Well...I've been thinking that maybe I should've added a few things to this story..so I've decided to rewrite this...

It was a warm day on an island very close to Shipwreck Cove as Elizabeth Turner awoke under a palm tree, no where near to where she remembered falling asleep. She looked down at her very pregnant stomach, before getting up. She would've walked back out to the beach if her eyes hadn't caught a glance at the folded red cloth she had been lying on. In shock, Elizabeth picked the cloth up and unfolded it...

It was a huge cape-like red jacket with floral embroidering, a very familiar jacket to Elizabeth...

Holding the jacket, Elizabeth walked out to the beach. Sitting in the sand, with the waves just touching his boots, was Teague. Elizabeth was surprised by his clothes. She had always pictured Teague wearing colorful clothing, like his son. In reality, Teague's clothes were mostly a blend of different shades of brown over a white shirt with a faded green bandana holding back his curly black hair. "You know, the beach isn't the safest of places for one to sleep, let alone a pregnant woman." He said, not even glancing over his shoulder.

"Thank you." Elizabeth said, walking over to Teague and handing him his jacket. "That's a beautiful jacket."

Teague smiled sadly, looking down at his jacket. "So it is." He mumbled, tracing the floral embroidery with one of his fingers. "My wife made this jacket for me. 'You're going to get sick if you keep wearing that old one.' she said, before throwing this one at me. 'Wear this one! It my not be as thick as that old rag you keep wearing, but at least it doesn't have any holes!' God that woman was something!"

Elizabeth couldn't believe her ears. The last time she had seen Teague was about nine months ago, and she didn't remember him saying much, not even to his own son. Now, he wouldn't stop...

"And then when Jackie first asked to go to a tavern with me, poor Danny nearly had a heart attack!" Teague said, smirking at the memory. "'Teague! Tell your son that he can't go!' She shouted at me. Though nothing beats when she caught Jackie walking into a tavern!" He couldn't help laughing at the memory. "Poor kid, being dragged out of a tavern by his Mum when he was thirteen!"

Elizabeth couldn't help but to smile along with Teague, though for a different reason. Teague reminded her of Jack, whom no one has seen or heard of since he set sail out of Tortuga in a dinghy. To Elizabeth, it would've been nice to have Jack around, if Will himself couldn't be. So, Teague ended up being a good compromise.

Teague looked over at Elizabeth, pointing at her stomach. "That Captain Will Turner's?"

Elizabeth nodded, surprised by the sudden topic shift.

Teague smirked, placing a hand on Elizabeth's shoulder. "Captain Turner, let me tell you a fact that is true to all people: having a child is both the best and worst thing that could ever happen to you."

"Excuse me?"

"True enough, having a child is a wonderful thing, and they'll always stand by you no matter what. They'll also cause you a lot of stress and worry." Teague said, pulling a small box out of his pocket and handing it to Elizabeth. "They also can get into a lot of trouble every easily."

Elizabeth took the box and opened it. Inside was a bullet, covered in dried up blood. "Where did this-"

"I pulled that out of Jackie when he was five." Teague answered. "He found my pistol one day while I was in the study. He had gotten curious and tried it out. He didn't know that it was loaded, and shot himself in the leg. Luckily, I was able to get it out. I swear, that was one of the scariest days in my life, though that maelstrom battle tops it. I can bet that if Weatherby had been there, he'd probably would've had a heart attack."

Hearing Teague say her father's name caught Elizabeth by surprise. "You knew my father?"

"I know plenty of people, your father just happened to be one of them." Teague said. "I'm sure that he'd rather see you sleeping on the Empress-"

"I gave her up." Elizabeth said, placing a hand on her stomach. "I told Will that I'd wait for him."

"You're planning on staying here for ten years?"

"Yes, I have nowhere else to go." Elizabeth said. "My father and Will were the only family I had left."

"You know, you're welcomed to come stay in Shipwreck Cove." Teague said. "There's enough space for a whole city in there."

"I couldn't!" Elizabeth said. "I'd rather not burden you with taking care of me."

Teague rubbed his chin thoughtfully, in a very Jack-like way, before standing up."I know just the place. Follow me."

About five minutes later...

Elizabeth was tired of walking through the jungle. It was hot, and Teague didn't seem to have noticed that she was falling behind. Elizabeth almost stopped when she heard the sounds of water running ahead. She had just caught up to Teague when she saw it...

In the middle of a huge clearing was a small house, big enough for a small family, next to a river.

"Teague?" Elizabeth asked, in shock.

"My family was impossible to live with." Teague began. "Everyday, there was a new fight. The Caribbean was probably a safer place than Shipwreck cove when Jackie was a kid. So, when the family was in the middle of their worst fights, Danny and I would take Jackie here. I actually built the house after I met Danny, as our secret hide-out." He then pulled a gold key out of his pocket. The key had a red ribbon around the loop where the key ring would usually go. He gave it one final look, before tossing it to Elizabeth. "Now, it's yours."

Elizabeth looked at the key in her hand. "Are you sure?"

"I have no use for it, besides the rum hidden under the dinning room floor."

'If I wasn't sure if Teague is Jack's father, I'm sure now. Both men are in love with rum!' Elizabeth thought, smiling. "Well, would you like to come in? I have no-"

"-respect for rum? I've heard." Teague mumbled, walking past Elizabeth. "That's why I have every intention of retrieving it before you put a torch to it."

After Elizabeth opened the door, Teague walked right into the dinning room. It had an old table, with four chairs, one chair covered in books. The room also had an opening leading to the kitchen. He pulled out a chair for Elizabeth, who immediately sat down. "Thank you." Elizabeth said.

"You're welcome." Teague said, pulling aside an old rug, revealing a door in the floor, much like the rum cache on the island Jack and Elizabeth had been marooned on. Teague opened it, and jumped in. When he came back up, he was holding a rum bottle in one hand, and an empty glass bottle in the other. "I'll be right back." He walked out to the river.

Elizabeth picked up a book from the chair next to her's. 'Jack's Drawings' was written as the book's title. She couldn't help but to smile, that is, until she got to the first page.

Elizabeth's jaw dropped at the detailed picture of a couple dancing. The woman had pale skin, with dark brown hair and mysterious brown eyes. The man had long curly black hair, tanned skin, and dark eyes. He wore a red jacket over a blend of different shades of brown under a red jacket, a huge hat, and a faded bandana. The woman was wearing a red dress that matched perfectly with the red jacket. Elizabeth could tell that the couple in this picture were very happy, very in love...

"So, that's where Jackie hid that book." Teague said, startling Elizabeth. "Sorry."

"I had no idea Jack could draw so well." Elizabeth said, looking through the book. There were drawings of sea shells, sunsets, a few of Jack's old crew members, a few of a woman with red and black hair and icy blue eyes, and a lot more of Teague and the woman. Elizabeth nearly jumped when she got to the last page...

The last page had a drawing of a different couple. The man had wavy brown hair, under a large hat with a feather and slightly tanned skin. The woman had blonde hair and pale skin. The man was dressed in the usual sailor's clothes, while the woman wore a yellow dress. It was Will and Elizabeth kissing on the day Will had rescued Jack from the hanging in Port Royal...

"Jackie loved drawing as a kid." Teague said, smirking. "He got it from Danny, I'm sure of it. That journal was very important to him. He only drew pictures of most important things to him in that journal."

Elizabeth turned back to the first page, blushing. She then turned the book around to show Teague. "Was that you and Danny?"

Teague picked up the journal and smiled fondly at the drawing. "Yes, that's my Danielle." He said. Even through that short answer, Elizabeth could tell that Teague was still upset. "We'd dance at night like that on the days before I set sail. She was always so worried that I wouldn't return. With her being as sick as she was, we couldn't risk her coming with me."

"If she couldn't go sailing, how did you two meet?" Elizabeth, curious.

Teague smirked, taking a swing of rum. "It all surprisingly only started about thirty one years ago, on this very island..."

"...having a child is both the best and worst thing that could ever happen to you."

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