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She stopped and turned around at the familiar voice.

"Oh. Hi Hojo." Kagome greeted him politely.

She frowned suddenly, noticing that he seemed to be upset. Which was very out of character for him.

"Uh...Hojo, is something wrong?" She asked in a concerned tone.

"As a matter of fact there is."

"What is it?" She asked suddenly worried.

"I found out something that's rather unsettling today."

What do you mean Hojo?" Kagome asked feeling confused.

What could he be talking about?

"You thought I didn't know. You thought I hadn't noticed."

Hojo continued, scrutinizing her in a very un-hojo-like way.

"Uh...what do you mean?" Kagome asked a bit nervously.

Hojo sighed and then said something that very much frightened her.

"I know...your secret."


Kagome put her hand to her mouth, her eyes widening.

Could Hojo have actually figured it out?

That she was able to travel through time to the past via a wooden well?

She couldn't believe it.

She really could not bring herself to believe that the usually dim-witted boy had found out her most carefully kept secret.

"I know..."

Hojo paused dramatically as the miko held her breath.

"That you have a terrible sickness that makes it hard for your muscles to function properly and yet you still managed to come to school today. You really are very strong Higurashi."


Kagome let out a breath that she hadn't even known she'd been holding.

So that hadn't been the secret then huh? She should have known.

With a huge effort she gave Hojo what she hoped was a reassuring smile and told him kindly,

"Thank you for your concern but I really am okay. I should be getting to my classroom now. Bye Hojo!"

She ran away quckly, sprinting down the hall in a frantic attempt to put as much space between her and Hojo as possible.

When she rounded a corner she stopped and tried to catch her breath.

Wow what a close call THAT had been.

For a moment she had honestly thought that he...but that was rediculous.

How could he have found out?

No one knew the secret but her, Inuyasha, and the others in the fuedal era. Oh and her family of course.

She definitely didn't have to worry about Hojo finding out about it.

Still that had been quite a scare.

She sighed softly and and shook her head, raising herself from the wall that she'd leaned on.

Laughing quietly to herself, she went to her class and shoved the incident to the back of her mind.

Hojo finding out her secret? Yeah right. Like that would ever happen.