Here's a small little ficclet I found and decided to post. This one was intended to be humourous, but for some reason I couldn't manage it, so it became more serious. 'Tsubame no Koyatsuga', unless I misspelled it, means 'Swallow's Cowry Shell'.

InuYasha is not mine by any stretch of the imagination.

"Kohaku…" The sound of his name spoken by the soft voice disturbed Kohaku from his sleep.

The undead boy opened one bleary brown eye to see the white haired girl standing above him.

"Kanna? What's going on?" he asked the mu-youkai.

"Naraku… wants you…" The albino turned into a dark corridor, without making sure Kohaku was following. The undead Youkai Taijiya's life was in Naraku's hands as much as hers was, so of course he was going to listen to her father's summons.

As the mirror demon had known, the young slayer followed her to where Naraku was currently plotting.

At this moment, it was a room against the back wall of the castle, surrounded on three sides by sliding doors.

"Ah, Kohaku," Naraku stated as the black haired boy bowed upon entering his master's presence. "You've come."

Kohaku bowed his head. "Yes, master."

Naraku narrowed his eyes and administrated his power on the Shikon Shard in Kohaku's back. Kohaku's eyes dulled, what was left of his free will gone.

The half-demon smirked as he pulled something out of his darkly coloured kimono sleeve. It was a simple grey bag.

A cruel, cold light entered Naraku's crimson eyes as he handed the child the bag.

"Keep this," the hanyou stated. "Never let anyone have it, especially Kagura."

"Yes sir," the possessed slayer replied.

Naraku smirked.

"Go now. I have things to prepare."

At the cruel half-demon's words, Kohaku bowed and left the room.

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