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"How are the wedding plans going?" I asked Harry. He laid on the floor, playing with our golden retriever puppy, Hades.

Startled emerald green eyes looked at me. Harry laid flat on his stomach, feet up in the air, playing tug-a-war with the little ball of energy. Hades' butt stuck up in the air, tail going a million miles an hour with little growl sounds emanating from him. "You scared me. Every time we talk about the wedding I'm afraid your mom's going to appear. I swear she has eyes and ears in our house." Harry shuddered at the idea and I laughed feeling a small smile tug at my lips. It's been about six months since we went to our matchmaker Madame Lulu. Afterwards Harry and I bought a small house together with three bedrooms, two baths, and some of the most beautiful wood floors that glowed wonderfully in the natural light that the large windows allowed through.

A small fuzz ball zipped from under the couch and started playing with the whizzing tale of Hades. Hades turned around and came face to face with Persephone our smoky gray kitten and ran after her. Persephone ran like a bat out hell, turning a corner and slipped out of sight with a jumpy puppy on her heels. Hades' nails clicked on the wood getting farther away when he turned the corner after his play mate.

"You know I think Hades thinks he's a cat." Harry stood up, raising his arms over his head giving me a peek of the delicious skin under his shirt. I licked my lips, trying to pay attention, but it was very hard to when something so good was in front of me. Harry flopped on the couch and sighed happily.

"What makes you say that?" I asked, sitting on the couch next to him. I put my hand on his thigh, rubbing the hard muscle underneath the denim. Harry shivered and cuddled closer to me. He put his head on my shoulder looking out the big window that led to our large back yard. The green grass sometimes matched his eyes. It all depended on how he was feeling. When he was angry or frustrated I noticed that his eyes became a stormy emerald and when he was happy his eyes became a light green that matched the summer grass. I've learned so much about Harry in the last few months that we spent together. A part of me was afraid of what might happen when we left the haven of our own little world, it was a bit bumpy at times, but everything worked out well so far. And we just got our two new additions about a month ago. Harry went with Hermione and got Persephone and I went with Ron and got Hades. It was quite the interesting event when the two of them met. It was love at first sight or at least it was for Hades. Persephone couldn't have cared less except now they are getting along really well. In a weird way their relationship reminds me of Harry's and mine. They seemed not to fit together but somehow it works. Now Persephone can't go an hour without playing with Hades.

Harry shifted and wrapped his arms around me. I put my arm over his shoulder bringing him even closer. "Well he's always trying to scratch the couch and rugs like Persephone and the other day I found him in the litter box just walking around in it trying to figure out what to do. Sometimes I think he's also trying to meow, but it's so hard to tell." Harry chuckled at the memory of Hades.

"He is a bit of an odd ball. Just like a certain person I know." I whispered in the uncontrollable mane of hair that stuck out in every single direction.

"Hey I'm not the one who preens in front of the mirror like a certain cat. Persephone got that from you, you know?"

I laughed and started tickling Harry around his ribs. "I preen, do I?"

Harry gasped between laughter, falling over on the couch. "Yes, you do."

A loud crack resounded through the house and a woman's voice broke through our fun. "Save it for the bedroom you two." My mom, Narcissa said.

A crimson blush spread across Harry's cheeks like a wild fire. I shook my head trying to rid myself of the pending embarrassment and kept my cool except for the tips of my ears that went red and felt like they were on fire. I resisted the urge to feel them, keeping my hands at my sides.

From the dying laughter I heard Harry mumble. "I knew she was going to come. One mention of the wedding." I pulled him to me and hugged.

"So cute." Harry pushed me off him and crossed his arms over his chest trying to look affronted, the way his lips curved just the tiniest bit gave him away.

"You two are so adorable." My mom came over to us, we stood up and she enveloped us in a warm hug.

"Hi, mom." I hugged her tight.

"Hello Narcissa." Harry hugged her back to. She pulled back and smiled at us.

"Oh, I just want to hug you two all day, but I'm here to see my grand pets." Harry blushed again and I tried to curb my laughter with my hand, it wasn't working very well. "Where are the babies?" I pointed to the back room where the guest room was and the unofficial room of Hades and Persephone. "I'm going to go say hi." My mom went to the back of the house with a bag bursting at the seams with unknown goodies for her grand pets. Harry shook his head, hand on his forehead with a bewildered look.

"Grand pets?" Harry asked. Ever since we got the Hades and Persephone my mom has been calling them her grand pets and the babies. She said if she can't have grandchildren then the pets would be her new grand pets.

"You know my mom," I said as if that explained everything. "Unless we can somehow grow a baby in a cabbage patch or have the stork drop one on our doorstep my mom's going to have grand pets. Imagine what my dad has to go through when she's buying gifts for them." The last time my dad was here he had a horrified look on his face when he told us about his shopping trip with my mom for the babies. He didn't understand one bit, but I did and if that's what my mom wanted to do then that was fine. I couldn't give her the little Malfoy's she wanted, but she did have something else to love with all her heart.

"I understand." Harry leaned in and was about to kiss me when the cursed door bell rang. Sometime I don't understand muggle contraptions the blasted thing was noisy and interrupted important moments. "One second." Harry called out and pecked me on the lips. It wasn't the kiss I wanted, but I would take what I could get at the moment.

Harry ran over to the door and opened it. Hermione's and Ron's voices gravitated toward me. "Draco," Hermione said, she gave me a big hug. She pulled away and bright eyes looked at me. "Is your mom here? I have some plans for the reception I want to go over with her."

"In the back with the babies," I said earning me a groan from Harry.

"I'll see you boys soon." It was Sunday and our dinner day with friends and family. We usually had it at our house, but we switched every soon often. And my dad was starting to come around except he didn't come for every dinner like tonight, but he made it a point to visit as often as he could with and without my mom.

"Hey Draco, Harry." Ron fell on the couch, putting an arm over his eyes. "I don't think I can take planning a wedding anymore. It's insane!" Ron threw his hands in the air and fell back on the couch.

"Don't worry Ron it's almost here. You and Hermione will be married in no time and then all this wedding stuff will be behind you," Harry patted a sullen Ron on the shoulder.

I smiled, sitting in an arm chair across from Harry and Ron. The warm sun warming my back. Ron complained a lot about the wedding, every time I saw him though his eyes glowed with happiness whenever he looked at Hermione. Part of me thinks he just complained because it's what was expected of the groom. I think he secretly likes planning the wedding because it makes Hermione happy and when she's happy he's happy.

"And your mom." Ron turned toward me. "She's such a big help I don't know what we would do without her."

"Mom does like to plan things. She can organize a huge party within a week."

"She's doing a wonderful job with the wedding." Ron relaxed into the chair and grinned at me.

"And it keeps her off our backs," Harry said.

"As long as mom is planning a wedding she won't have time to ask us about if and when we're getting married?" I asked.


"Aw Harry, but what if I want the wedding this coming winter we're going to have to have someone plan it with us."

Harry pouted. I loved teasing him about getting married. He wasn't opposed to it or anything; he didn't like being pressured into anything. Not that I blame him. We're doing just fine right now. But maybe in the future...

Clicking nails hit the wood floor and a gray ball jumped in my lap with a bouncy puppy next to my chair trying to sit with me. "Persephone you can't leave Hades behind." I chastised the little ball of fluff. Big green eyes glanced at me with a certain intelligence that led me to believe she knew exactly what I was saying. She jump from my side and laid on the floor next the chair. Hades laid next to her curled up with a soft puppy sigh.

"Why did you name them Hades and Persephone?" Ron asked, head cocked to the side staring at the slumbering animals.

"Because Hades and Persephone were complete opposites. How could the God of Death ever be with the Goddess of Spring?" Harry asked, Ron shrugged and Harry grinned. "Because somehow even though they are opposite they fulfill each other, balance each other out. They are a mismatched pair that belongs together." Harry looked straight at me when he finished. I smiled back feeling my heart race knowing that he was right. We were a mismatched pair that belonged together.