Author's Note: Hey new story, enjoy. By the by, no crazy Anko or Naruto, just angsty fluff.

Serpentine Embrace

By MountainWind

Chapter 1

She snorted as she examined the panties she had just pulled from her dresser. What the hell was I thinking when I bought these?...Mitarashi Anko asked herself as she threw them back and pulled out another pair. She took this one and stuffed it into her suitcase. Despite what most people thought about her this was unusual for her. Most of the time she liked things organized, but now she was only roughly slamming stuff in.

To simply explain what the girl was feeling was near impossible. I, in my limited sense, have tried to fathom what she was experiencing as best I could. However, I can simplify it in this sense: she had had enough. For over eleven years she had endured unwanted or undeserved stares and questions about what she was doing, and despite her best failed attempts, who she was doing it with.

She's the only one who was with him so much.

They shared a house, she couldn't have not known.

There's no way a woman like her could become so strong naturally.

Why was she gone for so long that one time?

I heard that she helped him.

Ibiki's been much more productive since she joined.

What the hell was Sandaime-sama thinking letting her go?

These questions, not whispered, not screamed, but merely spoken drew from her not only hope but seemingly her very life. It caused so many parts of her to hide, to slither into the dark bowels of her heart. She didn't really smile anymore, just the mischievous or frightening smirks she threw at targets and allies. Whichever was deserving of which one.

She was tired, dead tired, of people whispering 'traitor,' 'snake slut,' 'whore,' and other such names behind her back. Even if they didn't say such things she knew no one would openly approach her for anything more than a fast fuck. And even then not one of them bothers to stay the whole night. Not that she wanted them to stay. Waking up to their fidgety stares and lack of attention to her was not something she wanted.

Plus even if they did have the balls to sleep with her she knew they wouldn't even try her cooking. Not many people knew Anko liked cooking. Or singing. Or dancing. Or her favorite colors weren't blood red and black but fuchsia and lavender. Or that if she had the choice of brutal monkey sex and cuddling, she would choose the cuddling. Or that she…it didn't really matter. No one cared, no one knew and no one cared to know.

It didn't help matters that recently her ANBU captain, one of the few she could loosely call a friend, who knew of her many different loves and hobbies, had just been convicted of killing his entire family. Yeah…that's gonna help you get service from the pimpled prick at the Quickie Mart.

As these thoughts rambled through her skull Anko grumbled as she found yet another pair of atrocious panties within her collection. Did I go shopping when I was drunk or something?...yeah maybe…she mused. "Well at least I'll leave my mark on the next person to rent here!" she said laughing with her arms crossed.

Soon tears brimmed at the sides of her eyes, she hastily wiped them away.

I will not hold it against you if you do eventually leave Anko. However I'd be both saddened and disappointed if you did. You have much so potential…the voice of the Third said to her.

"Potential…that's a joke…" she whimpered, "a very bad one…"

I've chosen you to be my apprentice. Because of the potential I see in you. Anko-chan.

She shook her head, the feeling of intense disgust and cold flowing through her. Hurriedly, and with new purpose, she resumed her packing. As she stuffed piece after piece of unmentionable panties and clothing into her case she made note of her other case. It was part of a special scroll HE had left her. The package contained some of the things she hated and enjoyed most about herself. She put down a pair of panties she actually enjoyed and crouched down by the case.

It was a specially made metal that would react to anyone that did not charge chakra to the correct level before touching it. She did the recommended action and clicked it open. Inside was a set of polished, oiled, and well maintained torture devices. Made to actuate Anko's earth chakra affinity. The set itself had been given to her by Ibiki when he joined her division.

Listen to me Mitarashi. I don't give a shit what happened to you in the past, who did it to you, who thinks you did it, or what your favorite snack is. I'm in charge of this division. And I chose you because you showed an aptitude for the one thing few people in this village seem to have.

You have focus for this kind of thing. So welcome to the Interrogation and Torture division of ANBU. I hope you have a strong stomach I'll be teaching you personally.

While she had managed to keep her tears in check, she knew Ibiki had realized how she felt. It had been the first show of respect and honesty toward her since she met Itachi. She closed the case and laid her forehead against it. As she did she realized what she wearing.

Her protector.

With a steady breath Anko stood and removed it. The leaf symbol seemed to mock her. With an angry and vicious flash of her finger she scratched a deep gouge into the plate. It nearly cleft the stupid thing in two, and she wished it had.

Below her, on the first floor of her two story apartment building she heard a roaring chime.

It was 12:15. The patrol for the wall would be changing in seventy-five minutes.

The time to go had arrived.


Anko dashed through the back alleys of Konohagakure no Sato. Pride and disdain all in one flooded her chest. HE taught her that lesson that sent her sprawling down these crowded and very dark streets. Part of her was sickened by the thoughts of her old mentor. A fuzzy and pained memory was spat out from her hardened brain.

Always know the secret ways. Even if it is only fit for rats, any secret direction or path is infinitely better than one that is always hit by the sun, remember that Anko.

He always left off the –chan when telling her something important. It was one of the few things that made her see past the loving father image she had built up over her many years of apprenticeship. Anko hissed his name and leapt into the air, clearing the top of a three story building. Landing in a crouch she cursed at how complacent this place was, even after such genocide. The ANBU patrolling the sector didn't even bat an eyelash when he saw Anko make for one of the hidden gates.

They merely assumed she was doing her duty for the village.

The infuriated jounin spat onto the ground and hurried past one of the few men that got her riled up without even trying.

Well she tried anyway; his words stopped her dead, "Yo. Where ya going Anko?"

She contemplated running, but she realized trying to get away from Hatake Kakashi when he was interested, no matter what book his face was in, was impossible. "Mission."

"During shift change?"


"With no headband?"



The lazy ninja was leaning against a water tower support beam. Anko cursed as she stood at the edge of the same building. The gate was merely fifty meters away. It might have been a million with Kakashi next to her. His beady black eye continued to scan his book.

"I have to say…even for you this is pretty ballsy," he said as he turned a page.

Anko glared at him, "What do you know about me?"

She felt his eyes, or one of them at least, on her, "None of the good stuff at least. I would like to say I knew you were a stronger person than to leave your home and-"

"Keep your 'comrades are all you need' bullshit to yourself Hatake! I don't have any comrades here!"

"Anymore," he said just loud enough for her to hear.

The purple headed kunoichi stiffened. "You aren't helping your cause," she hissed.

He mused at how cute she looked when she had a killing intent in her eye. "Yeah. But you were going to leave no matter what I or the Third said right? So might as well go. You have less than ten minutes to get out of here undetected."

She cursed, glanced at the moon and sprinted off. Hatake Kakashi sighed. He looked up at moon, in melancholy, and then returned to his smut. "I'll keep this little talk to myself. If Homura-sama or Kotaru-sama found out they'd kill me…or try anyway."


Anko was running like she was trying to avoid something on fire. The fury and pain and sadness in her chest burned hard.

That and she knew someone was following her. They had been ever since she had stopped to talk to Kakashi. She knew it wasn't him because if he had decided to come after her he wouldn't be so blatant about it. Whoever it was had some crazy chakra going on.

This is not how someone trained by the fucking SNAKE SANNIN is supposed to make an escape from her village to become a MISSING FUCKING NINJA!

As she was mentally raging at the world she tripped. The offending piece of trash sent her flying into a building that would have been on the outside of the left turn she was supposed to make. Her head connected flush with the brick and caused a pain unlike any she had felt in her life to travel down her spine and into her toes.

She let her body fall flat on the ground, blood slipping from her hair down her face. She wished that other wetness was blood. She would rather be bleeding from her eyes instead of crying. She was not crying. She couldn't be crying. Of all the things she was doing she was not crying!

"You okay?" a small voice called. She didn't bother to move. The sound of something being moved was deafening to her ears. "Uh…sis you okay?"

"Not really kid…" she thought it was a kid at least. Grunting she pushed herself up by her arms and then to her knees.

"Oh it's you," he said. Anko sighed. The way he said that was really the icing on the cake.

It just had to be the one kid with no curfew that recognized her on her attempt to escape. She turned to give this stupid kid her worst glare, one that had once cause a battle hardened Mist-nin to piss herself, when she caught sight of him.

She stood, almost reactionary. The kid standing before her was wreathed in shadow, the alley had no lights and everyone was asleep. The only source of illumination was the moon and an odd street lamp on the other side of the narrow entrance.

And his eyes. They were glowing.

From that light she could his blonde hair and hideously dirty and orange shirt. "It's you…" she said. The Kyuubi brat…she thought.

"Yeah…so…" he kicked his feet. "You leaving the village?"

"Fairly astute of you kid. What makes you think that?" she scoffed.

"Because your friend Itachi killed a bunch of people and left too right?"

Anko started. Her head made a swinging motion. She had been about to leave this kid. And now he drops something like that. "What…how do you?"

He scratched the back of his head. "The Uchiha never liked me. They always arrested me and took me to the Old man if I got too close to a paint or a prank store. One little gag like the time I put some itching powder on their uniforms and they go crazy. Well anyway I always saw the two of you around. I used to follow you…"

Anko felt a flush creep to her cheeks. She remembered one or two times she had tried to seduce her younger captain. "Why?"

He was silent for a few minutes, a few precious minutes. "Why kid?"

"Because you two were the only ones like me…" he finally relented. "You…everyone hates you too. They look at you like you did something wrong. You always do stuff for the village. I see you all the time, bleeding and needing help but the guards never call for meds…now if the Uchiha guy ever stubbed his toe they'd make sure the hospital was cleared out…

"But he hated it. They didn't like him, his clan. And I think the only reason I was scared to talk to you guys was because we're the same. But the one thing that made us different was that you guys know why other people hate you. And I only get to guess."

Anko gaped at the boy. He had just described something that made her blood run cold. It was like looking at herself so long ago. Just after being abandoned by HIM. "What…" she gulped. "What is your name kid?"

He looked up at her. She took in a sharp breath; his eyes had become slits, like a cat's. "Uzumaki Naruto."

"Why are you out here so late kid?"

He looked at the ground and kicked his feet again. "The old lady at the orphanage told me to stop doing 'that.' She tells me every night but I don't know what I did. So she threw me out saying when I stopped doing 'it' I could come back."

Anko most likely guessed 'it' referred to what she had just seen. So the kid has naturally good night vision. Cool. "So you've been wandering around out here all night?"

He mumbled something.


"All week. I try to go back every night, but she just keeps hitting me with that stick thing."

Anko felt a little bit of the hatred for HIM move to this 'old lady' at the orphanage. What kind of sick bitch leaves a kid out all alone for a week? The kind of woman who doesn't see a kid. But a demon.

"So, kid." He looked at her. His gaze, just slightly on the intense side, made Anko blush. She rubbed the back of her head. "Do. Do you want to have somewhere warm to sleep tonight?"

He started and took a step back from her. "Are you like that guy?"

"What guy?"

His voice because dangerous suddenly, "The one who took my shoes and clothes?"

Anko bristled. "WHAT?" Naruto was more taken aback by her anger than anything else. "Some prick took your clothes?! What did he do to you?!"

He relaxed, but not completely, "Nothing. I threw a shuriken I stole from one of the Uchiha guys when they left me in the waiting room one day. I hid it in my leggings. He tried to touch me but I cut off his fingers with it before I threw it. He's got a scar on his neck now."

Anko felt something…odd…take hold of her. "Was he a ninja?"

Naruto furrowed his forehead in thought. "Uh…I don't think so. I always saw him in the village with carts full of stuff. Boxes and bundles."

While a part of her was relieved at this revelation another part of her seemed to become odder and odder. So…carts and storage materials. He's most likely a porter that serves the merchants of the village. "Do you remember where he lives?" she asked softly.

Naruto became tense again. "Why?"

Anko crouched down and removed the special metal case. She opened it and revealed one of the more viscous looking instruments. "Because I hate people who mess with kids. Especially kids like me."

Naruto looked at her. Something in his mind told him this woman was dangerous. She was a friend of the guy who killed all those Uchiha. But the Uchiha people had always hurt him. And that Itachi guy would always give him ice cream if he was with his little brother. So if the dead Uchiha were mean, but were considered the good guys, and the living Uchiha was nice, but was considered the bad guy then did that mean?…Naruto shook the complicated thoughts out of his head.

There had been a few close calls with guys like the one this woman had heard of. Once or twice, he hadn't gotten away as scot free as he just explained. And a few had started when people asked him if he wanted help. But this was different. They had tried to be nice to him. She was being…well…mean. She didn't want him to like her. And from what he gathered she didn't really want him to trust her that much either. The other people (men and women) had all been too trusting. It had caused many to lose fingers and toes to Naruto's teeth when he realized what was going on.

"What are you going to do to him?"

Anko's eyes, which were now gleaming in the soft and almost vacant light of the alley, swiveled to him. "I'm gonna do what he was gonna do to you. But I'll make sure it hurts. Hurts bad. Because that's what I do kid. I punish people who break the laws. And messing with you is a big law."

Naruto looked back at the ground. "If you keep the laws why are you running away?"

Anko seemed to be knocked out of her revelry. She snorted. "Well. At first it was because I hated people looking at me and treating me like a snake about to strike. Like-"

"You were about to kill them. But when they found out you either wouldn't or couldn't they begin to be mean. Hurt you, make fun of you. Show you how worthless you are," he finished for her.

"Yeah," she sighed. She still held the shiny thing in her hand. Naruto kinda liked how it was really bright even in the darkness.

"How," his small body began to shake. "How can I trust you? It wasn't always guys who tried to touch me. Girls did it too."

Anko snapped her case shut and stood. She tossed it to him and it skidded to a halt at his feet. "Carry that. Only touch the handle. If you don't you'll get shocked."

She walked past him and headed back to the street. "You didn't answer me!" he screamed. "How can I trust you if you were his friend?!"

Anko stopped and looked at him over her shoulder. He waited a moment before turning. His eyes widened as he saw Mitarashi Anko with a halo of light around her face. But instead of becoming angelic she became demonic. Her eyes were two deep, muddy pools. He saw the same beasts of torment slipping in and out of them, flowing from eye to eye.

"Because kid," she said just loud enough for him. "You just can."

Uzumaki Naruto blinked. She stepped back into the street and took a deep breath before she began to tap her foot. Another quick glance behind her and he realized she was waiting on him. No one had ever waited for him. No one.

You just can.

And for the first time in his depressingly sad life, Uzumaki Naruto could trust what an adult said completely.


The darkness of the man's home was like a stench. It was everywhere and hard to pinpoint. The man was currently lying sprawled out on a dirty mattress. It was covered in different kinds of filth, all of the human variety. Beside him was what Mitarashi Anko could only describe as the 'poster girl for jailbait.' She was a young and, at one time anyway, pretty thing with soft brown hair and full pouty lips.

But her pretty face had become gaunt. Her flesh, stretched taught over her bones, was tan and marked by the different kinds of evil humans could perpetuate. The hair was filled with such levels of whatever she had put her head near it was stained black.

The man himself was bigger than she would have thought the kid could escape from on his own. He had the upper body and leg strength of a lifelong porter and the shaved head to match. She scanned his topless body quickly, finding the abundance of muscles sickening, and locked onto the scar.

He was also missing the left most two fingers on his left hand. The stubs twitched ever so slightly in his sleep.

Anko drew from her long and tattered trench coat a syringe. She filled it half way with a special drug of her own choosing and forced the needle into the girl's throat. Her eyes shot open immediately. She tried to move but only succeeded in whimpering.

Anko replaced that syringe with a specially prepared one. It had a nice serrated needle, perfect for making a lot of pain as it went in. She proceeded to tease the man's scar with the tip. She waited until he smiled in his sleep before jamming it in. He groaned. His teeth bared in a grimace as the painful drug was pushed into his body.

His eyes scanned the room and found her, over him, with a shit eating grin on her face.

"Heya. I'm Anko. Jounin. Wanna hear a funny story?" she asked. "I was just about to leave this village. Become a missing ninja and all that. When I met this kid. Who just so happened to have almost been molested by a guy who looks a whole lot like you. And well. If you don't know who I am then you're too far out of the loop to care. But I'm Orochimaru's old apprentice."

Fear and recognition floated over his pupils.

"Ah. So you know my stance on child abuse. Well that's why your little tart got the regular paralysis drug and you got the drug that dulls movement, not pain. I'm gonna proceed to softly cut your vocal chords so you can't scream. Then I'm gonna rearrange your organs in alphabetical order." She smiled sweetly before looking at the girl. "And guess what happens to little miss rendezvous organizer? She gets to experience the sensation of someone dying next to them before I surgically remove your clitoris and the first few layers of your vaginal walls."

Anko stood back and pulled on a pair of arm length rubber gloves. She grinned as she snapped her fingers. The door to the dinky apartment opened and Naruto walked in, dragging the suitcase. He deposited it, with a very heavy bout of panting, by Anko's left foot.

"Thanks Naruto. Now go wait outside," she said softly.

"But I want to watch!"


"Please! I want to see this guy's guts for what-"

"No." Naruto cringed when he heard her voice. She bent down and put a hand on his head. "No. This is not for you. Take heed that he's going to pay for what he did to you. What I do now is for my own benefit. I'm using you as an excuse. So go outside. Don't peek, and remain a kid for a little bit longer." She stood up and adjusted her gloves. "Go Naruto."

He stayed at her side for a minute before doing as she told. He ran to the door and slammed it shut. She waited until she felt his signature go to the end of the hall, where she 

had put a special genjutsu up for him. No one entering or leaving this floor would see him, and any ninja who did sense the illusion would think it was a fellow ninja in another room.

"Well. Now to work." She bent down, retrieved the case, and set it next to the man. With a flick of her thumbs it was open. "Have a horrible last night you sick fuck. Because this is the last night anyone messes with Uzumaki Naruto."


Anko exited the apartment several hours later. Her face and chest were splattered with blood. She released the genjutsu around Naruto and looked at him. His eyes were a bit wide, but he didn't seem to care she was bloody. He stood up and tentatively held out his hand. Anko looked at it and smiled. She took it in hers and lead him down the stairs to the street. The night air was still dark, still cold. But it held something new.

It held just a tiny hint of hope.

"You didn't tell me your name."

"It's Anko, Naruto."

"I like your name."

"Thanks kid. Yours is kinda cool too."

"Where we going?"

"My place. Then we'll take a bath. Get something to eat and go to sleep."

"Can we have ramen?"

"Ramen? Kid…I think it's time I introduced you to something wonderful. Better than ramen!"

"What is it?"