To be continued...

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