Bulma collapsed onto the oversized sofa. She had spent the afternoon listening to Trunks explain everything. How he was a half-Saiyan, like Goten. How he was actually stronger than Goten. How he was the son of Vegeta.
At the end of Trunks' explanation, Yamcha had stormed off in a fury. Vegeta had muttered something about how he would never mate with a pathetic human woman and left.
Closing her eyes, Bulma tried to let the memories of the day slip away. The fight with Freeza. The discovery of Trunks origin. It was just too much. Sighing to herself, Bulma rubbed her forehead. Her head ached dully. She needed a drink.
Something heavy crawled into the scientist's lap. Opening her eyes, Bulma peered into crystal blue eyes.
"Hey, Trunks-kun," whispered Bulma.
"Hey, Mom," he replied sheepishly.
Smiling, the woman wrapped her arms around the boy, pulling him close to her.
"Are you mad at me?" he asked timidly, his voice muffled slightly.
"No, I'm not. Just surprised."
Bulma couldn't believe that the small child that she held was Vegeta's son. But there was so much to prove it. Similar attacks and fighting methods. Similar frown. That smirk. The only difference was the hair. A soft purple, the odd blend of her own hair color with that of the arrogant Saiyan Prince's.
Shifting slightly, Trunks looked up into Bulma's face. Tears started to form in the corners of his eyes.
"I want to go home," he whimpered softly.
He quickly buried his head in Bulma's shirt in an attempt to stifle his sobs. Trunks longed to be with his own parents. He wanted to be home, where all he had to worry about was getting out of trouble when one of his plans went wrong, which they all inevitably did. He wanted to wake up in his room to the smell of burning breakfast. He wanted to walk to the kitchen and to be greeted by the typical grunt from his father and the peck on the forehead from his mother. He wanted to go to the park with Goten and spy on Gohan and Videl. He wanted home.
Bulma cooed at the small boy, smoothing his hair as she gently rocked him.
"Don't worry, Trunks-kun. I'll fix the machine for you."
Trunks sat up. Wiping tears from his eyes, he smiled weakly.
"Thank you."
He slid of her lap and landed softly on the ground.
"I'm going to go see what Gohan and Goten are up to," he said, before heading off.
After watching him leave, Bulma stood up. Stretching tired muscles, she set out towards the lab. She spent the rest of the day and most of the day, locked away, working feverishly on the contraption.
This behavior continued for the next few days. Bulma spent every spare moment working on the machine. With Trunks' help, the project was going smoothly. Finally, all that was left were the finishing touches.
Bulma worked late into the night. Trunks came and went, quickly kissing her goodnight and offering to help. She had shooed him away, insisting that he need to rest. He nodded, knowing that she would rather work alone.
At about two o'clock in the morning, as Bulma hovered over the blueprints for the reality jumper, the scientist had a visitor. She started slightly when she heard the soft swish and click of the lab door opening and being closed. Wincing to herself, Bulma turned, expecting to see Yamcha. They had a lot to talk about. To her surprise, Yamcha didn't stand behind her. Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans, stood arrogantly in front of the only way out of the room. The Saiyan's attention was not on the scientist before him; his eyes were scanning the walls, which had hundreds of unfinished blueprints pinned to them, and the shelves, cluttered with half-completed projects.
"How did you get in here?" demanded Bulma, clutching a screwdriver in her hand.
Vegeta turned to the blue-haired woman and smirked.
"The thing that you boast is a security system has a rather simplistic wiring. It was child's play to override the circuitry," explained Vegeta.
Bulma blinked a few times. Shaking her head, she made a mental note to update the settings on the system.
"What do you want?" she snapped.
Vegeta shrugged his shoulders slightly and continued to survey the room. After a moment, he spoke.
"I wanted to see the child."
"You mean Trunks?"
The Prince snorted.
"Who else? That brat of Kakkarot's?"
Bulma chuckled slightly.
"Sorry, your Majesty," she stated, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
Vegeta grunted and moved towards her. Bulma squeaked and held up the screwdriver defensively.
"Do you think you could really do anything with that?" he asked, his eyes dancing with silent laughter. "I'm not here to hurt you woman."
Bulma relaxed slightly and studied the intruder carefully. For some odd reason, she felt at ease around Vegeta.
"You saw Trunks. Why did you want to see me?"
Vegeta approached Bulma stealthily, like a cat. The woman shifted uneasily as the Saiyan moved closer, leaving only a few inches between them. She could faintly feel his body heat, he was so close.
"I wanted to let you know that whatever happened in that brat's world, isn't going to happen here. I will never 'fall in love' with someone. Especially not a weak female like you."
Vegeta smirked. Reaching out, he brushed a strand of Bulma's hair out of her face.
"Not that I wouldn't mind taking you. You seem very promising," he purred softly.
Bulma's face brightened at what he was implying. She pushed his hand away.
"Keep dreaming, monkey-boy," she growled.
Vegeta stared at her in amazement for a moment. His face darkened as her words sank in.
"Never call me that again," he threatened.
"Oh, did I hurt little Veggie-chan's feelings?" she asked tauntingly, speaking to him as if he were three-years-old.
"Woman, I'm warning you....."
"Get over yourself, Vegeta."
The Saiyan Prince stood still, studying the fiery-tempered scientist. He smirked, a look of admiration flickering across his face.
"So, you aren't afraid of me."
"Why should I be?" snapped Bulma.
Vegeta shrugged casually. He waved his hand, letting her know that the conversation was over. He headed towards the door.
"Vegeta!" called Bulma.
He turned to her.
"Yes, woman?"
"The name is Bulma. I should have the machine done by tomorrow morning. Trunks will be leaving. I just thought you would like to know so you can tell him good-bye."
Vegeta scowled.
"Why would I want to do that?"
"He's your son!" shouted Bulma.
"He's not my son," replied the Prince. "I don't care when he leaves. It doesn't involve me."
Vegeta turned and left. Bulma stared in shock at the closed door.
"What a jerk," she muttered.
Shaking her head, the scientist went back to work on the machine.
The next morning dawned dreary and bleak. Which was exactly how Bulma felt. It had been a week since Goten and Trunks had defeated Freeza. Now the reality jumper was complete, and they would be returning home. The machine sat outside in the back courtyard. It looked better than ever.
The Earth fighters, including Yamcha, showed up to bid the boys farewell. After a huge lunch it was time to say good-bye. Goten and Trunks faced the group, trying to smile through the tears.
Movement off to the side caught Bulma's attention. Turning, she saw Vegeta, Nappa and Radditz land quietly in the corner of the courtyard. The woman smiled to herself; he had shown up.
Radditz and Nappa approached the group warily. Facing Trunks, they bowed.
"Farewell, Prince," stated Nappa, smiling at the youth.
"Hope to see you soon," added Radditz.
Trunks looked past them towards Vegeta. He remained aloof, frowning bitterly.
"Don't worry," whispered Nappa, as he leaned towards Trunks. "We'll work on those two."
The Saiyan motioned to Vegeta and Bulma and then winked at Trunks. The boy laughed and nodded.
"Thanks," he replied in Saiyan.
Turning once more to the Earth fighters, he noticed that Chi Chi and Bulma were both blowing their noses and crying uncontrollably.
"Bye, Mom and Dad," stated Goten, moving to embrace Chi Chi and Goku.
"Take care, little brother," said Gohan.
Goten smiled in reply.
"I'll miss you, big brother."
The two Sons hugged one another tightly. Releasing his brother, Goten turned to Trunks. Trunks looked towards Vegeta.
"Good-bye....dad," he stated.
Vegeta grunted in reply and turned away. Trunks noticed that after he did this, Vegeta glanced at him out of the corner of his eye and smiled.
Turning to Bulma, Trunks held out his arms.
"Good-bye, mom."
Bulma whimpered and embraced her son.
"I'm going to miss you Trunks-kun," she whispered.
The woman released him reluctantly. As Trunks watched tears slip down Bulma's face, he had an idea. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out his wallet. Flipping through its contents, he removed a picture. With a smile, Trunks handed Bulma the picture.
"This is for you," he stated.
Taking the photo, Bulma looked down at it curiously. It was a picture of her and Trunks, both smiling cheerfully at the camera. But they weren't alone. Next to her stood Vegeta. He looked displeased with having his picture taken. Bulma had one slender arm intertwined with the disgruntled Saiyan's. He didn't seem to be trying to pull away either.
Looking up, Bulma saw that Goten and Trunks had already climbed into the machine. The two boys waved enthusiastically towards the assorted group.
"Come back and visit, you two!" shouted Chi Chi.
The boys nodded. Punching the appropriate buttons, the glass shield slid shut. With one last wave, Trunks pressed the button that would send them home. A bright flash of light, and the children were gone.
Bulma stared at the empty space. She couldn't believe they were gone. Trunks was gone. Fighting the urge to cry, Bulma looked back down at her cherished photo. She hesitated for a moment, then approached the Saiyans with determination. Vegeta raised an eyebrow as the human woman stopped in front of him and his comrades.
"I know you three are homeless right now, but I wanted to let you know there is more than enough room for you at Capsule Corp. You're welcome to stay with me."
Vegeta opened his mouth to protest, but Nappa quickly cut him off.
"We accept," he stated quickly.
Bulma nodded pertly and turned and headed back towards the other fighters and the house.
"Your Majesty, look how she swishes her butt when she walks," commented Radditz. "She has a nice ass."
"Shut up."
"And nice curves also," added Nappa. "I would love to get my hands on her..."
"Shut up."
"What do you think, your Majesty?" asked Radditz.
There was a sickening lurch as the machine came to a stop. Trunks and Goten sat up and peered around at their surroundings. They appeared to still be in the courtyard behind Capsule Corp. Only there was no assorted group of fighters there to wish them farewell.
Popping open the glass cover, Trunks and Goten hopped out the machine. They looked about, feeling unsure about their whereabouts.
"Do you think it worked?" asked Goten.
A small smile spread across Trunks' face.
"I think so."
The two boys broke out into a run. The pair stormed into the house.
"MOM! DAD! We're back," shouted Trunks.
He heard a loud thudding coming down the stairs. Bulma Briefs appeared in the doorway to the kitchen. She looked ecstatic.
"Vegeta! Come quick!" she cried as she ran towards the two boys.
As she barreled into them, sweeping both children into her arms, Vegeta appeared in the entrance. Smiling, he hurried forward, embracing all three of them.
"Goten!" shouted Chi Chi as she and Goku arrived.
Goten pulled free of the Briefs' grasp and ran into his own parent's arms.
"Mom! Dad!" shouted the spiked-haired boy.
"You are in so much trouble, mister," threatened Chi Chi between sobs.
From under his mother's arm, Trunks watched his best friend being welcomed home. The two boys looked at one another and smiled. It was good to be back.
Releasing her hold on her son, Bulma frowned at the boy.
"Explain yourself, please sir."
Trunks and Goten burst into a long explanation of what happened. Goku and Vegeta's eyes widened when they heard the account of the boy's battle with Freeza.
"You turned Super Saiyan! Trunks Briefs!" scolded Bulma, smiling despite herself.
"So, you finished off Freeza," asked Vegeta, smirking.
He ruffled Trunks' hair.
The two boys beamed happily, feeling extremely proud of themselves.
"You do know that you two are still going to be grounded," stated Bulma, becoming deadly serious.
"Oh man!" whined Trunks and Goten simultaneously.
"I don't know, Bulma-san," stated Goku. "They did defeat Freeza after all..."
"That doesn't matter!" snapped Chi Chi.
Goten and Trunks snuck out of the room as their parents began to bicker about their punishment. Quietly, the boys made their way to Trunks' bedroom. Exhausted, the boys collapsed on the queen-sized bed.
"So, whatcha want to do?" asked Goten.
"Dunno. But whatever we do, this time, I'll let you be the good-guy," replied Trunks


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