"Whether We Are White or Copper Skinned"

A Kingdom Hearts Historical Fanfiction

I sense copyright infringement accusations! But no, I claim no rights to Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, or the characters I use in this story! They belong to Square Enix first and foremost, and to Disney as well.

YOU ARE WARNED. This story contains lots of krack and drama. This is the offspring of loving history too much, the desire to combine Kingdom Hearts and American History, and having a XemSai dream one night that inspired me to write this. Also, I haven't decided yet, but this story may contain yaoi fluff and possible lemons in far-off but very near chapters. Turn back if you hate boy/boy. Again, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. So, without further ado, let's do this thing! Enjoy!


It was like a nightmare, only real; the ship forever pitching and heaving. Always that infernal rocking back and forth that tossed the stomach and made one sickened with pains and nausea that could very well be compared to stomach boils. The silver-haired boy tossed and turned in his little crawlspace, crying out in fever-raged delirium.

The feeling of a cool rag to his forehead calmed him slightly, until he smelled the putrid scent of vinegar water. "No..." he mumbled, stirring from his agitated slumber enough to push away the hand that held the rough feedbag cloth to his burning face.

"Xemnas, don't. You must get well." Came the soft voice in broken English. His mother. Xemnas opened his amber eyes to his beautiful mother kneeling above him, smiling down at him, although he knew that the fever wracked her broken body as well. Her dark skin was beaded with sweat and dust grime that hung in the rancid air of the ship's hold. But her deep eyes held such confidence that all would be well. So Xemnas took faith in what she believed.

"Mama...are we there yet?" he whispered, reaching up to take his mother's cool hand.

She shook her head and coughed a bit. "No, dear one. But it shall be so, very soon. We will arrive in America." Another cough, harder and rougher this time.

"As slaves." Xemnas whispered weakly, watching his beloved mother's chocolate eyes cloud over with the bleak remembrance of their future. He hated that she had to go through this. Why should she have to be taken? Why not just him? She was eight months in circumstance with her second child, ten long years after Xemnas, her firstborn, had been birthed. He, of course, didn't remember anything of his birth. Who did? But the stories Mama had always told him, of his coming into the world kicking and screaming and raising such a fuss, until he was able to nuzzle against his mother's breast. Xemnas knew he'd always had such an attachment to his mother. Not so much to his father, who had died in a hunting accident only a few months ago, not long after Xemnas reached his tenth winter.

His mother must have sensed his dismal mood, for she patted her rounded stomach underneath her simple homespun dress and gave the young boy a smile. "Worry not, son. Everything will be alright."

A small commotion of heavy footfalls called their attention to the rickety steps leading up to the main deck as the first-mate, Sephiroth, made his way down to the smelly hold. All Xemnas saw at first were his feet. Those appendages looked far bigger than any feet Xemnas had ever seen before in his young life, and they were hairy. Then he turned his eyes up to see the angry expression upon his rugged and pale face, those eerie mako eyes fixed upon them.

"There she is! Take her topside." He barked, pointing at Mama as two more men hurried to do his bidding.

Xemnas instantly was wide awake, despite his fever. "Mama, what are they doin'?" he whimpered in their native language, reaching out for her hand again.

The next thing he knew, his mother was being dragged across the floor, her screams echoing through the dank air of the hold as the men proceeded to drag her up the stairs. "No! No! I am clean! I am clean!" she screamed.

Xemnas gave a small cry and pulled himself weakly across the wooden floorboards after the group as his mother's cries became fainter. Up those treacherous stairs, to a sight Xemnas never thought he'd see.

His mother was kicking and screaming as the strong deck hands lifted her easily off the deck and over the railing. Her cries and screams were instantly silenced as her heavy body sank beneath the choppy, shark-filled waters.

Xemnas screamed and tried to throw himself at the railing, but one of the deck hands caught him. "You're not s'posed to be up here, whelp! Git back down thar wit' all the other ones." With those words, he was thrown back down the stairs. And all went black.

. . .

The sun beat down heatedly on Xemnas' bare back as he dug his hands into the cool dirt. Just a little ways off, his mother and father were planting seeds into the ground by the river, laughing a bit and exchanging sentimental glances every once in a while.

Xemnas pressed a few tiny seeds into the waiting earth beneath his fingertips before standing up to join his parents. Mama straightened her back and embraced her little boy, before taking his hand and leading him to the cool waters' edge.

"Come, my child. Cool yourself off and have some fun!" she said, a girlish glint in her eyes. Xemnas reveled in the smooth sound of their native tongue, instead of the awkward broken English they'd had to speak on the ship in his dreams. That's what it had all been. Just a nightmare. His mother had assured him of that.

They splashed into the cold water, tossing the coolness at each other and laughing as Xemnas' father joined them. But as Xemnas dove underneath the water, his silvery bangs floating away from his face, he saw two large African crocodiles swimming their way to where his parents stood.

"Mama! Papa! Watch out!" Xemnas screamed as he surfaced. But as he watched in horror, the crocodiles flew out of the water and grabbed hold of his parents, dragging them under the water.

"No!" he screamed, as he sloshed through the water, which now felt like quicksand around his heavy body, to get to his adored mother, to save her and his father. An ache in his leg made him look down, and he cried out in pain as he saw huge snapping teeth drive down through his dark skin again, pulling him downwards to join his parents...

Xemnas snapped awake, drenched in cold sweat and screaming at the top of his lungs. He frantically looked around, wanting to see the village where he'd grown up and the thatched hut that had been his home, only to see dark wooden boards and sickly people like him huddled together. The sharp pain in his leg had dulled to a cramping due to his bruised shin, caused by it hitting the railing hard on his way down the stairs.

A cool hand pressed to his forehead and he closed his eyes. "Mama?" he whispered.

"Sleep now, dear. You'll be alright. I'll look after you now." A quiet voice told him in their language.

"But where's Mama?" Xemnas persisted.

A pause, then, "The deckhands accused her of having smallpox all because of one large mosquito bite on her face that got scratched open. They threw her overboard."

Xemnas moaned. "No...no...Mama!" he cried out, thrashing his arms and legs.

"Shh, rest now. I'll take care of you until we get off the boat, alright? Sleep now." The woman commanded softly, stroking through Xemnas' tangled silver locks. Although it was not his mother's voice, he obeyed the stranger and slipped back into a fitful sleep once again.


Aww, poor Xemnas! I nearly cried as I wrote the preceding words. But never fear, things shall turn out for the better...eventually...sometime. Next chapter is up, but don't expect too many updates all the time, as I am technically grounded from the internet...; (For those of you who are Got To Fight For Your Right fans...that's why Chapter 5 is not up...and still not barely written. I am trying here, folks! I'm lucky to get any internet time at all!) Hope you are enjoying my krack so far! Chu!