WAS Come On, Please. but i changed it and continued it.

Chapter 1

I'll Be By Your Side, Always

"Stop Ichigo," Hitsugaya said as he tried to push the bigger teen off his desk so he could get back to work.

"Come on, just a few minutes. You finally stared to say my first name and I want to hear it more." Ichigo replied as he gave an innocent face.

"I told you not in Soul Society, someone could find out."

Ichigo pouted at that response. "Then I guess there's only on thing to do," he said as he got up and walked behind Hitsugaya. He didn't get a chance to ask what Ichigo was doing before he felt that annoying sensation on his stomach and burst out laughing.

Ichigo was tickling him.

"Ichigo! Hehehe st-stop HA!" Hitsugaya couldn't even get a full sentence out, he fell to the floor and Ichigo fell onto of him. Still giggling slightly Hitsugaya looked into Ichigo's eyes, how he loved them. Ichigo leaned in and gave Hitsugaya a small peck on the lips.

"Was that so bad?" he whispered. Hitsugaya looked away with a small smile on his lips and blush on his cheeks, then it vanished and pure horror took its place.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Ichigo asked then followed Hitsugaya's line of vision. He was looking at the door. Which was open. Which had two figures standing in the doorway.

'Uh-oh,' Ichigo thought.

Renji and Rukia just stared dumbly at the two still on the ground. Hitsugaya roughly threw Ichigo off him, who hit his head in the process, and got up. Ichigo also got up while rubbing his head.

"H-hey, Renji, Rukia." Ichigo said nervously. Rukia was the first on out of her trance and pushed Renji in the room and quickly closed the door behind her. Ichigo looked down at Hitsugaya who looked extremely embarrassed. The uncomfortable silence lingered for to long. Ichigo finally broke it.

"So, what's um...going on?"

"Well, we heard you were in the Soul Society and thought we'd see you before you left," Rukia answered.

"Ichigo, what's..." Renji started but couldn't finish.

"Look, Renji, I know...it's..weird but..." Ichigo stopped when he felt a tug on his arm. Hitsugaya grabbed him and shook his head. Ichigo knelt down and whispered in his ear. "They have to know."

He looked over to Renji and Rukia and finished what he was saying.

"We're a couple."

Renji brought his hand to his forehead and rubbed it. "How...long?" Rukia asked, she hide her shock better then Renji.

"...6 months."

"What! And you never told US!? I thought we were your friends!" Renji shouted clearly annoyed he was left in the dark. Hitsugaya grabbed Ichigo's shinigami robe and squeezed hard, head bent low.

"Quiet will ya!" Ichigo shouted from his kneeling position. "I wanted to tell you but..." he looked at Hitsugaya. "Toshiro was embarrassed and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable," he said as he took Hitsugaya's chin in his hand and raised his head so he could see his eyes. Rukia smiled at the sight and walked over, placing a hand on Hitsugaya.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"You have nothing to be sorry about." Hitsugaya said. Then everyone looked at Renji.


They just continued to stare.

"Fine, fine! I'm sorry, too."

"So," Rukia said, "what have you two love birds been up to? I was wondering why Hitsugaya taicho was volunteering to go to the living world so much by himself." That made the hair on the boys' back stand.


They all knew who that was. Hitsugaya quickly kicked Ichigo in the stomach, who clutched his stomach in pain with his face to the floor and brushed Rukia's hand off his shoulder, crossing his arms over his chest.

'Taicho!" Matsumoto said as she poked her head through the doorway.

"What is it?"

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, I just wanted you to know I was going to do Kyouraku taicho a favor and be back late! Hmm?" she noticed everyone in the room and Ichigo on the floor. "Why's everyone here and what happen to Ichigo?"

"They were giving me a report and Kurosaki," he looked down, "at some bad fish, we were gonna take him to the 4th division."

"OK!" she said cheerfully and then left. Hitsugaya sighed and drooped his shoulders.

"Phew, that was close." Rukia and Renji just stared at him. "What? If she knew, it would spread like friggin' wild fire," he said as he shrugged.

"Ugh, why'd you have to kick so hard?" Ichigo said as he gripped the desk to help himself up, since no one else was offering to.

"You wouldn't have let go any other way." Was the simple response Hitsugaya gave.

Rukia and Renji laughed. "Well, we'll leave you two be," Rukia said as they both started to leave.

"Wait, um...you won't tell anyone, will you?" Ichigo asked, poking his index fingers together.

"Don't worry, our lips are sealed," Renji said, give a thumbs up.

"Thanks." Then they left, leaving the two lovebirds alone.

"Now what?" Ichigo absently asked. He found himself face down on the floor...again.

"AH WHAT THE HELL?!" Did he just get kicked in the head? How? The kind is so short! Oh...he's standing on the desk.

"I told you not in Soul Society!" Hitsugaya shouted.

"Aw, who cares, it's Rukia and Renji."

"It doesn't matter."

Ichigo just looked at Hitsugaya. He knew that look. Hitsugaya sighed.

"Fine, ten minutes."

"YAY!"Ichigo jumped up.

"But lock all the doors and windows."

"Of course, my love." Ichigo said cheerfully as he quickly locked every door and window there was to the room.

He walked up to Hitsugaya and picked him up off the desk and brought him to the futon that was in the nest room that Hitsugaya used for sleeping when he stayed at the office last. He laid Hitsugaya down gently and started to undress him. Hitsugaya caught Ichigo hand when he started to undo the knot in his robe, his chest out and bare.

"Only ten minutes," he reminded Ichigo. Ichigo grinned and leaned in, placing butterfly kisses on Hitsugaya's neck.

"Of course," he said slyly. They both knew it would be much longer. Hitsugaya grinned at Ichigo as he too, began undressing the masculine teen.

This would be a day to remember.


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