Severus Tobias Snape,

I take thee to be my husband. Not only in life, but in death I honor thy name and thy wishes. Till death does us part I am yours body and soul. A child to you I come, a woman you make of me. No other man shall hold a torch to you so long as breath graces your lips. In tradition I obey you and in the new world we inhabit I merge all that I am with your being, your essence becoming mine. Submitting to your graceful intelligence, dark wit, and cutting tongue a formidable team we will make. Teach me to be strong, focused and grounded and in return I shall teach you to feel freedom, love, and hope once again. I vow to be only yours, to be your constant and insufferable companion, and bear you an heir that will capture the best of both us, cementing firmly your line and name for another generation to come.

My dear from this day on I give myself to you willingly and accept your past, present and future with open arms and with no reservations. I am yours until our lungs no longer grasp for breath, until no potion can heal our weakened and weathered bones. And when you think that I have deserted you in death, I will be there with every gusty blow of the wind and with every down trodden tear that the heavens cry. Severus, my dear I am yours. Committed from this day forth to not fail you where so many others have. Severus, here I am, my heart open and willing to give you all that I to offer you for the rest of my life. All I ask from you to give me in return is a chance to gain a part of your heart that I can call with out a doubt, my own forever.

Forever insufferably yours,

Hermione Jane Granger

Hermione Jane Granger,

Tonight, on this darkest of nights, during the darkest of times, I take thee to be my wife. I shall honor every ounce of your honesty, loyalty, and prideful views as I take them to be my own. I am not a man of many words but a commitment to you I make and until death I shall honor it. A Slytherin through and through I am slippery, cold, calculating, and cruel. You will bear the brunt of my harsh words but know that even as I lash out at you it is only because of the events of my past that have made me who I am today, not because of something that you have done. You are the light at the end of the tunnel, a physical representation of my salvation, a beacon of hope, love, and most of all forgiveness. If you can grant me forgiveness for the sins that I have done to you then I shall do my best to allow you into the black hole that is my heart. Never shall I ask you to change who you are or who you associate with, no matter how much I despise them. It is with that, that I only ask one thing of you and that is to accept who I am now for that will never change.

I wed thee, a young girl who is wise beyond her years, a woman of her own right, just now coming into her own, even after accomplishing impossible feats. I shall not hold you back, for I only wish you to have the best, to be the best at whatever it is you wish to be and vow to be there to support you in your coming days of stress, confusion and eventually nervous excitement. From this moment forth, you are mine to govern, mine to love, a heart unto my own. The mother to my children and a woman for me to honor without any reservations. With this ring I bind you to me for eternity, together you and I shall share one heart beating strongly forever.

A man of his word until the end,

Severus Tobias Snape

So it is with these vows that I know pronounce you man and wife forever honoring the eternal bond that is called matrimony. You may now kiss the bride...

Bending down, he kissed me lightly and whispered mine, before pulling himself rigidly upright, offering me his arm and turning to walk out the door. Up until that moment I let out a slow breath, not realizing that I had even been holding one. It wasn't that it was my first kiss, but that it was my wedding kiss, the kiss that I had dreamt about all my life, and had day dreamt about as a little girl. It hadn't lived up to the expectations that I had set so long ago, but then again, this entire situation didn't live up to that childhood fantasy. That's all it was, a fantasy, a silly little girl dream, one that will never happen because I have married, at 17 to my Potions professor, all because a few old men wanted to get themselves young brides. Suddenly disgusted with myself I felt that icky bile taste crawl up into my mouth and my stomach clench with distaste at the event that had just occurred. I gasp, and feel myself shudder at the quick intake of chilly air. For a moment I feel faint and grip desperately to the arm that I had been offered by my professor, no, by my husband. My husband. Stopping beside me he looked down as he and waited. Somewhere in the back of my head I realize that this is more patience than I had ever seen him exhibit before and a part of me wanted to stand there longer, waiting for the inevitable jab at my Gryffindor weakness, just to see if it was really him... But it never came. It felt like an eternity as I stood there attempting to gain my breath back to lose the fainting feeling that threatened to overcome me. And he waited, without a word, waiting, waiting for me to be ready to continue. As my breathing returns to normal I looked up at him and offer a weak smile and a curt nod, informing him I was ok again. Three more steps, two more steps, one more step, now we're outside Dumbledore's office, officially having to face the real world as a married couple. Ascending the great stone steps was a feat considering I wasn't all there, I was lost in thought, I'm sure he thought I was coming down with something. Again I was hit with that awful bile and my stomach clenched itself tight together as a seering pain shot through my right side. Gasping I grabbed my side, nearly stumbling only to be caught and held as upright as was possible without crying out in pain. Focusing on my breathing, in and out, in and out, I thought, until all I saw was black.