Makeshift Miracles

Summary: They weren't together, oh no. They were just parenting an unborn child together. Some people say raising a child is tough. If the past nine months were any sign of the life ahead, tough would be an understatement. FutureFic.

Genre: Romance/Family

Author's Starting Notes: Okay, so, I never actually sent this one to my beta. But I realized too little too late and I've started a schedule, so, oh well. I still haven't finished the first chapter, then I've got to send it to my beta, get it back, make any corrections they think I need to, before I put it online. I'm thinking before end of August? Here's the preface. It kind of just sort of leads into the story. I'm really sorry about it being bold. It just won't stop! Next chapter won't be this way.

Time Stamp: Posted July 23rd, 2008

"Where do you see yourself in ten years?" the teacher asked gazing out at the fresh young minds happily. He already knew what kind of answers he'd get to that question. From Charles Bass, he'd probably hear something like "Sandwiched between two lovely babes, sir". From Nathaniel Archibald, he'd hear "living the dream and loving it." From Serena van der Woodsen, he'd hear some joke about going onto her fourth husband. He didn't care what any of them had to say. The lot of the superficial, unrealistic, and "humorous" answers tired him out. Mr. Jonathan Price was really interested in the answer of one student, a Miss Blair Waldorf.

Blair was the top of the class. She wrote things with amazing dexterity and intellect. She could tell you the capital of Idaho was Ohio, and with a few words from her part, most people would gladly go and update their maps. She always seemed to be light years ahead of the class, maturity wise. So, it was no surprise that he directed the question towards her. The surprise was that she couldn't come up with anything.

Where did she see herself ten years from then? She liked to think out of college, with a good job, and a steady boyfriend, but she knew that things didn't always work out like that. Plenty of things could happen in ten years, hell, plenty of things can happen in one semester - as she knew very well.

She could feel the eyes of the class on her waiting for her to say something worth actually listening to. She looked up from her little mind spot towards the teacher replying to his question with one word:


Of all the things Blair could have thought on, wished for, or expected, what truly happened ten years later would never be on the list. After all, who could expect that this gorgeous twenty-seven year old would be risking her mental sanity, destroying her flawless body, and giving up half of her social life? She wasn't doing drugs, or anything irresponsible like that. She was just, well, diving head first into one of the greatest headaches life can throw at you.


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