Chapter 22



Well, it looks like I'm running out of blank pages in Danny's sketchbook, so I'm going to have to skim over a lot of stuff. I'm still not sure why I felt compelled to write all this down, anyway.

I don't know why our egg was pulled into the Digital Dimension but then there's so much I don't know about that place. Renamon and I were torn between the joy of the event and the grief of separation from our child. But digimon are tough-- designed and bred for battle. We told ourselves that any digimon that was a blend of the two of us wouldn't be easy prey. That helped a little, I think.

The days after Impmon died were pretty much a series of deva slug-fests. Indramon, Kumbhiramon, Vikaralamon. We all got a lot stronger and more experienced. I never did digivolve beyond Kaliskamon, though I spent most of the time fighting in that form. Things got pretty hairy (pun intended) and Rika couldn't spare a lot of focus or concern for me. And that was pretty much the secret we learned: The digivices and cards were just ways to concentrate the tamers' minds or energy or focus or whatever-- they weren't really necessary as long as Calumon was around. Of course we only figured that out just before that noisy monkey deva kidnapped him.

Yeah, Calumon-- squishy little Calumon, turned out to be the key to this whole mess. That's why we have to go get him back.

Oh Bleedin' Tesla, I almost forgot about Jeri and Leomon! I get the urge to bang my head against a post every time I think about them. A more mismatched tamer and mon pair I can't imagine. I break out in a cold sweat every time I think that it might have happened to me if I hadn't hooked up with Rika in time.

Last page-- gotta wrap this up.

We're leaving for the Digital Dimension in the morning. Guilmon dug up a portal that was big enough for us all to pass through. Damned good nose on that little dragon.

All the kids made their goodbyes-- some less openly than others. I guess this book is mine. I'll put this where Mr. Wong will find it after we leave.

(Hi, Mr. Wong! I hope you find something interesting in here-- and thanks for helping to create all of us. Even if things got a bit out of hand, it's still been a lot of fun-- being alive and all. I'll watch out for Henry. He's a good kid.)

I wish I had something wise or profound to end this with-- but wisdom and suchlike aren't much in my line. Coyotes are best known for their foolishness and shallow nature, after all. Still-- I've earned the love and respect of the most magnificent creature in existence and we've made something wonderful and unique together, so I must be doing something right.

We digimon are the embodiment of humanity's incredibly varied stories of spirits, heroes and gods. True, with some of us it seems like those myths have been thrown into a blender and stuck back together at random, but those ones are no less creatures of impassioned imagination for all that.

So, tomorrow we're walking into a world that could contain any of humanity's dreams, legends-- or nightmares.

If I had any sense, I'd be terrified.

But there is something else waiting there for Renamon and I-- something we created together-- and that will make it worth all the effort and risk.

Oh yeah-- and saving the world. That, too.





Author's Notes:

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(The rest is just my blather about how I wrote the story. Feel free to skip it like a bad DVD commentary track.)

I tried to stay as true as possible to the world, events, and characters of Digimon Tamers as I could, given the introduction (and interference) of a non-canon character, but there's one major change I did make to their world: Nobody shouts out the name of their special attack before they launch it. As a martial artist, I think the idea that someone would tell their opponent what attack was coming is ridiculous. It may serve all right as a device for film and video games but in print it just doesn't work for me. I did my best to keep all the canon characters In Character because, as I see it, if they're not IC, they're not the same characters. If I changed their personalities, I might as well have changed all their names and appearances and made them original characters.

Male and female digimon are pretty obviously male and female despite the established fact that they are physically genderless. It was a happy combination of circumstances that led me to the idea about the way that such creatures might make love. Detailed descriptions of "plumbing" in a story always seem jarring to me if the story's main focus is plot or romance, anyway. Also, I had set the challenge for myself of not deviating from the way the world of Digimon Tamers was depicted in the series and (with a lot of characters not wearing any pants) it was clear that there was no "plumbing" to describe. (In one of the later episodes, Renamon even says as much.) Thankfully, I found a way for my characters to physically express their love that dodged the issue.

This was supposed to be a short story-- maybe five chapters or so, but it got completely out of hand. I've always been intrigued by what might be the view of things from a digimon's perspective and I wanted to explore the thinking of a digimon character who didn't blindly accept the way things were. After several false starts I found that (for me) such a story just had to be written in the first person.

Thanks for reading.