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The two teenagers didn't even need to get Harry's Invisibility Cloak, as if they could get to it. Dumbledore told them to keep an eye on Harry and promptly bring him back into the Light, and as far from Draco Malfoy as possible.

Ron thought it would be easy. All they had to do was spread a few lies about the prat and the two would argue and break away from each other. Hermione thought different since Harry is now a telepath and had a dragon that seemed ready to confirm truth and lie about the blonde. Still, they did as they were told and followed after the former 'Golden Boy' and Slytherin Prince as they walked down the halls towards what the two knew was a secret passage into Hogsmeade, dragon dutifully behind them.

Flint was well aware of the two humans following them and made sure to tell Harry, who in turn whispered it to Draco. The dragon snorted loudly when he looked over his shoulder in annoyance, still sensing that they were there. "Hey, Draco," Harry suddenly spoke higher than a whisper. "Wanna ride on Flint to Hogsmeade? I mean, it's not like anyone can catch us and Aire probably would cover us, even thought it is the weekend so we don't need to worry about anything."

Draco pretended to think about it for a moment before smirking. "Sure," he replied. "Think he can get us there as fast as he can? The longer we're away from this place, the better."

"Total agreement," Harry chuckled as Flint lowered to the ground slightly before Harry slid onto his back and helped Draco up. Flint snorted slightly as he stood back up and headed towards the outside. "Hold on," the brunette said, pulling Draco's hands around his waist and holding them on his stomach before Flint shot off into a run.

Ron and Hermione quickly ran to the spot where Flint took off from and watched helplessly as the dragon ran through the gates of Hogwarts and down the road. Dumbledore will not be happy with them and they knew it.

Harry and Draco, on the other hand, were enjoying the wind flying through their hair, hearing nothing but the air and Flint's large paws strike the ground with each step in his run. Trees surrounded them within a minute before the broke away two minutes later to show the Shrieking Shack. Harry patted Flint's side before the dragon trotted up the trail that led into Hogsmeade.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of that," Draco commented when Flint stopped.

Harry smirked at him as he slid off the young dragon before helping Draco down. "Tell you what," he said. "When Flint's able to carry at most two people during flight, I'll take you flying. It feels so much better than being on a broom, surprisingly."

Draco smiled at him. "You would actually let me on his back when he starts flying?" he asked.

Harry shrugged. "Why not?" he replied. "I mean, you seem to enjoy riding him when he's running. But like I said, when he's able to carry two people at most."

"Alright," Draco said with a nod of his head. "I would love to."

The brunet smirked at him before taking his hand and leading him to the small village. Flint scratched at the earth for a moment then looked towards the shack and tilted his head with a low rumble from his chest. He lowed gently then followed after Harry and his mate. The dragon smirked at that. Harry was starting to catch on that Draco was his mate, but he wasn't one hundred percent sure. The courting shall be entertaining.

Many of the people in Hogsmeade Village stepped to the side of the streets whenever the dragon came through, watching him warily while ignoring the fact that their supposed savior was holding hands with a Malfoy. Either they ignored it or didn't notice. "Do you wanna grab a butterbeer or get some candy or what?" Harry asked.

"Let's get a butterbeer first," Draco replied with a small smile on his lips and a faint dusting of pink on his pale cheeks.

Harry smirked to himself. "Alright," he said, leading the blonde towards the Hog's Head. "Flint, why don't you run around in the forest or something until I call you?" he suggested to the dragon.

Flint tilted his head to the side for a moment before nodding. 'Alright,' he said as he started to trot off. 'Maybe I'll find something new to play with.'

"Stay away from the centaurs!" Harry warned before the dragon shot off into the woods. "He's going to go annoy them. Crazy dragon."

Draco chuckled lowly before they entered and sat at a table after getting their butterbeers. "So what is your family like?" Draco asked, sipping at his drink.

"Grandfather is kind and considerate," Harry said. "Adam is a joker that tries and succeeds on lightening the mood whenever he can. Aire is serious and one would wonder how they get along so well. What about your family?"

"Well we're not all what society makes us out to be," Draco confessed. "My father may act harsh, but he cares deeply for my mother and I. He would do anything to make sure we were safe. Mother is basically the same way. If it's in her power, she will do it. Severus has always been like an uncle to me. He and my father are practically brothers from how close they are." Harry let out a low hum as he drank his butterbeer. "What about your real parents?"

Harry froze for a moment. "My father died before I was born protecting my mother and she died after I was born from injuries from an attack back home," he stated. "Grandfather says my father was clumsy, but when he treasured others, he never let any harm come to them. My mother, according to grandfather, was a very understanding woman. She was the total opposite as my father in a few ways, but she protected those she cared for as well. Grandfather told me that when he watched the two, it was like watching a swan dance around a bull. He always called my father bull-headed." Draco chuckled lowly at that. "Anything else you wanna know, Draco?"

"What kinds of things do you like doing now?" he asked. "You don't seem interested in Quidditch anymore."

"I'm not," he replied. "The sport is starting to dull me. I mean, the adrenaline rush I get from chasing the Snitch, trying to catch it before the other Seeker…it's addicting! But the thrill is now gone. It's like I can't really get a challenge anymore." He chuckled before taking a small sip of his drink. "I still like flying around. I get a sense of freedom when I'm in the air. Like nothing can touch or stop me. I also like training with my cousin. He keeps cracking jokes, unlike Aire who just keeps pointing out my mistakes and such. And you?"

"Reading and flying around," Draco replied. "Helps clear my head."

"I know what you mean," the brunet chuckle, running a hand through his hair. They pair was silent for a moment before Harry looked into Draco's mercury orbs. "Draco," he softly called, bringing the blonde's attention to him. "I really do hope you're it."

Draco smiled slightly. "I hope so, too," he said, knowing what Harry was talking about.

Harry smirked at him before placing his now empty glass on the table. "As soon as you're done, why don't we head over to Honeydukes?" he suggested. "Or maybe Zonko's Joke Shop?"

"Yeah," Draco replied with a nod, finishing off his butterbeer at a tolerable pace before Harry paid for the two drinks and left with the blonde. "You're spoiling me," he stated. "I am perfectly capable for paying for my own butterbeer."

"I know," Harry said with a shrug before grinning. "But I wanted to pay for yours."

The two headed towards the joke shop and browsed around, buying many things. Harry just grabbed whatever he thought Adam would enjoy. Everyone knew a bored Adam was a dangerous one and it was best to keep him entertained. Afterwards, they went to Honeydukes. Harry soon found out Draco favored Chocolate Cauldrons and Sugar Quills. He made a mental note about that.

-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-Scene Change-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-

"You what?" Dumbledore roared, losing his grandfatherly façade.

"We lost him, sir," Hermione spoke up since Ron was too chicken to do so. "He and Malfoy climbed onto that beast of his and ran off. They were too fast. We couldn't follow them."

Dumbledore sighed harshly, pacing behind his desk. He needed Harry back in his control. He hummed gently before going over to a cabinet at removing a vial filled with golden liquid. "Slip this either onto his food or into his drink," he ordered the two. "It is a Loyalty Potion."

"With that bloody beast of his, how can we make sure he takes it?" Ron asked.

"Make sure that dragon isn't around," Dumbledore said as though it was the simplest thing in the world.

-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-Scene Change-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-

Flint raised his head from the large dead spider body he found and swiveled his ears around. His silver eyes narrowed towards the castle not too far from him. Dumbledore didn't know when to quit, he thought to himself with a growl escaping his throat. He couldn't leave his rider alone. It was too risky.

He spun around and took off towards Hogsmeade, looking for Harry and Draco. He found them exciting the candy store with shrunken bags being stuffed into their pockets. A smile was on Harry's lips, something Flint was glad to see. It seemed his rider was enjoying himself.

The dragon sighed heavily with a nearly silent snort. If Dumbledore tried anything to ruin Harry's happiness, he would soon wish he was never born. 'Harry!' he mentally called to his master.

Harry looked over to Flint then grabbed Draco's hand and led the blonde over to the dragon. "What's wrong?" he asked.

'It's too risky to leave you alone,' Flint told him. 'My ears are more sensitive than anyone gives them credit for. I may have been quite a distance away, but I heard Dumbledore telling those two posers to slip you a Loyalty Potion. They would try it as soon as I am not around you.'

The teen sighed heavily and nodded his head once. He looked over to Draco. "Fancy a run around the lake?" Harry asked. "I once found this wonderful spot. We could just sit there and relax or talk."

Draco thought for about two seconds before replying. "I would love to," he said before Harry helped him onto Flint's back, mounting the dragon behind the blonde as soon as Draco was on. With one arm wrapped around Draco's waist, pulling the blonde's back into his chest, Harry urged the dragon into a run. Flint reared up very little before sprinting straight into a run with his head low and neck outstretched. Harry bent forward, which in turn made Draco bend forward as well.

Once again, the wind whipped through their hair as everything turned into a blur. They were out of Hogsmeade and running around the lake within moments. Flint slowed to a gentle jog once they reached the lake so Harry could see the spot he mentioned to Draco.

The sun was almost in the center of the sky, beating down on the two boys and the dragon. They could see a tentacle of the giant squid lazing about on the surface, suggesting the large lake creature was trying to get some warmth.

"Over there, Flint," Harry said, patting the side of the dragon's neck.

Flint looked around and spotted a small entrance through the bushes and into the forest. With a small nod of the dragon's head, he headed towards the entrance. "Why are we going into the Forbidden Forest?" Draco nervously asked.

"We're not going too far in," Harry reassured him, patting the hands that were gripping his other arm. "Head down," he said, leaning forward a bit as they went through the hole in the thicket. Flint lowered his head as well so his horns wouldn't get tangled up in the branches. "We're here," was all the young prince said before he slid off Flint's back and pulled the blonde off afterwards.

Draco looked around with wide eyes at the area. There were a few flat boulders scattered around, one already occupied by Flint laying on it, and a small stretch of the lake in the center. It wasn't very large or very deep, but it could easily go up to their chests, stretched about six feet wide, and was clear enough to see everything in it. Though the clearing was large and didn't have many trees that created the amount of shade it had, there was mostly shade surrounding them. The trees around the clearing stretched their branches out and left a small hole of sunshine in through the center of their make-shift roof.

Harry sat on one of the boulders, smirking up at Draco. He didn't think the blonde would find it that interesting. Harry only found it a couple weeks ago with Flint and thought it was a very relaxing spot. There were no insects buzzing around to bother him. The noise of the castle didn't even reach this far. No one else had any knowledge of this place either, so it was perfect to get away to.

"This is such a nice spot," Draco commented.

"The water is pretty cool, too," Harry added, shedding his cloak, shirt, and eventually his pants until he was just in his boxers. "Wanna join me?" he asked, stepping into the water and crouching down in it until it reached his chin. Draco smirked at him then removed his own cloak, shirt, and pants.

Flint let out a low, throaty chuckle as the blonde joined his master in the water. Harry sat along the slope, still deep enough in the water to stay slightly cool with his shoulders and everything above them out of the water. Draco sat next to him after dunking his head into the water and resurfacing.

"How'd you find this area?" Draco asked.

"Was getting used to riding Flint when we came across it," Harry replied with a wave of his hand.

"It's really relaxing here," the blonde commented.

"Yeah," Harry agreed. "I love coming here whenever I get the chance."

"Let me guess, not that often, right?" Draco chuckled lightly, leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

"You have guessed correct," Harry replied with a soft smile on his lips.

He tilted his head to the side and stared at the blonde, watching every water droplet slide down his pale skin and make his bright hair shine, even in the shadows. Tiny drop of water were stuck on his eyelashes, seeming to be stuck on the tip. His face was well chiseled, and he had quite a bit of muscle on his. Harry was under the impression that wizards were lazy and used their magic for everything, but seeing the muscles on Draco proved him otherwise. The water made gentle laps at his chest, leaving even more water to slide down and catch Harry's gaze.

"Why are you staring at me?" Draco asked, cracking an eye open to stare at Harry.

"Because," Harry replied with a smi8rk. "I think you're really beautiful."

Draco blushed brightly. "You're not even sure about me being your true mate an all," he pointed out solemnly.

Harry reached over and ran a hand through Draco's hair, leaning over to him. "I think I am now," he stated before placing his lips on Draco's.

Draco was taken by surprise, of course, but eventually kissed back, opening his lips with a soft moan when he felt Harry nibbling gently on his lower lip. Harry pulled him over onto his lap before Draco wrapped his arms around the other's neck. Harry's arms wound around Draco's waist as their kiss deepened, tongues wrestling for dominance. Of course, Harry won. Draco allowed him to explore his mouth with his tongue, not the least bit upset over losing the fight for dominance. Both could feel the other hardening, and just from a kiss. Draco grinded his hips against Harry's, earning a groan from the brunet before he felt hands squeezing his ass cheeks.

A loud snort brought them back to Earth, a trip that ended with their mouths away from each other and connected only by a thin link of saliva. Draco's face was very flushed, a bright pink on his cheeks and an amazed, wide-eyed look. Harry looked over his shoulder and glared at Flint, who only turned his head innocently to the side and glanced around.

'Well you can't exact just jump into it like that!' Flint defended, finally making eye contact with his master.

"Screw you!" Harry yelled back at him.

'Look, he may be your true mate and all, but you gotta build up the relationship,' Flint commented.

"What do you think we were doing?" Harry asked.

'Eating each others faces?'

Harry was silent then looked back at Draco, who had his head tilted down. "Maybe we should go a little slower with this or we're going to be going at it like rabbits by the end of the day and I don't think you wanna wake up pregnant in a week," he joked near the end.

"Yeah," Draco replied. "That would be a nightmare. You'd have Father and Sev after you for that."

"Sev?" Harry repeated.

"Professor Snape's my godfather," Draco replied. "And he kind of knows about my feelings towards you."

Harry was silent for a moment before chuckling. "Well now I know why he was always such an ass to me."

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