No Turning Back

Chapter 14 -- The Start and Complaints


Mikan nodded and patted his shoulder, "I'm quite scared to see everyone in panic and in trouble..." she took out her mask and looked at it, "Whenever I imagine them attacking us.. I don't want any of them see me killing without second thought."

He chuckled, "You won't be able to help it. I know you feel that when you see them, your blood boils when you see them or imagine them selling little children and using them and even abusing them or.. killing them, without second thought either.. so, that's why you just can't help it. But, try your best to not show too much blood.. it might scare the younger ones! Even most of the Middle School DA students just hurt them by breaking the bones which could never heal or could heal for a very long time. Don't worry, you're not the only one scared either!" Tsubasa smiled at her and patted her head.

"That's quite true! Now I'm really thankful for Hotaru's Alice Gun.. it just makes the killing soo much easier and I don't even have to use up too much alice! She's such a genius!" Mikan grinned at Tsubasa.

He nodded, "Mikan.. they could attack any minute or second... Be careful-"

*CRAAASH* *screams and yells*

"Shit!" the two cursed and ran towards the explosion. They saw smoke coming out from a classroom and could still hear a couple of yells and screams from the room. "Shiit!!!!"



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A handsome raven-haired boy and a beautiful brunette ran towards the direction of the screams and explosion. Their eyes widened as they saw a couple children outside the classroom coughing.

Mikan's eyes narrowed as she quickly took out the communication device from Hotaru just in case it was something important. They arrived in the scene and Mikan used Wind alice to blow all the smoke away.

"What happened here?!" Tsubasa asked as he saw a few of the familiar faces from the day before.

"T-Tsubasa-senpai!" they exclaimed. "S-someone just accidentally mixed in wrong chemicals..." a girl said to him.

Tsubasa looked at his fellow DA member, who gave him a nod. He then turned his head towards Mikan, who was walking towards the blown up part of the class room, there was a hole big enough for Tsubasa to come flying in easily and you could clearly see the sky and birds outside. She then, looked towards the person, who had mixed in the wrong chemicals. She looked like she was about to cry, "I-I know I put the right ones together..." she quietly murmured to herself and her friends as they tried to cheer her up.

Mikan looked back at Tsubasa and then contacted Hotaru.

"Hotaru. You already received a report that there was an explosion?"

'Yes.. what happened?'

"Send all the others back and don't let them come here. It was just a misunderstanding. Okay?"

Tsubasa and the DA member raised an eyebrow at her.

'Misunderstanding... Okay. Wait. -talking in the background- Okay, I've told them all to stay in look out and stay in their positions.'

"Okay! Thanks Hotaru! I'm sure Persona must be freaking out by now, but tell him we're here and he doesn't have to worry. It's just a simple explosion caused by mixing two chemicals. By the way, tell him Tsubasa and Miki-san are with me here right now. He'll calm down a bit by that."

'WHAT DO YOU MEAN CALM DOWN, SAKURA?! A MISUNDERSTANDING?! COULD YOU- -Persona. Could you shut up. You're gonna make it worse. Okay. Well, just be careful there. Inform us with anything alright? -Hotaru'

"Kay! Byee!"

Mikan turned towards Tsubasa and gave him a grin, "There! Since it was just a misunderstanding, me and Tsubasa-senpai will stay here to explain- oh, where is Misaki-sensei?" she asked the students.

"Mikan-sama, Misaki-sensei left just a few minutes before the explosion, he said he had to see the Headmaster for a while." Miki, the DA member in the room, replied.

Just after Miki replied, Misaki came in the room with a what-in-the-world-happened-here-look and he was slightly panting. "S-Sakura.... Andou.... Is everything.. alright here?"

The two replied with a small nod. Misaki shook his head and muttered to himself, "And here.. I was hoping nothing would happen to them...." he quickly turned to his students, "Sorry for leaving you guys here... Anyways... should I escort them back to their homeroom? I will stay with them until their teacher arrives." he asked, his eyes showed that he felt guilty for leaving his students.

Mikan smiled, "Yes, I think that would be better than staying here. Right, senpai?" she turned to Tsubasa who was looking at the hole.

Tsubasa snapped out of his thoughts and quickly agreed with Mikan, "Yes! I also think that would be good! And don't worry Misaki-sensei, no one was hurt badly."

Misaki smiled at them and his smile turned to a worried one, "Alright. Well, you guys be careful too."

They just grinned, "Miki-san, stay with them, okay?" Tsubasa asked. Miki replied with a nod, then everyone exited the classroom.

Once everyone was gone, their grins disappeared as both looked at the hole. "They're finally starting." Mikan whispered.

"Yup." Tsubasa sighed and shook his head. "Greaat.. that guy's probably already heading here to come 'help' us..."


"Miharu-san..." a female inventor called Saki.

Saki was surprised as she turned around to see the amethyst-eyed inventor, "Yes, Hotaru-chan?"

Hotaru looked down, she looked as if she was embarrassed to say anything, "N-never mind.. Sorry for bothering you." she quickly turned away and started walking.

Saki grinned, "Don't worry Hotaru-chan! Mikan-chan will be fine! She's very strong now! And I'm sure she wouldn't want you to worry this much about her!" she quickly ran to Hotaru, "If you still remember the incident from years ago, she is still your best friend! Alright?"

Hotaru looked at Saki and saw in her eyes that she wasn't lying, she couldn't help smiling with happiness and relief, "Thank you, Miharu-san."

"It's Sa-ki! Okay??" Saki grinned at her, she was very surprised to see Hotaru smile like that.

"Then.. thank you, Saki."


Tension filled the air in their classroom. Koko didn't even want to try reading the twin-like guys' minds, of course, unless he would want to see how they would try to kill each other. And of course, as everyone had already thought of, would be bloody. Very bloody.

"N-Natsume-kun... Kyo-kun..." Narumi called out the two nervously.

Natsume and Kyo looked up at him, crimson and deep black eyes glared at him in the coldest way possible. Narumi flinched and hid behind his desk, "I wanna leeaaaavve~eee!!" he cried as he hugged his knees and sobbed.

"Hahahaha!" Jack laughed at the atmosphere, "This is so entertaining!! We should've transferred here years ago!"

"Shut up, stupid." Kyo snapped at his friend.

Jack's grinning face quickly faded away and was replaced by an annoyed one, "What'd you say, you freaky ghost?!"

"I said shut up, MORON." Kyo replied as a vein appeared on the back of his head.

"Why are you getting annoyed at me of all people?!" Jack asked.

"Cuz you're getting annoying." Kyo replied in cool demeanour.

Jack rolled his eyes and crossed his arms and decided to ignore him. He started tapping his foot quickly, which made everyone else in the room more and more tense.

Natsume sighed inwardly, "They're both morons.."

Kyo rolled his eyes, "Hyuuga's a moron too."

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Koko, who finally tried to read their minds, laughed out loud.

Sumire sighed beside him and shook her head, "He's finally lost his mind..."

"What's up with you, Koko?" Kitsuneme nudged his shoulder.

"Natsume and Kyo thought that each other plus Jack were morons-" Koko's eyes widened, "Oooooppsss..."

The twin-like pair glared at each other. "WHAT?!" Jack exclaimed out loud, "BOTH of them think I'M a moron?! Why do I have to be a part of this?!"

"Just shut up." the two said at the same time. Making most of the class trying to hold their chuckles.

"They're like twins who are different from each other but the same at the same time!" Koko thought amusingly with a grin.

Just then, he heard Narumi's thoughts. They hadn't noticed Narumi coming out of their room to answer a call. Koko's grin disappeared, "Mikan's with Tsubasa-senpai.. and they came across a misunderstanding...?" he accidentally said out loud, causing students, both who knew what was happening and who didn't look at him.

Natsume's eyes widened, "What?" his eyes turned to look at Narumi, who looked shocked when Koko said it out loud, "Naru.."

"Eh?" Narumi looked at Natsume, then noticed that all the attention shifted towards him, "Oh! Ah, right! Natsume-kun, Kyo-kun, Jack-kun, Mikan-chan's with Tsubasa-kun and they just had some misunderstanding in the Elementary Section. So don't worry too much!" he explained easily.

"Why does she have to be with that stupid Kage...." Natsume grunted as he stood up, "I'm going."

"This is why I didn't want to be here stuck with these idiots." Kyo stood up right after Natsume and headed towards the door too, just to be stopped by Narumi, who was standing right in front of the door.

"You guys can't leave! It's class time! And here, I thought we could try having some fun projects! We haven't had one in a while!" he grinned at the two teenagers.

Natsume glared at him, "Naru."

Narumi then frowned, "Now, now... I know you two are worried for Mikan-chan too, but I don't think she'll be happy with you two leaving the class and leaving your duties to help the other students..." he whispered to them and then put one hand on their shoulder, "So we'll be staying here having fun projects with you two not moping around. Alright?" he smiled at them.

The two unconsciously turned around and walked back to their desks, "Screw you and your alice." they both muttered to themselves.

"Great.. I'm still stuck here with this moronic Hyuuga/Hijiri.... While that stupid Kage and Play boy is with Mikan..." the two cursed in their minds.


"Heeey! How are my lil' kouhais??" a tall man in his early 20's with long raven hair appeared behind Mikan and Tsubasa with a wide smile.

Tsubasa scowled, "Argh..." he muttered and turned around then glared at his senpai. "Of all people... why must you be here with us?" he mumbled to himself.

Tonouchi grinned when he heard Tsubasa, "Well, I could switch with Rui if you want me to!"

The younger raven-haired guy twitched, "R-right... No thanks..." Tsubasa scratched the back of his head.

Mikan grinned at the two, "Haha! I've missed seeing you two together!"

"Waaah! Mikan-chan! You've turned into such a beauty!" Tono ran to the brunette with his arms wide open.

Tsubasa carried Mikan away easily as if she was 5 year-old and put her behind him, "He's more dangerous than he was before, Mikan. Be careful."

Mikan giggled, "Hahaha! Don't worry Tsubasa-senpai!"

Tono pouted, "Don't I get to hug her at least??? I haven't given her a hug in suuuch a long time! I didn't get to give her one yesterday too, cuz of two look-alikes that was glaring at me whenever I tried to..." he whined like a child.

"Well, I'm sure you remember Natsume, and then, his look-alike was Hijiri Kyo. You-chan's cousin." Tsubasa said to him.

"Oh?" Tono raised an eyebrow, "Interesting!" He then smiled mischievously and kicked Tsubasa straight in the face then ran to Mikan and gave her a tight hug, "Hahahaha!" he laughed evilly as he hugged Mikan and then carried her away from Tsubasa's side.

Mikan just laughed, enjoying the two's company, and completely not minding Tono and Tsubasa's curses towards each other. When the room fell quiet after their string of curses and laughter, their smiles faded with a frown.

"Well... that was fun." Mikan mumbled, though the two also heard. They nodded.

Tono took out two purple'ish white alice stones the size of a baby's fist and handed one to each of them, "These are my alice stones and I'm giving them to you two so it'll come in handy someway later on."

Mikan and Tsubasa took them with a nod and a simple, "Thanks."

The three looked at each other, all had a hint of worry in their eyes, but confidence beats their worries, "Well, let's get ready, shall we?" Mikan winked and took out her mask.

The two guys grinned at her and ruffled her hair, "That's our Mikan-chan!" they exclaimed and took out masks of their own.

Once they had all had their masks on, Mikan touched the other two's arms with her hands and in a second they all disappeared.

And as if Mikan had timed it herself, three birds came in flying through the whole, two were ravens and one was a red sparrow. The birds just flew around the room, but are avoiding the cabinet full of chemicals.

The sparrow seemed to stare at the spot where Mikan, Tsubasa, and Tono had disappeared, it stared for a few seconds before it flew towards the spot and landed right there with a light click of it's feet touching the floor. It looked around then it seemed as if it shrugged, it then looked at its fellow birds and tweeted before lifting its wings and flying.

All three birds headed towards the open door in a surprising speed.


"Waaah~! That was fun!" a happy female voice came from out of nowhere.

"Hahaha! Definitely! We should do that more often!" a masculine voice agreed.

"Wow, this alice is cool!!! Where'd you get this alice from, Mikan-chan? What's it called anyways???" another masculine voice said.

"Heheheh!" Mikan giggled as she appeared right beside the door, and the two guys appeared in the same spot they were in before they disappeared. "It's called the Disappearing alice! I copied it from someone in Alice Academy! It's quite rare too! It only runs in their family line, on the males side, every few decades!"

Tono looked surprised, "Disappearing alice? I never thought that alice actually existed!"

"I've heard of it before, it's the alice that hides your presence, and makes the body invisible, right?" Tsubasa asked curiously.

Mikan grinned, "Pretty much! But, it doesn't really make your body invisible, I guess... Disappear might be a better word, but then you don't really disappear either, you could see yourself when you use the alice, but as you said, it erases your presence to anyone else who's not using the alice, they could walk through you or try to hit you with anything and it won't hurt you, and they won't even notice, you could jump, run, hop, or even pant, but they won't hear you make a sound, unless you speak of course. Awesome alice, huh?" she explained.

Tsubasa nodded like a little kid, "That is awesome! Mikan-chan, let's do this again next time, 'kay??"

Mikan and Tono laughed, "Hahaha! Of course!" she replied happily as she took out a small box from her skirt pocket and gave it a light blow.

The box became bigger and could now at least fit hers and another person's head in. Mikan looked at the box, then at the three knocked-out birds, with a grin, "I'd sooo love to do that again." she laughed before opening the box, and the birds floated into the air, they weren't flying though, and dropped into the box with a thud.

"So, they're really here then, eh?" Tsubasa said, his head looking towards to box.

Tono sighed, "I guess so.." he said and looked towards Mikan too, "I think you should send it to Persona now, before those things wake up and make more mess."

Mikan nodded then contacted Hotaru.



'How are you?' Mikan noticed the hint of worry in her voice, she couldn't help a grin.

"I'm pretty good!"

'That's good to know.. How was it?'

"It was actually a lot easier than we thought," Mikan glanced at the box, "Much, much, easier."

'What did you get?'

"Well... we got birds in a box."

'...... "Birds" in a "box"?'

Mikan giggled, "Yep! I used my Disappearing alice, then three birds came in and were about to leave the room when I ran and closed the door on them. Then, BAM BAM BAM! All of them came crashing on the door and then THUD THUD THUD! on the floor!" she explained like a little kid.

She heard a light giggle from her, 'Alright then, we'll be waiting for the box with the birds in them.'

"Yes ma'am!" Mikan grinned and the box glowed and disappeared in thin air.

After that, the room became very silent. All three of them looked at each other.

"Do you think more will be coming?" she asked them.

Tono sighed and ran his hand through his hair before crossing both arms, "I'm pretty sure. They're probably waiting for signals from the stupid birds, if not, they'd just be coming in groups one by one."

Tsubasa nodded his head, "Well, I'm pretty sure all of us are thinking that. But, what do we do now?"

Mikan gave a sigh, "I guess we just either continue our rounds or stay in this area of this school."

"I'd go for the second one." Tono said. Tsubasa nodded in agreement.

She gave them a grin, "Then let's stay in this room." She walked towards one of the tables and cleared it. She moved the table right in between the door and the big hole. Mikan took three chairs and put them around the table, she turned her head towards them and motioned them to sit down.

Once all three sat down, they all sighed.

"Hey, do you think I can take this mask off?" Tono asked as he adjusted his mask, "I don't exactly like hiding my beauty from the world too long."

Tsubasa quickly stood up and hit his head, "How do you think I feel about that?! Imagine having to hide your irresistibly handsome face for almost every single day for half a day?! Besides.. you're not even a beauty!"

Mikan laughed and muttered to herself, "Well, ain't this entertaining?" she continued watching the two wrestle eachother on the floor, screaming who's more attractive.

After more than five minutes, Mikan already moved her attention to everything else around the room, as she started getting bored of the guys' wrestling match. She looked at the hole once more, she could see the sky, clouds, and birds, and just the top of the green trees. The brunette blinked and yawned, just then, her eyes widened as she thought she saw something move so quick over the hole that the other two didn't even notice themselves. She tried sensing it's presence but she couldn't sense anything.

"It could be someone who has Disappearing alice too..." Mikan thought for a while, "No, no.. Can't be... But.." She eyed the hole carefully one more time then closed her eyes, concentrating, then she disappeared and reappeared, seeming as if she had never disappeared in the first place. Mikan shrugged, "Oh well," she said out loud, causing the two "older" people to stop wrestling and look at her.

"Did'ya say something Mi-chan?" Tsubasa asked, not looking tired at all.

Mikan grinned, "Well.. I was wondering if the two of you are done wrestling? Besides, I know you two are both really handsome and attractive."

Tono grinned then stood up right away, causing Tsubasa who was right on top of him to fall down, "Of course!" he then walked towards the table and sat back down, aside from his hair and messed up clothes, with a few rips on them, he looked as if nothing had happened.

Tsubasa growled as he stood up and seemed to shoot a deadly glare at his senpai, "Well, I'm done for now, I can't kill him yet either, so, maybe later." he said as he sat down, his hair also messier than usual, and also a few rips on his clothes. He gave Mikan a grin.

"So," Mikan started with a smile, "Anyone has cards?"

The two guys looked at eachother and replied at the same time, "None."

"I do." a feminine voice replied.

All three looked at where the voice came from in alarm, their eyes meeting two people. A petite black-haired girl wearing a half-mask, showing her smile, and a boy with black hair and brown highlights at the ends and has a full mask.


"Naru! You bastard!" Hyuuga Natsume swore loudly, his eyes looked like angry flames as he glared at the teacher.

Narumi sweat-dropped, "I'm sorry Natsume-kun, but you and Kyo-kun can't go anywhere. There're already few enough DA members here..." he said nervously, ready to use his alice once again, just in case they plan on using their alices again.

"We know that. But switch me with someone who's already there." Kyo said in a cold voice, glaring at Narumi too.

Narumi sniffed, "Why must I be their teacher this year of all the other classes...?" he thought as he curled into a ball.

Koko only laughed at his teacher's thoughts, but he was glad that the two had ignored him.

Sumire shook her head with a sigh and muttered, "He's gone mad.... How can someone laugh so cheerfully like that at this moment...?"

Anna and Nonoko, who had moved beside her heard her and nodded in agreement and patted her shoulder, "So true..."

Yuu sighed, "Of all times to laugh..." he looked at Kitsuneme, who wasn't laughing either, though he was smiling, "Even he's not laughing..."

After the little outburst by Natsume and Kyo earlier, Narumi had allowed his students to go move around, as long as they don't make any trouble or are too loud. Though of course, they did move where their friends are, but who the heck would make so much noise with the awkward, tense atmosphere in their room.

The one and only Yome Kokoro of course. And he was still laughing too. Especially since he had heard the thoughts of the other people in the class, who doesn't know what's happening at the other side of their school.


-+Chapter End+-

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