Chapter 13

5 years later

"Mommy, where's daddy?" Hatsuko asked as she tugged at Hitsugaya's captains cloak. When the kids started to talk they all called Hitsugaya mommy. He tried to get them to say something else, but it stuck, and he had to say, the title grew on him.

"He'll be back in a minute or so," he said.

"How long's a min-min...ute?" asked Umeko, a complete clone of Hatsuko, except for the eyes.

Hitsugaya was about to answer when his office door slid open. "You know when I got this job, I thought it would be cool, but now it's annoying."

Hitsugaya sighed, "So what, Taicho, you pile the paperwork on Hisagi." ichigo bent down and picked up Kiyoshi from where he was fiddling with blocks.

"Daddy!" the girls said in unison. Ichigo handed Kiyoshi to Hitsugaya and picked up the girls and placed them on his shoulders.

"Careful," Hitsugaya said.

"Did my girls behave today?" Ichigo asked.

"I DID!" Umeko said.

"Hatsuko?" Ichigo said as he turned to his left.

"I did, too," she said.

Ichigo turned to Hitsugaya, who nodded.

"And you, my little boy, did you behave?" Ichigo asked as he looked at his son, who was nuzzled up against Hitsugaya. He nodded.

"Well, since everyone was good today then I guess we can take a stroll around Soul Society," he said.

"Yea!" the girls said.

"Can we go see Uncle Renji?" Umeko asked.

"And Uncle Byaku?" Hatsuko asked.

"And Auntie Rangiku and Auntie Rukia," they said together.

"And Uncle Ken..." a small voice said. All eyes turned to Kiyoshi, who's face turned red and hid in Hitsugaya's captain cloak.

"So my son has a voice?" Ichigo said with a smile. Kiyoshi was very shy and said very little. He was also the smallest of the group, which Hitsugaya could relate to.

"We'll go see Uncle Ken, but we're gonna visit the others first, since they're all close together. Kay?" Hitsugaya said as he placed Kiyoshi on the ground and held his hand. The white haired boy nodded.

The family walked to the Third Division, where Matsumoto was now captain. Hitsugaya was quite unsure of how the drinking buddies (Matsumoto and Kira) were going to handle the division, but in the end, Matsumoto had provide him wrong. Which got Hitsugaya a little annoyed was that she did a majority of the paperwork. When he first saw her doing paperwork he was to shocked to say/do anything he left right away, spending the next hour or two trying to figure out if it was a dream or not.

After spending an hour there the crew headed out to the Fifth Division, where Renji was captain and Rukia was lieutenant, and wife. Renji had finally broken out of his shell and asked Rukia to go out with him. The two went out for a year before Renji proposed. Of course, during that year Byakuya was never far behind the two, until Rukia threw a shoe at Byakuya's face. For he had interrupted there first, passionate kiss. Byakuya wasn't seen for three days after that. Rumors say he spiraled into depression because his little sister didn't need his protection anymore, and others say he was in shock from the whole ordeal from the dating and the shoe. They only lasted until Hitsugaya threatened to freeze the ass of anyone who spoke of it again. Only Hitsugaya knew what Byakuya did for those three days, and when Ichigo asked, he got stuck with changing three two year old baby diapers.

After running around the Fifth Division playing hide and sneak, they were now headed to the Sixth Division. Hatsuko and Umeko ran right in, while Kiyoshi stayed with his parents, who were beginning to lag behind.

"So how's the new lieutenant?" Hitsugaya asked.

"Annoying," was all Byakuya said.

"Hey, hey, Uncle Byaku! Can we sleep over!" asked Hatsuko.

"Sleep over?"

"Maybe another time Hatsuko, Byakuya has his hands full right now. We should get going anyway, it's getting late and Kiyoshi wants to visit Zaraki," Hitsugaya said as he picked up a sleeping Umeko off the floor. Hatsuko let out a big yawn herself.

"Ichigo can you take the girls home?" Hitsugaya said as he handed Umeko over and picked up a wide awake Kiyoshi.

"Huh, oh, sure."

"But I'm not tired, Daddy," Hatsuko said as she rubbed her eyes and yawned again.

"You say that all the time and the moment your head hits that pillow you're fast asleep," he said as he picked her up with his free arm.

"Please be careful, you know I don't like when you hold both of them at once."

"Yeah, yeah. See ya, Byakuya," Ichigo said before he left.

"Well, good luck with your new lieutenant," Hitsugaya said.

"Thank you, and it also seems we have a sleep over to plan," he said.

"Hey there! How's my little warrior?" Zaraki said as he patted Kiyoshi's head, who smiled brightly. Hitsugaya was really glad he chose Zaraki as the godfather.

"Ah, the mini snowball is here!" Yachiru said.

Hitsugaya left the two alone, he had to talk to Ikkaku about a recent trip to the Living World. About a half hour passed when Hitsugaya found Zaraki and Kiyoshi sleeping on the training room floor, Kiyoshi on Zaraki's chest, and Yachiru shooing anyone else away. He took Kiyoshi into his arms then he gentle shook Zaraki, which soon became kicking when he suddenly shot up yelling "I'll kill you, you bastard!" When Zaraki came about he found Hitsugaya on his back, on the floor, with Yachiru standing over him, and his hands over Kiyoshi's ears (who was still fast asleep).

When he arrived home he dressed Kiyoshi in his PJ's and laid him in his bed, and left after kissing each of his children.

He found Ichigo already in bed, reading a report.

"Wow you're reading an actual report. Do I need to check and make sure there's no manga behind that sheet?" Hitsugaya said with a smirk ads he changed into his night wear.

"Aw, shut up!" Ichigo said as he placed the paper aside. Hitsugaya turned out the light and got in bed, Ichigo rapped his arms around him.

"Today was fun," he said.


"I know something that'll make tonight just as good," Ichigo said as he placed butterfly kisses on Hitsugaya's neck, "and the kids are fast asleep."

"I'm a little tired, but if you rub my back first," Hitsugaya said.


"Ichigo?" Hitsugaya said.

He heard snoring.

"Always when I ask for a back rub," he sighed and soon fell asleep as well.

Ichigo let out a chuckle.

"My little yuki hime," he said as he placed a kiss on Hitsugaya's forehead.

The End

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