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Rating: M – for language mainly. Don't know if I'm going to put a lemon in here or not.

Warnings: Strong Language, Yaoi, Death, Angst, and Lemon?

Well here's a new story I've wanted to write. It's a LucciXPaulie. Anyway sorry to all Paulie fans but he kind of dies. Don't worry there is a reason. So please don't kill me over it. I loved him too.

Just hopefully enjoy the story, well the prologue. Then the story.



Paulie POV

It felt cold, but warm.

Alone, but not.

I felt arms holding me, cradling.

My eyes saw a blurry vision. But I knew who it was. Even without looking I can see his wavy black hair veiling his face from my view. Opening my mouth I tried to speak, to call out to him. Gently as one like him could be, he silenced me with his soft, deadly hand. The same hand traveled upward through tattered blonde hair. Goggles lay broken and shattered somewhere on the hard stone ground.

"Lu...cci..." I croaked.

My throat convulsed, coughing up some blood, what little there was left. He was holding me tighter against his body 'til I stopped.


One word with so much power. At another time I would've complainingly obeyed, but not now. I blankly searched his dark eyes. My vision wobbled and blurred more. Slowly I blinked, my eyes heavier each time. Slightly I smiled a tiny smile. Grasping his left hand I waited for death.

"Lu...cci...You're crying." I told him.

Vision went totally black.

Couldn't see.

Couldn't hear.

But I could feel, soft lips on mine for a brief moment. His breath forming words on my lips. This time love will last after death.


There is the prologue. Chapter 1 coming really soon.

Paulie: I died.

Me: yes you did. Don't worry.

Paulie: I DIED! And you're telling me not to worry.

Me: Yep! Please review! And flames will be given to Lucci so he can burn people with them.