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A/N: The Harry Potter saga told in a form where every word in the story is composed from the letters "Harry James Potter." Also, thanks to SomeGuyFawkes, nonjon, and a couple of reviewers who spotted errors and brought them to my attention.

They retry the estate. The rat taps a sharp metre. The home armor's ajar.

Eater reports, "Aye, Majesty, they're here."

They tear a hasty patter to the repertory.

"Aha," the Praetor spat.

A mother's protest, a sharp threat: her joy, to pathos.

Tom the Reaper tempts.

Temper. Pother. Terror.

A throaty phrase, a streamer.

Tapestry tears, teapots shatter. Prostrate, she.

Smote, her tot Harry arose a hero.

Amethyst, myrrh, rosemary... Rotate, aerate.

A sham, the past. Joy? Ha!

Soya, horse aorta, hamster ear... Tamp the paste.

Harry mopes.

Osprey toes, harpy teeth, oyster, hemp. Heat o'er pyre.

"Potty," the satyr jeers, eyes smart. The jester emotes, arm sharp.

Ash, aery, mars the pot. Hot spray harms Harry's eyes.

"Yeah!" The three tamperers tease as they ape the petty japes.

Harry retorts, hoarse, yet empty.

"So sorry, ma, pa." Harry opes the totem, hears them.

The host arrest Harry, retreat to Tom. The atmosphere portrays hate ethos.

The Master toys.

Harry's a martyr, prey.

A terse phrase. Harry's shot. Heart stop.


A stormy hearse tramps home. The Emperor jeers, treats them to theatre.

Roster o' Harry's peers at the ramparts, the armory hear.

Harry's mate hears. She repeats a prayer.

"Hey, Tom!" Harry arose to oaths.

They spar. Tom, eyes set, spat a raspy phrase. Harry parrots; jets sear.

Potter harms Tom; the hero repays.