Royally Tripping

Chapter One


Harry was excited, he was spending his summer with the Weasley's, or at least what was left of his summer. And he would also be going to the Quidditch World cup in a few days, he could only imagine how great it was going to be.

It was now lunch in the Weasley home, the Burrow, and Harry knew that soon Ron's brother's Bill and Charlie were coming to join them. Harry was looking forward to meeting them, they both sounded really cool and exciting.

Bill was a curse-breaker in Egypt and Charlie worked with Dragon's in Romania. Egypt, and Romania, two of the most exhilarating place he'd ever heard of. The eldest Weasley children lead excruciatingly cool lifestyles, and anyone asked readily agreed.

"Harry, could you be a dear and go outside and help Ron get a few more of the gnomes out of the garden before the boys get here? We're going to be eating outside tonight," Harry gave a nod of his head and a smile before replying.

"Yes, ma'am," Mrs. Weasley's smiled.

"That's a good boy," Harry smiled again, he just couldn't help it around this motherly woman, she was filled with so much love, he felt lucky that he even knew her. Harry eventually found himself outside working with Ron on getting the yard gnomes, it wasn't easy work always but it was always fun.

Not too long into the "de-gnoming" of the yard, he'd wandered further into woods to sneak up on one of the most nasty of the gnomes. The gnome came out from behind a large boulder and bit onto Harry's ankle, having actually been stalking the young boy, his sharp little teeth went right through Harry's jeans.

Harry yelped before making an almost growling noise and running after the little monster who'd run towards the large lake near the Weasley's place.

The small garden gnome, squealing ran into the pond by accident (it'd been looking over it's shoulder at Harry making faces at him), but Harry had no problem with running after it.

He was thigh deep in the water, his practically falling apart gray converse full of water. When he got the swimming little thing's ankles he jerked the ankle back and pulled it up and dangled the gnome up in the air.

"Got you, you little booger," Harry said triumphantly as he let the magical creature hang in the air by it's small ankle.

"What're you doing, kid?" Harry whirled around in the water to face shore, only to find a tall and slender long haired red head clad in only a tan dragon hide vest, khaki's, and dragon hide boots staring at him as if he'd lost his mind.

Harry blushed furiously at the thoughts that entered his mind, and at the look on the man's face. But before he had time to reply with anything even remotely similar to words the little monster he was still holding pulled up and bit Harry's hand, drawing blood.

Harry screamed, lost his balance and dropped both himself and the gnome into water. The gnome was now clawing at his chest, and his nails were all stuck in Harry's shirt. Harry tried pulling him off but it didn't seem to be working, and he was submerged in the cloudy, murky water trying to hold his breath.

It was now clawing at his face and whatever else it could reach, and growling letting little air bubbles out of his mouth, in a way that honestly freaked Harry out. He got back out of the water and shouted for help, but the little thing jumped onto his face, and he stepped back in shock, his foot slid in mud and he fell down a large slope in the lake and feel back into the water, even deeper than before.

It wouldn't have been so hard to get out, that is if the gnome on him wasn't making it so hard for him, it was back on his shirt, ripping at it and pushing him further down. He felt like he was drowning, he couldn't breathe, and his vision was fading, his lungs were burning and screaming for air.

He got the insane thought that dying was a lot more anticlimactic than he'd though it would be. There was no tunnel or light, he wasn't getting flashes of his life. He'd thought it would all be a lot less…boring than this.

He suddenly felt his body jerked up, his shirt was practically ripped off of him, getting rid of the gnome. Two very strong and sturdy arms wrapped around him, he let his body go limp against the strangers bare broad chest. He really felt himself fading, all he could see was black, he had even gone numb to the pain in his lungs.


The red headed male made it out of the lake in record time, holding on tightly to the water slicked and small body of the boy in his arms. When he reached land he immediately put the boy down on the ground, and with his mind racing he tilted the boy's head back, and pressed two fingers against the boy's pulse point. He had hardly had a pulse.

The man dropped his head to the other's open mouth and he listened for air, he wasn't breathing.

He opened the teen's mouth and pressed his own mouth to the boy's while putting his fingers on the boy's nose. He began to blow air into the kids mouth, and lungs, trying to revive him.


He moved his mouth away from the boy's, and then pressed his hands to the smaller male's chest, he pressed down and lifted his hands up three times over and over, before he moved his mouth and hand back to the drowned boy's face to repeat what he'd first done. He did this again and again, but for how long he didn't know, before he finally got a response from the dark haired boy.


Harry's small body jerked and he turned onto his side to cough up the water that had been trapped inside his lungs. He greedily sucked air to replace the lost water. His wide green eyes burned and stung with water and tears, as his stomach expelled what it had left there from breakfast.

Harry felt a large and warm hand press onto his naked back, he closed his eyes and sighed as he finished. His mysterious savior grabbed the vest he'd been wearing before and offered it to Harry.

"Thanks," Harry said groaning, before he lifted the vest to his mouth to wipe it. The hand that was still on his back moved and he slowly helped Harry stand, the boy's hands rested on the other man's arms as he tried to regain balance.

The dark haired teen's clouded eyes cleared after some blinking, he regained strength in his limbs, he felt more normal, though his brush with death had had a visible effect on him. He turned his head up and tried to take in the features of the man who'd saved him.

He looked familiar, and yet not at all. He had chiseled features, a strong jaw and lips that looked rough, not too small, but not too big either. They looked like that had been carved out of sin. His dark brown eyes looked so dark that they looked black, and Harry couldn't seem to stop himself from staring.

"You alright, kid?" Harry took a moment to try and collect his thoughts, and calm the beating of his heart, and slightly ragged breath. Harry gave a nod of his head in reply.

"Who are you?" Harry rasped up at the older male.

And with the famous Weasley half smile he answered, "Bill. My name's Bill Weasley. And you are…?"


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