I felt that since I was working to get back into writing consistently and getting my muse back to work, no matter what, that I'd start with this story. Of all my pieces I've done the most work and have really created a story here. With that said, I would love to hear any critiques that you have about this story so that I may make it a better piece for you. I realize it may move a little slowly, I apologize if that bothers some of you, or maybe all of you. I will though, be getting to my other pieces for those of you that read those as well. I'd like to thank you once again for sticking with me and I hope that I can get on a roll here and really move forward with this piece. Have a great evening and happy reading!


Leaving Remus and the Headmaster sitting in the living room I quietly shut our bedroom door and cross the floor to the bathroom, cringing at the coldness of the stone floor. I turn the knob and hot water starts to run. Reaching across to the other side of the tub I pick up the bubble bath bottle and dump some into the water. I watch for a moment as the suds start to turn into furious bubbles and then I stand, taking off my layers of clothes, one after another and then I step in. The hotness of the bath feeling perfect between my toes and I curl them in approval. I start to lean back but stop and sit up, pulling my hair-thing off my wrist I put my hair into a bun and then lean back, sighing in perfect content at the bubbly goodness that is my bath. I sit up and lean forward as the water reaches it's peak and I turn off the faucet and then lean back. I can feel the wisps of hair that escaped my messily erected bun clinging to my face due to the tender touch of the steam rising up off of the water.

As I soak my mind wanders I think back through the past few weeks, my mind finally coming to rest on my short experience at Spinners End with Severus' father. What happened between them, I mean really happened. I know what Severus told me when I probed and probed, but why not speak to him again? Was it just easier not to-to avoid him? To try and forget he'd ever existed. Would he have ever spoken or seen him again if he hadn't married me? It occurred to me that Severus probably wouldn't have gone back to see his father, nor would he probably not bother to speak with him through post.

"How sad..." I say aloud. My voice sounding loud and dominating in the quiet space. He didn't seem like a bad man to me, rather an elderly man that is... Lonely. I settle with lonely, because he probably is. If Severus is a product of his environment like I think he is, then his father is most likely a brooding man as well, a not-so-nice type of a man, a man that lived a hard adult life and a hard childhood. It was a cycle. I look down, my belly hidden by the bubbles and I raise my hands to my stomach. "Well, I won't let it continue, I promise." I whisper to my child. Quietly within myself I vow that I wouldn't let Severus continue the cycle regardless of his brooding nature, that stubborn attitude, I'll do whatever it takes to change it, even if it means moving a mountain. With that thought resolute, I sit up and stand, and lean down to release the bubbly water to the control of the drain. As the tub begins to drain, I quickly turn the shower on to rinse any remaining bubbles off and then step out.

After exiting the bathroom I don some pajamas and my slippers. Opening our bedroom door I listen for a moment but I don't hear anything. Frowning at the silence I quietly step into the hallway and walk towards the living room entrance. Turning the corner I don't see anyone, which is odd. I'm sure neither Remus nor the Headmaster would leave. A clank from the kitchen and a curse draws my attention. Walking to the kitchen I see Severus clearing the table, "Severus?" I say and move forward to sit in a chair.

"Hermione I didn't hear you come in." He says, turning to look at me for a moment, my plate in his hand.

Shrugging, "Yes, well, you were clanking plates and what-not, is everything alright?" I ask, leaning forward to rest my head upon my palms, my fingers splayed out across my cheeks.

Still leaning against the counter he looks at me, or rather, he's studying me.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" I wipe my hands over my face, but feel nothing, so I just look at him, questioningly.

"No." Is his gruff answer. "Hermione-I-You..."

Pursing my eyebrows and lips together I look at him, confused. I sigh.

"You didn't eat anything."

"Yes I did." I say a rather indignantly.

Looking down at the plate in his hand he looks back up, "No, you didn't."


"Need to eat more is what you need to do." I just look at him and he puts my food on a pan and then places it in the oven. "Luckily for you I'm here to take care of you."

"Severus," I say somewhat breathy, "I can take care of myself. I don't need you to take care of myself. I'm not an invalid." Now I'm rather irritated and my voice expresses that, as do my crossed arms over my chest.

"No need to huff, you're not eating and there is-"

"Another person in me, I KNOW!" I say and then add a huff on the end just to spite him.

He just looks at me, as if to say, 'Well that was mature.'

"You don't have to tell me. I know, okay... I know." I start to stand.

"Sit. Eat." He motions and I look at him.

I start to move away from the table.

"Hermione, do not make me MAKE you sit there..." He looks at me, a Professor Snape-esque glare on his face.

"Don't order me around."

"I'm not. I'm advising you to sit down of your own free accord so I don't have to make you. There's a difference." He moves to take my food from the oven.

Giggling, "You look funny with oven mitts on." He turns and looks at me over his shoulder. "Uh. Look, see, I'm sitting. No need to get all bossy." I giggle again, "I'm supposed to be the bossy one. I'm the wife."

Setting the now warm food in front of me, and placing utensils next to my hand he looks on. "You don't strike me as one to follow traditional stereotypes within the family." Raising a cup of what I can only assume to be alcohol by the content he takes a sip.

I look at him. "So I think I'm going to ask Harry to be our baby's godfather." I take a bite and look up at him innocently.

"Blech!" Choking on his drink he spits it back out into the glass. His eyes bulging.

Smiling, "Okay, maybe I just wanted to say that..." He glares. "Your tone was Professor Snape-ish... I didn't appreciate it." I return his glare with a shrug."

Still glaring, "I AM Professor Snape."

Swallowing my food, "No, not to me. You're Severus, my husband. Not the Professor... Not anymore." I take another bite, realizing I feel much more hungry now. I'm sure Severus notices as well.

"Hermione, that wasn't okay."

"Hmm?" I respond with a raised eyebrow as I chew.

"Harry Potter as the godfather to my child, to even suggest it isn't okay, not even to joke." Having poured himself another glass after he'd ruined his previous one he looked at me warily before taking a sip.

"You need to lighten up." My response met with another glare. "Fine," I say, setting my fork down. "Then we should make something clear," he nods, swirling the liquid around in his glass and then raising his eyes to mine, "No Malfoy will be the godparent to any child I have." Taking another bite, or well, biting my food off of my fork rather forcefully, as if that finalizes my point.

"Yes well, I assumed you would not be alright with Lucius having that role." He says and I look at him.

"What?" I'm sure I look dumb. I feel dumb after he says that. "You weren't even going to ask me about the possibility?"

A slight shake of his head, "No. I know that you would be against that idea."

I feel my face redden a bit, "Oh well, I apologize for assuming."

He just nods, taking a sip of his drink. "It's logical for you to assume that I would ask or want that."

"Do you?"

Sighing he sets his drink down, "Hermione, it doesn't matter what I want. You would be uncomfortable with the prospect of him being in any way a part of our child's life. There was and is no point for me to entertain the thought because of that simple fact."

Sighing, "Okay well... Let's not talk about it anymore tonight." I feel bad. He doesn't have any other friends that are young like him and could be a suitable god parent. One that I would be fine with. It must hurt him to know that.

He downs the rest of his drink, "That is fine."

He rises from the chair, I hadn't realized he'd even sat down. "Here." I say and pick my plate up and raise toward his general direction. "I'm done."

Looking at the plate he isn't terribly pleased, I haven't eaten everything. "I suppose this will do, for now." Taking it he turns and puts the rest in a container and then back into the icebox. The plate to the sink where it is immediately washed with quick efficiency.

I sit, my chin rested upon my right hand. His movements quick, sure, and never more than necessary. "Are you tired?"

Setting the dishrag down, "Not very, why?"

Nodding, I rise, "Can we talk?"

He raises his eyebrow, but nods and opens his hands as if to say, 'Of course.'

"Alright, well, um, can we speak in the living room?" I pause, "It's more comfortable in there."

"Why don't we speak in the bedroom."

I look at him. "What?"

"You're ready for bed. I too will get ready and we can speak in the bedroom... In bed." He says the final part quietly, as if embarrassed.

"Alright." I nod. "That's fine."

Well, that's all I have for now. I will continue to work more on this. Thank you for reading and I hope that you are doing well. Happy reading and happy writing. -Sevy14