So here's the last chapter guys. I hope you liked the story. I am going to write another story, and sadly, its going to be the last in the Lindsey Winchester series. I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope you all enjoy this last chapter. Happy reading!

Chapter 10:

Lindsey and the boys had split up at the entrance of the woods, all promising to call the others when the came across Riley, that had been over an hour ago. The sun was slowly starting to set and Lindsey was starting to worry that they wouldn't be able to find Riley that night.

She was just about to change directions and start to move to the right and circle back around, when she heard low murmuring. She stopped and listened. It was voices, they were too far away for Lindsey to make out, but she knew that they were coming from up ahead.

She continued to walk, keeping her ears opened for the low voice, making it her beacon in the dark.

She came to a field. In the field, just ahead of her were Riley and Ben. Riley was crouched low to the ground, broadside to Lindsey, her ears were flattened against her skull and her eyes were wild—full of terror.

Standing in front of her was Ben. His right arm was outstretched, pointing a pistol down at Riley. Both were just a couple feet in front of Lindsey, if she took two steps she would be between them,

Lindsey noticed, as she pulled out her phone, that Ben looked giddy—like a kid on Christmas morning.

Lindsey punched in Dean's number as she took the two steps into the clearing—gong completely unnoticed by wolf and hunter.

She vaguely heard Dean pick up as she faced Ben, putting her body in front of Riley.

She heard the loud bang of a gun being discharged and a moment later she felt the searing pain in her thigh. She screamed, dropped the phone, and fell to the ground grabbing her leg.

"Lindsey?" both Ben and Riley said surprised. Lindsey said some few choice words into ground before answering.

"Yea," she groaned. "God damn it Ben." She hissed.

"Oh my God, Lindsey," Ben exclaimed, hysteria lacing his voice. "I'm so sorry. I didn't…I should have…where'd you…" he shut up and Lindsey looked up at him. "Dean's gonna kill me." He moaned like a little child. Lindsey glared up at him. He dropped his gun and turned to run.

Before she could start yelling insults she saw a cream wolf belly sail over her. She watched as Riley quickly cut Ben off and herded him back towards Lindsey. He tried to run to the left but Riley cut him off and snapped and growled. He turned and tried to go towards the right, but again Riley cut him off. She picked up the gun and backed up, keeping her eyes on Ben, and dropped the gun in front of Lindsey. She moved to the right and softly kicked Lindsey's phone to her.

"Don't even think about it," Riley warned as Ben tried to sneak away. Lindsey picked up the phone and saw it was still connected to Dean's phone.

"Hello?" Lindsey groaned.

"Lindsey!" Dean yelled relief in his voice. "What the hell is gong on?"

"I found Riley and Ben. I steps in front of Riley and Ben shoot me," Lindsey informed, her voice laced with pain.

"I'm gonna kill him," Dean said in a low deadly voice.

"That's what I assumed." Lindsey groaned as she pushed herself into a sitting position.

"Where are you?" Dean asked his voice still low.

"In a field, about an hour where I started." Lindsey informed. "When you start to come, could you bring a first aid kit and something to kill the pain?" Lindsey requested. "And can you hurry?"

"Yea were on our way, Sam has the first aid kit." Dean said and Lindsey heard that he was making his way through the brush of the woods. "Sorry, we don't have anything that will give you instant pain relief. We don't even have pain killers, they're in my bag."

"That's okay, just hurry up."

"They'll be here in a couple minutes," Riley informed as she continued to watch Ben.

"How do you know?" Lindsey asked confused.

"I can hear them coming." Riley said. Lindsey nodded as she bit her lip, the pain was getting worse. She heard someone coming out of the woods behind her. She looked and sighed when she saw Sam and Dean. They both came to her and knelt beside her. She moved her had from her leg and Dean started to growl.

He stood up and charged for Ben. The only thing that stopped him was Sam.

"Dean, you can't kill him." Sam said as he tried to hold his older brother off.

"Why the hell not?" Dean snarled, still trying to go for Ben.

"We need to take care of Lins first, and then you can have at him." Sam reasoned. Dean stopped struggling in Sam's hold he pointed a finger at Ben and warned, "you move one step, I'll shoot your knee out." Ben whimpered and nodded. Both Sam and Dean turned back to Lindsey and started to rip her pants.

Sam stood up and pointed Ben's gun at Riley as she tried to take off. "Where do you think your going?"

"I can help," she said, "I have stuff at home that can take away the pain." She pleaded with her eyes.

"Let her go Sam," Lindsey grounded out. Sam nodded and lowered the gun. Riley nodded also, and took off. She came back moments later, in human form, carrying a bottle of whiskey and bottle of pills.

Lindsey grabbed the bottle and took a long swing, and hissed as the burning liquor went down her throat. As continued to gulp down the burning liquid as the boys and Riley pulled the silver bullet out of her thigh, then as they stitched her up. By the end of the entire process the bottle of whiskey was gone and Lindsey wasn't feeling much at all.

Lindsey was so out of it she missed the mumbled conversation of Sam and Dean. Riley easily pulled Lindsey to her feet and pulled her arm around her shoulder.

"Okay Lindsey," Riley said, "time to go."

"Okay," Lindsey agreed as she limped out of the field, with the help of Riley. The boys stayed behind and had a painful talk with Ben.


Lindsey was sitting on the bed, resting back against the head board, with Sam's laptop on her lap. She was just answering emails from all her friends planning on calling Jake and checking in. Sam and Dean had started packing again and they both offered to pack Lindsey's stuff, even though she assured them she could do it herself. They were in over protective mode.

Lindsey sighed as she flipped the laptop closed and set it on the bed next to her. She was about to ask on the of boys to grab her book when there was a knock on the door. Dean straightened and walked to the door. He pulled it open and Riley strolled in.

Dean looked at Sam and nodded his head toward the door, silently telling Sam to give Lindsey some privacy. Sam stood up and followed Dean.

Riley walked further into the room and softly sat down at the end of the bed that Lindsey was sitting on.

"I came to…thank you…for saving my life," Riley said softly, looking at the floor.

"Just so you know, we were looking for you to kill you. I was going to try and talk to you but I didn't know if it would do anything." Lindsey admitted.

"Yea, it was the first time that I was scared for my life," Riley confessed. "I'm still in a little shock that you would step in front of me."

"Well, I didn't know that Ben was gonna shoot you, but I probably would have still stepped in front of you."

"Yea, well, thanks."

"No thanks necessary," Lindsey said shrugging, "you helped with the bullet wound. We're even."

"Yea," Riley nodded. "Just so you know, I'm changing and moving to Pennsylvania, I can't be away from Keegan this long, I really miss him." Lindsey's mind drifted to her special someone waiting at home. She softly smiled remembering his crooked smile, his deep cobalt blue eyes, and his joking personality. She really missed Jake too; she wanted so badly to take a break and go home and see him, to say hi again. She wanted to be with him, to tease and tease back, flirt and flirt back. She missed all her time with him.

"I know when someone's mind drifts," Riley said, her voice full with humor. She stood up and offered her hand. Lindsey reached up and shook it. "I'll see you around." Riley said as she walked toward the front door.

As the door softy shut behind her, Lindsey reached for the night stand and grabbed her cell phone. She scrolled through her address book and punched in Jake's number at work.

"Carson's Car Shop, Luke speaking."

"Hey Luke, its Lindsey." Lindsey greeted.

"Well, hey there Lindsey, long time no talk." She heard the smile in the old mechanic's voice. "How are you girl?"

"I'm good, just sitting around bored. Say is Jake around?"

"Yea he's right here, threatening to beat me if I don't give him the phone." Luke laughed as handed the phone over.

"Hey Winchester," the deep, chocolate smooth voice of Jake streamed through her ears.

"Hey," she said a little breathlessly.

"How are you doing?" Jake asked, his voice turning to amused and Lindsey could just guess that that he had his crooked grin on.

"I'm good," Lindsey assured, clearing her voice. "Except that I…" she cut herself off, not wanting to tell Jake that she was shot.

"You're what?" Jake asked.

"Nothing," Lindsey said before she tried to change the subject, "how are you?"

"I'm good. And you're not that good. You're what? Finish your sentence Lindsey Marie, it's driving me crazy."

"I just missed you." Lindsey sighed, it wasn't what she was going to say but it was the truth.

"Aww, I miss you too Lindsey."

"Good 'cause this conversation would be totally awkward if you didn't." Lindsey laughed.

"Yea it would would it." Jake laughed with her. "So, when are you coming home to visit me?"