Royally Tripping

Chapter Eight


Harry opened his eyes to a dark room, it was- he looked up at the flashing red lights near their bed stand- about three in the morning, that meant he hadn't been asleep for little more than thirty minutes. He turned his head to the side and saw the moonlit body of Bill.

He didn't have a shirt on, and his hair wasn't tied back but splayed out on the pillow behind him in a mess of red hair. He was practically glowing under the moon's light, and he looked absolutely breath taking. Harry smiled at the sight, he even had that old earring in, Harry had always loved that earring.

Letting the side of his head rest on his propped up hand, Harry was lying on his side and just watching the other man. He was the most handsome man Harry had ever seen. Harry bit the corner of his bottom lip and smiled a small half-smile reminiscent of the one always on Bill's face.

Harry laid back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, it was white in the day, but with the moon shining brightly on it, it looked silver, maybe even a little blue. Harry closed his eyes, the sound of Bill's deep and even breathing lulling him, he heard the faint sound of soft and slow music; he could feel the fabric of newly pressed, and thick robes under his hands as he danced; the could see bright lights floating above them, and yet darkness surrounding them; he could smell the scent of a chocolate covered vanilla cake, and thousands of different perfumes and colognes around them.

The nineteen year old young man looked down at the hand resting on his chest, the cool feel of the gold band on his ring finger warming almost instantly when he moved his other hand to twist the ring around his finger. Something he often found himself doing these days.

Their wedding had been held at Hogwarts. It'd been in the Great Hall, while the reception had been outside near the lake under large white tents as their cover. There had been small lights, almost like lightening bugs, flying around them only they were brighter but not harsh. The lighting had been dim otherwise, but the small floating lights had made up for it. They had been surrounded by darkness as they danced throughout the entire night.

The lake was alive under the moon, there was some spell on it so that there was a fountain sitting just on top of the water. It had been surrounded by small floating lights, as the fountain let water flow freely from each different level of it's stone body.

Harry smiled at the still fresh memories that came back to him. He'd only gotten married two days ago. He and Bill had gone to Egypt for their honeymoon. They weren't going to live there so Bill had at least wanted to take Harry around, show him what Egypt was really like.

The past couple of nights had certainly been the best of Harry's life, that he could remember. Being with Bill finally, not having to hide their relationship from anyone. He had hated keeping it secret from so many people, but it had been for Bill's protection. The less people that knew during war-time the less chance that there would be for Bill to be hurt.

Though that tactic hadn't spared Bill for long. He had been attacked. Fenrir Greyback had attacked Bill, when the Death Eaters had attacked back in Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, leaving scars on his face and even neck. It was honestly a miracle that he had even lived. They were lucky that it hadn't actually been a full moon, and Greyback had only infected him to the smallest of degrees and he hadn't actually become a werewolf.

The entire time that Bill had been in the hospital wing at Hogwarts, Harry had stayed beside Bill, never once leaving his side. He stayed in the hospital for as long as he was allowed, hardly sleeping or eating. Just waiting for him to finally wake up.

When he had woken up, he'd been in a state of shock, not sure at all how to digest the fact that he'd been attacked. At first he'd been understandably self-conscious about the way that he looked, but it only seemed to worsen with time. Bill had always loved the way he looked, and he had planned on being that way forever, though thankfully he had never been vain or brag-ish about it.

He had insisted for days that Harry not see him, even though he had been there for weeks helping with Bill's healing. Not that Bill cared.

Harry's heart had broken when Bill had even gone so far as to tell Harry that if he didn't want to be with him anymore that he could leave. He wouldn't blame him. Harry still found it hard to breathe when he thought about the way that Bill had looked at him the first night he'd woken up and seen his face.

Every time that Harry thought of the raw, intense fear, and pain in Bill's eyes his heart seemed to squeeze painfully like it was in the iron grip of a giant's hand. Bill had been so afraid of Harry taking him up on his offer. Especially after they had both heard of what would happen to Bill around the time of the full moon.

But Harry hadn't cared, he'd held onto Bill's hand just like he had the night that he finally announced to everyone that they were a couple, trying his best to show his support and his love. He didn't care that Bill would crave far less than well done meats; he didn't care that Bill'd want to be outside constantly under the moon; he didn't care that Bill would crave things that at the time Harry wasn't able to give. Though he still admittedly blushed at the thought.

The sheets of their bed tugged to the side as Harry rolled back onto his side to look back at Bill. If he looked he could see the faint scars littering Bill's tanned and mildly freckled face. He moved on the bed and reached a hand across Bill's chest and rested his own on the older man's, he lifted his right hand and let one of his fingers gently ghost over the longest of the scars.

It started above Bill's eyebrow and moved down over the bridge of his nose to his jaw. It was a little longer, but similar to the shorter and slightly more jagged one that had adorned Remus's face.

Bill's dark ginger eye lashes made a small and almost fluttering movement as Bill began to wake up. Harry traced his finger over the man's perfectly kissable lips and he smiled when he could finally see the dark chocolate colored eyes of his husband. Bill smiled as he took a deep breath in through his nose, and let it slowly make its way back out of his mouth while he reached his arms out to stretch in a half-hearted sort of way.

"You've woken me up," Bill said in a lazy tone as his half lidded eyes tried to focus on the face right above his own. Harry smiled and leaned down to press a kiss against the smallest of Bill's scars just over his temple, it disappeared in the man's red hair but it was still visible, though hardly. It was Harry's favorite place to kiss Bill, other than his lips of course.

"Time?" Bill asked as his fingers moved to slowly draw circles on Harry's naked lower back, they were small and then large, and then just lines and then squares, anything really, but all just pointless invisible patterns full of affection.

"Thee something," Harry said with a small smile as he pulled his face a little further from Bill's. Harry noticed his husband's mouth begin to open for him to speak, but he yawned again instead. He felt some guilt in waking Bill up this late, but he hadn't exactly meant to. Or perhaps he had, he thought with his smile widening.

Bill reached up and pressed a kiss to Harry's more than willing mouth, the smaller male pressed his own lips closer to Bill's and smiled into the slow and almost lazily paced kiss. He knew that he never wanted to lose this, he wanted to always be able to kiss Bill, he wanted to always see his face before bed and then in the morning.

He almost laughed at the thought, he wondered exactly what had happened to make him so sickeningly cheesy. But he couldn't find a perfectly logical reason, and he didn't want to find one.

Harry moved his tongue languidly against Bill's and cherished the taste of the other male. He wanted to never forget that taste, or the way that Bill always liked to nip a little at his bottom lip towards the end of their kiss.

He never wanted to lose the feel of Bill's slightly rough and calloused, yet gentle hands moving against his body. He wanted to memorize every feature, every scar, and every line and contour of Bill's face.

When they pulled away from the kiss, Harry couldn't help but smile down at the slightly smirking man under him, "I suppose there won't be any sleeping tonight, then?" Harry's smile turned into a wide grin and he shook his head down at the man holding him.

Bill's smirk grew at Harry's shaking head, he bit his lip in a surprisingly alluring imitation of Harry before he held Harry to flip their bodies so that he lay on top of his young husband. He settled between the messy haired young man's legs and pressed their naked bodies flush together.

"I'm amenable to that," Harry couldn't help the laugh that escaped him at that. He lifted his hands and ran them through Bill's hair before meeting him halfway in another deep kiss.


"Teddy it's dinner!" Harry called, "Bill, come on now, you two can't stay outside all night!" Harry said as he waved a spoon at the two figures running around under the barely moonlit sky. He couldn't help but be amused by the two of them, Bill had immediately taken to being a father, just as Teddy had immediately taken to Bill. He couldn't help but love having a family, something he'd always wanted.

They had adopted the little boy only a few months after they'd married. He'd been living with his grandmother before that, but she was all too happy to give Teddy a home with the two parents that he wouldn't have otherwise.

"Aw, Daddy!" Teddy cried as he gripped his broom tightly, Bill stood holding both the front and back end of the broom as it hovered just above Bill's head.

"Just a little more!" cried the four year old just before he gave a shriek of delight when Bill suddenly dipped the child's broom forward, though it was hardly a foot, it seemed like far more to the little boy.

"I had you out there all morning, and you've been out there all night flying," Harry said trying his best to find Bill in the darkness to glare at him in a Molly Weasley fashion.

"Darling, come on," Bill said grinning, Harry could tell because they'd moved closer to back porch lights of the only year old rebuilt Godric's Hollow. He and Bill had moved in only days after their honeymoon in Egypt, and neither of them could have been happier about how it'd turned out.

"We've been at this for," Harry looked down at his watch, "getting on an hour now. Inside or you both starve. And you won't have time to eat in the morning! We're going to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa before we go to Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione's wedding!…And early!"

Harry wasn't able to stop himself from laughing as they both zoomed in past Harry and into the kitchen, Bill still holding tightly to the broom while Teddy now had a hand on top of Bill's head.

Bill, in only a few quick motions, pulled the broom out from under Teddy and caught him in his strong and tanned arms. Teddy laughed and clung tightly to Bill's neck, his eyes closed in both excitement at their speed, and a little thrill of fear at the sudden drop.

"Dad, can we go again after dinner?" Teddy asked looking Bill in his bright chocolate brown eyes, he wrapped his legs around the man's torso and tried to stop himself from giggling, though he wasn't very successful.

Bill smiled, looking back into the bright and almost amber colored eyes of the little boy. He ruffled the mop of slightly long, and bright blonde hair on the top of his head, the boy giggled and dropped himself forward back onto Bill's chest.

"If your Daddy doesn't mind," Teddy turned to Harry with wide and pleading eyes. Harry groaned, he hated this part, having to be the bad guy, Bill always did it to him. But he smiled at the little boy looking hopefully up at him.

"If you and Dad eat all your vegetables," Teddy immediately grinned and clapped his small hands together cheerfully. Bill's face fell, he sent Harry a half-hearted glare, he hated eating vegetables. Harry gave a shrug of his shoulders and a grin as he finished setting out the food.

"They're good for you," Harry said defending himself, "And you two hardly eat any," he said pointing the fork in his hand at Bill as he accused him.

He moved over to Bill, planted a kiss on the man's lips, making Teddy pull a face at the two, before he lifted Teddy from Bill's arms. Harry sat the wiggling boy down at the table, "You need to wash your hands?" Harry asked as Bill went and did that exact thing. Teddy gave Harry a wide and guilty smile as he quickly moved to sit on his hands.

Harry had a hard time suppressing his laughter, "Right, I'll take that as a yes. Let me see them," Teddy tried his best innocent look, which always worked on Bill, and then rubbed his hands furiously on his khaki shorts leaving behind dirt before lifting them in front of his eyes to show Harry.

"See," Teddy said drawing the word out as he peaked from between his fingers up at Harry. The dark haired man smiled and then reached down to pick the little boy up. Bill had just sat down when Harry moved to take Teddy into the kitchen to wash his hands.

While they were away Bill moved quickly and snatched Harry's plate and replaced it with his own. Harry didn't hate vegetable but he didn't exactly like them either, and Bill noticed immediately that Harry had put fewer vegetables and more meat on his own plate then on Bill's. He smirked at his own cleverness.

Harry came back smiling, he sat Teddy down in his slightly raised seat and then sat himself down. He smiled at his husband before they all went to eat their food. Bill couldn't hide his smirk as he began eating all his veggies. When he finished he sent his smirk over Harry's way, who was calmly eating his own dinner.

"Done," Teddy looked up and practically squealed, Harry licked his most likely sauce covered teeth before he smiled over at Bill.

"How's the meat?" the red head looked down at the meat on his plate, he moved it a little and gave a shrug of his shoulders.

"I haven't touched it yet, why?" Bill asked confused. Harry couldn't help but smile again, this time on it looked like he was keeping a secret. Bill suddenly felt dread creep up his spine. He moved the meat on his plate with his fork and noticed all the greens that it had been sitting on top of, hiding.

"Can't trick the old trickster," Harry said with a small chuckle, even Teddy couldn't help but laugh at his Dad's newest problem.

"Harry," Bill practically growled, the younger male's eyes went wide when Bill pushed his chair back from the table, with his hair covering both his eyes and frowning face.

"You little, Slytherin!" Bill suddenly stood, and pulled a laughing and practically squealing Harry out of his chair, while Teddy gave another high pitched shriek of amusement. Bill threw the smaller male over his shoulder and then ran him into the living room, he dropped Harry onto the almost too large and cushioned couch. Harry laughed as Bill ran his fingers all over Harry's body tickling him.

"Cheater!" Harry said through his bouts of uncontrollable laughter, and his constant squirming as he tried to move out from under his husband.

"You're the little sneak!" Bill said grinning down at Harry as he committed one of the greatest sins in Harry's book. Harry hated to be tickled above all else.

By the time that Bill had decided that Harry's punishment was over, little Teddy had already run into the living room as well. He was holding a few pieces of broccoli in his small hands and munching on them as he cheered for each parent. They were rolling on the couch like children, wrestling, tickling and laughing. Teddy was laughing like he hadn't ever seen anything more amusing in his entire life.

When it was all over, they both collapsed on the couch, Harry lying breathless with the back of his head resting on the top of Bill's arm and with his body pressed into Bill's side as they both gasped for air and tried to stop their laughter. Harry had even had to wipe tears from his eyes he'd laughed so hard only mere torturous moments before.

Teddy, feeling left out, moved to the couch and climbed on top of both his parents. His small pink tongue poked out from behind his smiling mouth and he grinned a grin that could only be described as mischievous. Before either parent could stop him, Teddy reached down and stuck a piece of broccoli into each Harry and Bill's open and laughing mouths.

"Can we go fly now?" he asked with squinting and smiling eyes down at both his loudly laughing parents.


The End

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