Weeks later...

Danielle was in her family's garden, getting some fresh air, when someone hopped out of the tree in front of her, startling her. "Teague! What are you doing-"

"I missed you, that's all." Teague said, handing her a bouquet of flowers. "I got these for you."

"You were in a tree..."

"I'd use the front door, but last time I tried, your mum threatened to skin me alive." Teague explained, smiling. "I figured the back door was safer."

"My Mama isn't home right now Dear." Danielle said, smiling. "And to be honest, I think you're absolutely crazy for even coming here!"

"Crazy in love." Teague responded, smirking. "I know your Mum promised to skin me alive if I ever came back, but I had to come."

"Why's that?" Danielle asked.

Teague reached into the tree and pulled out a long, flat box. "I heard that it was your birthday today?"

"Nineteen today." Danielle answered, nodding embarrassedly. She hadn't told Teague because she didn't want him knowing. She didn't want him doing something unnecessary like-

Teague handed her the box. "Go on, open it!"

Danielle sat down in a chair, holding the box on her lap. "Teague, please tell me you didn't spend too much on-"

"No worries Danny. I spent some money, but I made it myself!" Teague said proudly. "I was planning on saving for later, but it's your birthday so-"

"Oh my god!" Danielle said, looking at the gown in the box. It was a red gown, with gold embroidery that matched perfectly with Teague's jacket. She looked up at Teague with a confused look on her face. "You sew?"

"Oh! That reminds me!" Teague reached into the tree and pulled out an old book. "Tell your Aunt Bessie that a friend of yours borrowed it."

"Her name is Victoria." Danielle said, trying not to laugh. Her Aunt Victoria was a huge woman, with pale skin, hair that she was always dying different colors, and blue eyes. She was always wearing a jacket that she made herself out of cow hide. To be honest, Victoria was not very well liked. She had the habit of stabbing people in the back, both figuratively and literally.

The only friend she had was a woman called Jen. She was tall and skinny, with tanned skin, short blond hair, blue eyes. She usually wore a white shirt, cow hide vest, and a long brown skirt. Everyone assumed that the two were secretly lovers, since they spent every minute of every day together. They even slept in the same room. Jen could always be seen following Victoria like a lost puppy...

"Should be Aunt Bessie. Looks like a Bessie." Teague mumbled.

Danielle smirked, looking at the gown. Then she realized something. "Teague, it's red."


"It's almost all red."

Teague smirked. "And this is important because?"

"Only Sparrows wear this much red in Shipwreck-"

Danielle stopped talking when Teague got down to one knee. He held her left hand in both of his. "Danielle Roberts, will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Danielle looked at Teague, then back at the dress, than at Teague again, before passing out.

"Jen! Don't talk to him!" Danielle heard her Aunt Victoria shout. "He's an ass, picking a fight with me!"

"Shut up!" Danielle said, rubbing her forehead. She had a terrible headache, only made worse by the women shouting at each other and Teague pounding on the door. "You are so annoying!"

"He has no right to be-"

"Actually, he has every right to be here." Danielle said, smirking slightly as she heard her youngest son start crying. She stood up and walked over to the next room. She picked up her son and rocked him close to her chest. "I love Captain Teague, and I plan to marry him by the end of the year."

Danielle and Teague were married by the end of the day, on the beach by Brannigan, with both boys right there with one of Teague's friends and his son. Twelve year old Hector Barbossa never imagined that the baby on his lap would one day be his captain...

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