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Chapter 1:

Lindsey Winchester sighed as the hot water cascaded down her back. She rolled her head forward and let the water pound into her neck. She rolled her right shoulder under the spray, then the left hissing. The cut on her shoulder from Courtney was still sore, but it was slowly healing.

The rest of the cuts and bruises on her body were still there mostly. The bruises were fading and the cuts were healing, but they still showed and hurt like hell.

She hissed again as she turned around and the water hit the cuts on her chest. After a couple of minutes she got use to the pain and relaxed. This was one of her regular routines.

After she stood under the spray for awhile she turned around and got her hair wet. She continued to let her body soak in the warm of the water as she scrubbed the shampoo through her hair. She washed out the shampoo and was just about to shut off the water when she heard the door to the bathroom open.

She looked at the shower curtain and saw the shape of her brother Dean, and sighed. She was about to ask him what he was doing when he flushed the toilet and the water went ice cold.

She let out a strangled scream as Dean said, "you know you'll go blind from doing that too much, right?"

"Do what?" Lindsey growled as she shut off the water.

"You know Girly, masturbating." He informed before shutting the door, leaving a very shocked and speechless Lindsey in the bathroom by herself.

Lindsey pushed the shower curtain aside and grabbed a towel and started drying off. She was used to her brothers comments but he still shocked her speechless sometimes.

She wrapped the towel around herself and pulled opened the door and saw her oldest brother sitting at the little table reading the sports section from the paper.

"You know Dean, I don't do that in the shower," she said responding to his last comment. He looked up at her with raised eyebrows. "I do it late at night with your snoring in the back round." She turned her back to him, but not before she saw the look of shock on his face, and went to her bag and pulled out some clothes before turning back toward the bathroom. She saw the look of shock was replaced by a look of shocked disgust as she went back into the bathroom.

She shut the door and smiled to herself. It's been awhile that she's shocked Dean speechless. She shook her head as she pulled on a pair of panties and its matching bra, her favorite pair of blue jeans, and a sky blue t-shirt.

She picked the towel back up and started to dry her newly acquired golden locks. A couple weeks ago, after she rebounded from the vampire hunt, she went to a salon and got her chocolate brown hair changed back to her natural golden blonde.

She pulled the bathroom door open again, and Dean looked at her with a glare.

"What?" she asked as she threw the towel in a pile with the rest of the towels they've used.

"You know we are never sharing a bed again, right?"

"Oh come on Dean, it was the best wh—"

"Stop!" Dean yelled throwing his arms up to add emphasis to his yelling. "Do NOT finish that sentence!"

Lindsey just laughed as she picked up the cartoon section and sat down at the table with Dean. "Where's Sam?"

"He went to get coffee and breakfast." He looked up at her, "call him."

Lindsey looked around the room to try and find her phone and saw it sitting on the nightstand between the two beds. She then noticed Dean's phone sitting on the table. She reached over, picked it up, and dialed Sam's number.

"Sure you can use my phone." Dean said sarcastically, not looking up from the article he was reading.

"Thanks De." Lindsey smiled sweetly at him when he looked up at her with a glare.


"Hey Sammy! Where are you?"

"Lindsey? What are you doing with Dean's phone?" Sam asked surprised.

"It was closer than mine." She explained with a shrug.

"Okay, anyways, I went out to get coffee and donuts. And I picked up a paper and saw an interesting article."

"Interesting is 'that sounds cool' or interesting as supernatural?"


"What paper. We have a paper here."

"Umm," there was a pause as Sam looked at the paper, "Town Gazette."

"We have the," Lindsey pulled the front of the paper and looked at it, "Star Tribune." Lindsey looked at the top headline and her eyes widen. Two Men Attacked by a Pack of Wolves. The secondary headline read: One survivor, the other met a brutal death.

"Are you talking about the two guys attacked by a pack of wolves?" Lindsey asked Sam.

"Yup," he said before the line went dead.

"Sam? Sam? Are you still there?" Lindsey pulled the phone away from her ear and looked down at it. "He hung up on me." She was about to call him back when the door opened and Sam walked in with a travel tray with three coffees and a brown paper bag.

"Sorry 'bout hanging up on you, figured it would be easier to talk in person." Sam explained putting the coffee on the table along with the paper bag. Lindsey raised her eyebrows in question. "Donuts."

"What took you so long?" Dean asked as he picked up one of the coffees.

"Got caught up in the article." Sam said before flipping through the paper to the article. Lindsey reached into the bag and pulled out a donut and took a big bite. Dean popped the top of coffee lid off and took a big gulp. He instantly recoiled from the coffee and made disgusted faces at the coffee.

Lindsey looked at Dean just in time to see his reaction and started laughing so hard she couldn't swallow the donut chunk in her mouth.

Sam looked up from the paper at Lindsey, then to Dean and said, "Uh, the coffee got cold."

"Thank you captain obvious!" Dean growled. He put the coffee back on the table and went back to reading the sports section.

"So," Lindsey said swallowing the last of her donut, "whats the article about?"

"Okay, there were these two guys that went out camping. It was their third night out, I think. Anyways, they were getting ready to put out their fire for the night when they heard wolves."

"Where are they?" Dean asked as he put down his paper.

"Emery Hill, Michigan."

"Michigan? Doesn't that state have a high wolf population?"

"Yea but according to the survivor's story, they weren't normal wolves."

"Okay, so what happened?" Lindsey asked trying to get all the information.

"So they heard wolves. One of the guys, umm…" Sam paused and looked down at the paper, "Matt Carlsten, 25, thought it was nothing. The other guy, Nathan Hook, 24, didn't think so." Sam turned the paper around and showed Dean and Lindsey a picture of Nathan Hook.

"Anyways, Matt was killed and found in the woods. Ripped to shreds. Body parts spread all over the place."

"Ouch." Lindsey murmured.

"Don't think he can feel anything now Girly." Dean muttered, as he skimmed the article.

"What happened to Nathan?" Lindsey asked as she to started skimming the article.

"He was chased through the woods to a near by farm house. He has a no major injures and is fine."

"So, you think its werewolves?" Dean asked looking up at Sam.

"Maybe. But the—"

"Lunar cycle isn't right." Lindsey injected.


"So you still want to check it out?" Dean asked.

"Yea, I think we should." Sam said, reasonably. "We look into stuff for less."

"Okay, off to Michigan." Dean said throwing the paper back on the table.