A/N: I wrote this story because I have no life and this seemed like a good use of my time. If it's kind of bad I don't mind cause it was just for fun.

Disclaimer: How could I own this? I'm too poor to even own the dvds XD

OC: Name: Adria. Sex: Female. Age: 11. Appearance: Short black hair just above the shoulders. Big dark brown eyes. Wears a dark purple t shirt and blue jeans most of the time. Character: Not much too say about her, except that she too believes that Zim is an alien. She just isn't as obsessed over that fact as Dib is. In fact she's pretty nuetral about it. The whole him taking over the earth thing ticks her off a bit though and she hopes Dib will defeat him.

Now on to the story:

"Moooom, I'm leaving now!"

I yelled as I raced down the stairs.

My mom sighed from her chair in the kitchen.

"Honestly dear you haven't even had any br-"

"That's okay mom I'm not hungry!"

I said quickly as I ran out the door. I sprinted to my school, which was only a few blocks away, and made it inside as the second bell rang. Walking to my classroom I stepped inside and my first thought was:

"What the heck?!"

There were two boys - I mean one boy, the other one was obviously an alien, what with the green skin and all - standing on top of their desks facing one another, both in angry, battle stances. I just blinked and calmy walked to my seat, observing the guys fight verbally.

"Oh yeah! Well that first assumption might have been wrong, but I can still prove that your an alien Zim! Mark my words, one day the world will see you for who - what - you really are. And when that day comes your little plan to take over the earth will be ruined!"

The extra-terrestrial scoffed and pointed angrily at the boy.

"I don't know what your talking about, Dib-Filth, I am a normal human worm baby, there is nothing to prove. Besides you'll never be able to prove that the glorious Zim is a actually an alien. No one will ever believe you!"

"Hey wait a minute! You just admitted to being an alien just now! Everyone heard you too! Didn't you?!"

He turned to face the crowd of learning-impaired idiots, who wouldn't know that an army of soul sucking zombies were in the room with them until it was too late, and their useless brains had been devoured.

"Only you believe that Zim is an alien Dib-Loser."

A guy that was way to burly and muscle bound for his age snickered

"Yeah, and only weirdo's like you believe in stuff like that!." A girl in the back of the class teased.

Dib looked at them in disbelief.

"Oh come ON! He JUST admitted it! Why won't you believe me?! I know you guys aren't the smartest beings in the univeres, but STILL...!"

"Settle down Dib, and Zim or I'll have the whole class stay in after school detention for a month!"

Mrs Bitters barked out irritably. The two enemies sat down in their seats still glaring at each other.

I heard Dib whisper to Zim:

"Curse you Zim! One of these days I will prove to the world that you are an alien once and for all!"

Zim smirked.

"Yeah right, Dib-Stink. Your pathetic race is so dumb, they'd never realize what the clever Zim was EVEN if I took off my brilliant human disguise. Your fighting a losing battle and you know it! Zim will always be victorious!"

Dib looked really fustrated and annoyed, and I felt sorry for him and wanted to help him, but at the same time I didn't want to be around him. He was too weird. And though I believed that Zim was an alien too, I wasn't as obsessed about it as he was.

I barely payed any attention as Mrs Bitters continued talking and class resumed normally.


At lunch I saw Dib sitting by himself.

Instead of eating he was watching, well more like glaring, at Zim.

I could practically hear the wheels turning in his head as he scrutinized the alien boy.

Suddenly he stood up on the table with a water balloon in his hand, where the heck it came from I don't know, and aimed it at Zim. It hit him on his back and he screamed and ran out of the lunchroom.

I blinked at the scene and shook my head

"Moron." I muttered.

The weird shit that seemed to happen at this school amazed as well as annoyed me. As if my life wasn't hell enough I had to deal with this crap too.

Dib suddenly cried out "You see?! Zim can't stand water because he's an alien! If it touches his skin it will burn him. Do you believe me now?!"

"Oh shut up Dib." A random person said 'Maybe he just doesn't like water. Some people don't idiot."

Dib looked aghast at the boy.

"No, that's not it! He's an alien I tell you! He can't eat the food here either. It will make him sick. He can't handle earth food."

"This cafeteria food will make anyone sick." A girl snickered.

"Yeah it's disgusting!" Another guy I recognized from class said.

"Let's throw it at the Dib-Freak." The same guy said.

"Yeah!" Everyone agreed.

Before I knew it, all kinds of food was flying at Dib, knocking him off of the table and to the floor. I think someone even threw a rock at him. Ouch.

He got up looking furious.

"You people are animals!" He said enraged "I don't even know why I'm trying to save this race!"

Having said that, he marched out of the room, and I watched him leave feeling bad for him.