Brooke Logan sat in the dark wooden pew of the church clutching a handkerchief trying to hold back her tears but it was useless. She had loved that man who was now laying in an elegant wooden casket.
He had been the father of her children. Even though they hadn't been married in years, he was still very dear to her. And now..He was gone. Eric Forrester Sr was gone. He had been stricken with an pneumonia which just seemed to get worse and worse as the days went on. He got weaker and weaker.
It got to the point where he could no longer function at Forrester Creations. His wife Stephanie had hired round the clock nurses to take care of him but eventually it became too much. He died peacefully in his sleep. It had broke Brooke's heart to have to break the news to her children, Bridget and Rick. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do in her life. Something she never wanted to do. They both were devasted. They had loved their father very much. He was always there for them and did everything in the world for them. Brooke glanced over at them as they sat in a pew on the opposite side.
Bridget had tears in her eyes and Rick looked solemn. Her eyes then turned to Ridge. Eric's death had hit him hard. He had taken on more responsibility at Forrester ever since Eric fell ill. He felt he owed it him. Forrester Creations was Eric's life. Ridge had no intention of ever seeing it falter. Of course Ridge wasn't the only one. His brother Thorne was also shouldering the burden as well.
The two brothers knew it wouldn't be the same without Eric but were determined not to let him down.
It had been a real family effort. Rick had stepped up and taken some of the load as well. His wife Amber really threw herself into her designing. Kristen moved back to L.A. with Tony and also handled some of the work load. Tony even offered to come aboard and join their designing team. Brooke gladly accepted his offer. Brooke was proud of everyone and grateful for everything they were doing.
Bridget had put her aspirations of being a doctor on hold to also join the team at Forrester even though Brooke told her she didn't need to do that and didn't expect her to. Bridget told her she owed it to her father. She knew how much the company meant to him.
The service came to a close and everyone filed out of the church. Even though it was a beautiful warm day with a clear blue sky and bright sunshine, it still felt gloomy to Brooke. She took Ridge's arm in silence as they headed into the waiting limo.
Stephanie was having the wake at the Forrester Mansion. Brooke sat back in her seat as the limo drove off. "I can't believe he's really gone." She said to Ridge.
"I know Logan." replied Ridge sadly. "I knew this day would come but I wasn't ever really prepared for it"
"Me either." said Brooke. "I never wanted to see this day come. Ever. But at least he's no longer suffering. He's with God now"
Ridge nodded. "That's true." replied. "He's at peace now. I guess that's what counts. Doesn't mean I don't still miss him"
Brooke took his hand in hers. "Me too." The limo pulled up the the mansion and came to a stop. The driver stepped out and opened the door. Brooke and Ridge slowly climbed out and thanked the driver. Taking a deep breather Brooke took Ridge's arm and they walked up to the front door of the mansion and headed inside. The others had also just arrived as well. While everyone was gathered inside Stephanie was outside in the courtyard. She wanted to be alone.
Eric's death had hit her hard. But it wasn't just his death. It's what he had left behind. A secret.
A secret that he made her promise she would never tell. And she had kept that promise. But now.
now she wasn't sure if she could. She had a feeling it would eventually come out. She knew Eric would be crushed if it did. Stephanie vowed to do whatever it took to keep it from happening.