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Ch. 11

Edward "Visits" A Friend


"I'm sorry." I heard my Angel say before she fell asleep.

I shook my head at her comment. Even though it was going to be a long night I still had something I needed to do.

I laid with Bella for about thirty minutes or so before I got up and walked of the room. I had to take care of something before morning came, and I was going to need Jasper's help. I was walking down the stairs when Jasper suddenly approached me.

"Edward, why do I feel revenge and excitement coming off of you?" he asked with curiosity.

"Ah, the brother I needed to see." I said walking up to him with a smile.

"What are you up to?" he said raising an eyebrow.

"Let's just say I'm going to need your help and a video camera." I said giving him a devious smile.


I looked at my brother confused.


"I said I'm going to need your help and a video camera." He said a little slower as if I didn't understand.

"I heard what you said moron. I meant why."

"I…" he began before Alice walked out of her room and interrupted.

"Oh, Edward that is going to be so funny!" She said jumping up and down.

I looked at the completely confused. This is where it really sucked not being able to see the future or read minds.

"Hello, I'm still in the dark here. What's going on?"

"Oh sorry Jazzy." She said apologetically. "Tell him Edward."

"I'll tell him on the way. Let's just say for now I have a bone to pick with our good friend Mike Newton."

I looked at my brother curiously. What is this boy up to, I thought to myself before another wave of revenge and excitement crashed down on me.


"Alice." I called by the bottom of the stairs. Jasper was standing next to me holding the camera ready to go.

"Yes?" she called form the top of the stairs.

"Keep an eye on Bella, please." I said looking at her firmly.

"Of course Edward, but what should I tell her if she wakes?"

"Um, tell her I went for a run with Jasper." I said turning and heading for the door. I didn't like lying to her but I had to do what I had to do to get back at Mike.

"Alright." She said enthusiastically before I heard her door shut.

"So dear brother, what are we going to do to poor Mike?" Jasper asked with mocking sympathy.

"Well, we are going to scare the living daylights out of him." I said getting into my car as if it was the most common thing to do.

"But why am I here?" he asked getting in to my car.

"You're going to make sure he thinks whatever I do it all a dream." I said simply, putting the car in drive.

"Oh… ok." He said as if letting what I told him sink in.

The drive to Newton's house short, well really short if you're speeding like I always do. Mike's house was a small two story house in the middle of town. I slowly drove by and parked my car on the opposite side of the street and quietly got out.

"So how we going to do this?" Jasper said walking up next to me."

"Not quite sure yet. I'm just playing it by ear right now." I said running across the street towards Newton's house.

"Which room is he in, though?"

"I don't know, lets see if I can pick up on his thoughts." I said trying to listen for his weird thoughts.


I opened my eyes and looked at Jasper. "Did you hear that?" I asked confused.


I suddenly grew furious this vile boy was dreaming of my Bella. How dare he.

I quickly jumped up to the second story Jasper close behind.

"Calm down, Edward." Jasper said sending a wave of calmness at me.

I turned to look at Jasper ,he gave me an encouraging smile. I looked at him for a moment deciding to listen to him or not.

"Fine." I said turning my attention back to the window in front of me. I looked inside and noticed Newton sleeping in the room. I looked back over towards Jasper and nodded my head.

"It's his room." I said motioning my head towards the window. I quickly looked around to see if anybody would be out, but of course not. It was 2:15 in the morning on a school night or work day. Only the creatures of the night would be out right now, like me, I thought angrily.

I suddenly felt a hand touch my shoulder. I looked over towards Jasper, who was smiling sympathetically. I then heard Bella's name get called out again. My anger for being a vampire changed to anger and revenge towards Mike.

"Come on lets have some fun." Jasper said encouragingly.


Edward was upset for some reason after he looked around us. I didn't know why, but another wave after wave of anger was thrown at me. I placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a sympathetic smile, sending a small wave of calm over him. He was barely starting to calm down, when Mike called out Bella's name and Edward's anger rose again.

"Come on, let's have some fun." I said encouragingly.

Edward nodded his head, and silently popped the window open. He quickly and quietly climbed through like a cat. I climbed in after him, slowly and noiselessly as possible. I walked up next to Edward who was standing at the foot of Newton's bed with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Do I turn the camera on?"

He nodded his head and said, "Make sure he thinks it's all a dream."


We were standing at the foot of Newton's bed. I was trying to find a good way to pull my idea off. Suddenly I heard Jasper ask, "do I turn the camera on?'

I nodded my head and answered, "Make sure he thinks it's all a dream."

I looked back at Jasper and noticed the camera was already going. I motioned for him to move to the corner and to stay there in the shadows.

I gave him the thumbs up to let him know I was going to start. I walked up to the side of his bed and was about to wake him when his pajamas caught my attention. As I looked closer I noticed they had a cartoon character. I motioned for Jasper to come closer and pointed at Mikes P.J.s laughing as quietly as possible.

As Jasper moved closer and recorded what I had pointed at I noticed Mike had something wrapped in his arms. I leaned in to see what he was holding on to, and then suddenly busted out laughing. I quickly covered my mouth with my hands. I couldn't believe this kid, did he ever grow up. I mean I hadn't even done what I wanted to do yet to mess up the little reputation he had left, for he was already doing it for me. I heard Jasper laughing softly as he recorded.


I had been standing in the corner recording for a few minutes when I heard Edward start laughing. I looked at him confused as he motioned me to go over to where he was at. I walked up and looked to where he was pointing at. I looked down and saw what Edward was laughing at, he was laughing at Mikes P.J.s. There printed on them was a blue train saying, "I think I can. I think I can."

I quietly laughed as I zoomed the camera in on the character. I suddenly heard Edward burst out laughing then stop. I looked up at him and saw he had his hands covering his mouth. I looked over to where Edward was laughing at and started laughing as well again. Wrapped in Mike's arms was a beaten up one eyed teddy bear.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, a grown boy around 17 or so sleeping in P.J.s that had a blue train on them and sleeping with a teddy; that was pretty embarrassing. I looked over at Edward who was bent over with his hands on his knees laughing.

"Be quiet." I said in between laughs.

"Why, you got him thinking that whatever he sees is just a dream." Edward said taking deep breaths to calm down.

I looked over to Mike making sure he didn't wake. I turned my attention back over to Edward.

"Are you going to continue?" I asked softly.

Edward nodded his head, "Yea just give me a minute."


I tried to calm myself down, trying hard not to laugh anymore.

"Are you going to continue?" I heard Jasper ask quietly.

I nodded my head, "Yea just give me a minute." I answered back. I took a deep breath and refocused my attention back to Mike, giving Jasper the thumbs up again. I saw Jasper walk back into the shadows, by the corner of my eye. I was about to wake him when I heard him mumble, "Bella, look at the squirrels."

I stopped and looked at him, completely rethinking my plan. I was now going to use his dream against him.

"Mike…" I whispered. "Mike there is something wrong with those squirrels. They are not normal squirrels; they have red eyes with sharp claws."

I heard Mike moan softly and shift slightly in his bed. I smiled knowing my extra details about the animals were taking effect.

"Mike, they turned their attentions to you and Bella. They are looking at you both as if you where on the menu." He shifted a little more urgently as I continued.

"Mike, they are now moving towards the both of you. Slowly at first but they are picking up speed. You and Bella need to run." I said quickly trying to have more of an effect on his dram. I saw him toss his blankets off as he continued to more around.

"Run Bella." He said softly. I thought of my poor Bella and what I was going to make happen to her.

"Mike Bella has fallen."

"I cant leave Bella." He said moaning and moving around.

"You have to the squirrels are gaining on you and they are too close to Bella for you to help her." I said quickly.

Mike mumbled and moved around his bed more. Suddenly he fell from his bed and landed with a thud on the floor in front of me. I softly laughed at his idiotic behavior. "Moron." I mumbled as I watched to see if he would wake up. I heard him sigh softly and then I continued.

"Mike the squirrels caught up to Bella and she has disappeared. Now they are gaining on you. You suddenly run, not paying attention, and get yourself cornered. The squirrels are slowly moving towards you now. You have nowhere else to run, you're trapped and with each step they take they are getting closer." I heard Mike whimper as his dream continued

"Please don't hurt me." He whined softly moving his arms around.

I watched as his figure started to move more and more rapidly as he repeated over and over again for the squirrels not to hurt him. Suddenly he started to cry, whimpering and holding himself closely.

"Please, please don't eat me! I'm too good looking to be eaten!" he cried thrashing his arms around himself. I started to laugh as I watched the scene unfold. He kept tossing around and crying like a baby.

"Mike, they are now a few feet away looking at you with their crazy red eyes. They are getting ready to attack and there is nothing you can do to stop them." I saw his body tense as I continued, "They can feel your fear and they are relishing it. Suddenly they jump at you!"

If I hadn't seen it myself I never would have thought a guy could scream as loud and as high pitched as Mike had just done. As soon as his screaming died down a wet stain appeared on the floor next to him and all was quiet. I looked down at the boy laughing, not believing that had just happened and it was caught all on camera.

Out of the blue I heard footsteps running down the hallway, I motioned for Jasper to follow as I popped the window and hopped through at Vampire speed. We ran to my car and where about to get in when we over heard people talking. I stopped Jasper and we listened.

"Mike, what are you doing on the floor?" A woman asked sounding confused.

"I have no idea mom."

"And why the hell did you scream like a girl?" A man asked sounding angry for being woken up so quickly. "And did you piss yourself boy?"

"No I didn't piss myself."

I figured he must have looked down at himself because suddenly we heard, "What the hell! How did that happen?"

"Boy I know we potty trained you when you were little."

I laughed at mans statement as I got in my car. "Did you get it?" I asked turning on my car.

"Yep." Jasper said closing the door as he sat down.

"Great." I said with a smile. I had come here on a mission to get back at Mike and my job was somewhat complete. Hopefully Jasper hadn't gotten me in the video because I had something planed for it.

I turned my car around and head for home anxious to get back to my Bella.