And although I know I don't believe in destiny…

Maybe it found me

- Darren Hayes, 'I Can't Ever Get Enough of You'

Hey, thanks for reading! :) This is just a little extra bit that explains how Agents are recruited. I've had a few people question this – sorry everyone, I didn't realise you actually cared! How nice, hehe.

To become an Agent, you must follow a four-step process:

OBSERVING: You notice little coincidences around you

ACKNOWLEDGING: You realise that these strange events are not just 'luck' – there is something else at work… Fate

UNDERSTANDING: You learn over time about the rules of Fate, and start to be able to read the signs

OFFERING: You offer your services aloud

From there, you simply read the signs and help clients who ask. Usually you know when a new client is around when something unexpected happens – like when Usagi didn't get detention for once! Lol. Working with Fate relies on instincts and feelings, and can be tough. There is no pay, but you will receive divine assistance during a job if you get into trouble. Be careful to follow signs precisely – if Fate needs you to be in a certain place, it will do whatever it takes to get you there. You have been warned.

For any further queries, ask aloud… or shake the nearest magic eight-ball ;p