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Goldenstargirl: This isn't a chapter. Sorry! I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be moving soon, and though I do have a computer, it is broken, and won't be fixed for an unknown time because of certain circumstances. I don't know if I'll be moving close to a library, or if the library will even have notepad or word or whatever, so, that being said, my relative does have a laptop that is also getting repaired, and until it is repaired, I'm not sure when another chapter will be out. *Sigh.* The only thing I can think of to make things even slightly better is have the characters give all the reviewers of this story a greeting of sorts. *Sweatdrop.* Well, this will be interesting.

Gaz: I was paid in batteries to say this. JoeMerl, you're not as annoying as my idiot brother Dib. Congratulations.

Dib: Ignoring that comment, Kiakamon, thank you for reviewing. Your support really helps motivate me to take down that alien Zim!

Adria: xx-A-Little-Birdie-xx, thanks for the reviews; you're support is totally appreciated.

Gir: Kazehane-Rhapsody, thanks for the cupcakes. I love you!

Zim: She did not give you cupcakes, Gir. Invader Catara, thank you. I will annihilate you last when I conquer this pathetic ball of filth.

Gaz: Urgh. Girpiggy, dispite your username, (Golden: She hates gir, lol.) you're not so horrible. Maybe.

Golden: *Eye twitches.* Way to give thanks there, Gaz.

Dib: 999 For Rent By Owner, whoo, long name, thank you for the reviews.

Adria: InvaderMelissa, you are awesome for reviewing.

Golden: *Sweatdrop.* Wh-what's with the lingo, Adria?

Adria: You tell me. I'm your oc.

Golden: Right, maybe I'm feeling weird today. Okay, moving on...

Zim: Lolipear, is that the name of an Earth food? I will remember you when I am taking over Earth.

Gir: invaderzimfannumber1, I love you! I really do!


Golden: *Gulp.* *Hands them over.*

Gaz: Micky-Moo, thanks. A lot. Really.

Dib: Leesydreamy, thanks for your review. Now, please help me defeat Zim. The more people who help th-

Golden: Dib!

Dib: Okay, okay.

Adria: InvaderKei, you rule! Thanks a ton!

Golden: *Facepalm.* Seriously, Adria, get a grip.

Gir: You is my friend too, Girismyfrend. Let's get married and have ten kids!

Golden: *Slaps forehead.* Why me?

Professor Membrane: Though I have yet to appear in the story, I'm sure Golden will put me in soon-

Golden: Say what?

Professor Membrane: That being said, as I am a character of IZ , I think I am entitled to a greeting as well-

Golden: *Growls* GET ON WITH IT!

Professor Membrane: *Coughs.* Yes, well, smily the octopus, please continue to support IZ, and this story. Membrane out!

Golden: Bout time!

Zim: Victoria, your words to Golden touched my Irken heart. I almost feel bad that I have to destroy you. *Eye widens.* Almost.

Dib: divinedragon7, thank you for your support. If you have any ideas as to how I can defeat Zim, please send them to this number: CENSORED. Hey!

Golden: I censored it. That's cheating, Dib.

Dib: Aw, man.

Gaz: Nia Teppelin: she updated. Happy?

Golden: Gaz. You suck.

Gaz: *Reading a book, and ignoring everything around her.*

Adria: Thanks, Dire Hope. Don't we all wish she would give faster updates? *Dodges Golden's fist.*

Gir: LaynThePurpleRaccoonGirl, I love tacos. Do you love tacos?

Goldenstargirl: Well, that's that. If I've made anyone out of character or missed any reviewer, I'm sorry. I see from invaderzimfanumber1, that I've still got a lot of kinks to work out with Gir's character, and explaining some things better in the story. Maybe I should have a hiatus to take some time to perfect my mistakes and weaknesses. But I don't think anyone would be happy with a break in the story, so maybe I won't do that. Anyway, this has been fun, but like all good things, it must come to an end. I bid you adieu until next time.