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Plot: What would have happened if Sephiroth had not been raised by Hojo, had not been exposed to Soldier and had been brought up by a family who did not hesitate to give him authentic, undiluted, and unconditional love.

Genre: Angst/Action/Friendship/Romance/Family/Adventure/Drama/Suspense/Supernatural/Sci-Fi/Fantasy



Warning: M(R) (Restricted) For excessive cursing, some adult content, violence, combat, images of fantasy-styled confrontation, gore, human mutilation, and other implications of suggestive material.

-Imperfect Paradise (Yamiko)

If the Black had been White
By Imperfect Paradise

Prologue (Part One)
The Mission Gone Array

The newest editions to Shinra's Turks continued walking through the slums of Sector Six, holding the hand of a young silver haired boy, who was just barely able to keep up. Her mission was on her mind, and all she wanted to do was to put an end to it as soon as possible—so she could work on other things that were less provocative (as hopeless as it was to believe).

Nevertheless, as gruesome, horrible and inhumane as it was, she had not gone up the ranks of Shinra only to go soft to an experiment, jeopardizing everything she had gained in the process. Said experiment was no more than three years old and spoke in the tongue befitting that of his age, but nonetheless held a slightly charming charisma suiting that of his sort.

Was that why she was dreading it? That she had to do away with something that had barely begun to grasp what the Earth had to give. A human soul—a child for that matter—who had been horribly used by everything and everyone he had ever known, for purposes even now he couldn't grasp. Hell—she even wasn't sure if she understood them herself. This whole thing was… well… 'Complicated.'

But still… whether she liked it or not, it 'had' to be done. When the chairman wanted something done—it would be done despite what anyone else may have wanted.

So why stall? If it was going to happen anyway—why prolong the child's anguish and misery? After all, the more he trusted her—the more it would hurt him in the end when he realized she was leading him astray. Not that she believed in that planet nonsense—that everyone was conjoined to the 'life stream' at the moment of their life's end, or whatever awaited after death—but she would shun the rest of what remained of her heart if he was to remain lost in confusion and pain.

"Wah we go'en?"

The little boy's voiced chimed like an angel's bell, making the female turk's heart wrench dangerously in her chest. Regaining her composure, she inhaled sharply before she stated, "It's a surprise."

"Waat es it?

Looking down at him, she closed her eyes and smiled, stating in a voice so nice, anyone else would have immediately identified it as a façade. "Well, if I told you—it wouldn't be very much of a surprise, now would it?"

The little boy smiled for a moment, but then tripped a second following it. He fell to the ground shortly afterwards, and fell flat on his face. A second following it, he broke into a series of sniffles and started crying immediately after. As this happened, the Shinra body-guard raised an eyebrow in the process.

It was hard to believe that this was once the specimen of what was supposed to be the beginning of the experiment known as "soldier." She knew all about it. From the samples they collected from the former biological exterior that had once housed the embodiment of J.E.N.O.V.A—came what was supposed to be their crowning achievement, which had now gone completely array.

The cells of the calamity had been injected into the womb of one of their most brilliant scientists, who had just gone through the process of conception. It was supposed to be a perfect birth—that would create the 'perfect' asset to their organization. However, with it came great cost. His mother began to have hallucinations—'visions' as she called them— and shortly underwent severe traumatic stability on what had been stated as her otherwise perfect mental health. The scientists watched as their once brave and confident colleague drove herself mad—eventually leading to her trying to kill herself. However, the head of their team—refused to let her die—and forced treatment upon treatment upon the woman—which on anyone else under any circumstances would have been rendered useless. But whatever he had given her had worked on keeping the woman stable… well, physically stable.

Which prompted everyone to wonder what the hell it was, and what it was actually responding to in order to keep the wretched woman alive. It was horrible—that their own leader (and the woman's husband for that matter) put her through all of this, for a purpose no one knew.

But what they were all positive about—was that it was not for the wellbeing of his wife.

Day by day, her belly swelled, and soon it came to be the time that it would be any day when she would give birth to whatever was inside of her.

But that only made her more passionate about killing herself, prompting her husband to have her instituted at his own facilities, and the placed on suicide watch, with twenty-four hour surveillance in edition to an IV strapped to her arm at all times, bearing strange and foreboding chemicals.

But even that wouldn't be enough.

For shortly afterwards, the former Doctor Lucrecia went completely insane and lost all passionate and civilized train of thought once possessed. Within an hour before she would have probably been in labor, she had torn her hands out of her restrains, (breaking several fingers and nearly crippling her wrists) and then savagely ripped the throats of her nurses like some savage starving beast, and left them for dead. By the time security had arrived, she reached her husband's storage room—and it was there, she had resorted to her last bet of ending her life. She unsealed a container of filled to the rim of liquid oxygen—and downed its contents like a drunkard on a binge, until she was physically incapable of consuming any more…

While twitching on the ground—Professor Hojo and his colleagues had arrived at the scene, and without another word, he took a serrated knife in hand and cut open her stomach just before the moment of her death—in order to retrieve what probably would have remained of the corpse of the fetus. Everyone in the room, other than being appalled from the sight of such cruel practices being inflicted upon the man's very own spouse during her last minutes on Earth, were shocked to see that the infant, soaked with the blood of his mother, was still alive, and were amazed as it opened its beautiful green eyes, as if this whole gruesome event had been a completely sound, normal and even perfect birth.

This anomaly was short lived, as the scientist immediately took the child in his arms, and returned to his lab in order to undergo what he referred to as a 'check-up.' The doors then slammed shut behind him—and there was absolute silence.

No one ever saw the baby leave the lab. They had guessed it had died shortly afterwards—perhaps there had been complications to the birth, after all; those that had missed the eyes of several experts. Hojo rarely came out—only during those times when he retrieved rations in order to keep his own personal subjects 'alive' as well as the latest tools and material needed to complete his experiments—nothing had changed at all. Was it perhaps denial that his line wasn't dead, or was it guilt that he had sacrificed his wife for something that didn't come through—and that he was wasting away in depression?

That's pretty much what everyone thought, until three years later. The scientists who worked through the late hours of the night—finely began to hear things emanating from Professor Hojo's lab; Noises of such misconduct and vindictiveness, bearing the most horrid implications that they couldn't be ignored forever.

"No, Da-dah! No mah pwick!—No mah pwick!!"

"We're not done yet! Now keep your little mouth shut and hold still!"

"Nooooo! Eht hurts! Da-dah… Et hurts!"

"Don't you worry—my boy… this is the seventh to last injection you'll have- this night; Then you won't any more until tomorrow. I promise!"

Crying… Pleading… Screams… All from the mouth of a child, who had probably never known affection nor love in this world. There was no other way to describe it: It was absolutely disgusting. And although the scientists were bound to keep their oath of silence, with threats of death or the execution of their love-ones or families resting over their heads and brows—it appeared inevitable that this horrid event would eventually get out into the public.

And that it did.

Within weeks following this incident, someone, had let slip to an outsider the details as to what was going on in the research facilities of the Shinra Corporation. Rumors surfaced and spread, eventually leading to pending investigations and numerous protests. Within no time flat, Midgar was swarmed with news teams from all over the planet, questioning the practices of the Shinra company—which had just begun to stretch its impact and influence on the world. Words like child abuse, domestic violence and cruel and psychotic criminal practices flooded the countryside and eventually reached other cities and districts like wildfire. This led the people of the planet to question how far Shinra was going to take its medical breakthroughs and at what cost.

As the angry letters swarmed in, and as the investigators pushed to find out the source of the rumors—the Shinra President grew ever more bitter. As much as he wanted to find the source of the company's jeopardy (and hang him or her by the neck for letting that information slip out) he knew the higher priority came first, and within less than a day, gave out the order through pried teeth:

"Allow the investigations to commence in due time, but first… … Eliminate all- of the evidence."

It had not been an easy experience for Shinra's Turks. For starters, ProfessorHojo was not as easily corrected at they had hoped. In the process of his arrest, (and therefore impending execution) he had severely wounded several Turks (by releasing engineered and unidentified materia from his private storages), scarred and dismembered another and nearly killed an aid when using her as a hostage—but was eventually taken down through the means of seven bullets to the gut and another two to the head, which killed him within a matter of seconds. Watching him die on the ground from the numerous shot-wounds (for materia was too precious to use on someone as wretched as he was) the Turks regarded the lunatic with absolute horror as he used the last of his strength to look over towards the other side of the room—

—where a young boy stared and shivered at the sight of the immense and sudden bloodshed.

They continued walking through the lower districts of what seemed like the wrong side of town (hmph… who knew that such corruption and depravity could be found outside of Shinra's world stronghold—the shame of it all), one thing on the newly appointed guardian's mind:

Get rid of the last bit of evidence by any means necessary.

After another few minutes of searching for an area of complete isolation and with the proper conditions adding to its cause (now that she thought about it, in this part of town, it seemed reasonable that some things could go bad), eventually, the amateur turk found her salvation.

Stopping in an alleyway, she scanned the area making sure there was no one who could see them. The young boy looked around as well, but saw nothing but iron walls, aged and corroded, but with strange pretty-looking markings painted on them (had he been able to spell and read, he would have seen the noun "avarice" before him). Once the location was decidedly deemed fit by her standards, the young woman, knowing she had finally passed the Rubicon of her mission, reached for the sheath inside her pocket, pulling out a silver pistol.

The young boy, (not noticing her intentions right away) looked around slightly confused, but not with some form of awe, for he had never seen the outside of the bad place before, so doing something like this was almost like something out of a dream. He asked, turning towards his sitter with a look of curiosity on his face, "Awh we almost da—?"

Once he did, his face paled when he saw her poising one of those horrible killing-things in his direction. Images of his father's death flooded his mind, as he stared at the woman he once thought he could trust, eyes paralyzed with fear, completely lost for words.

"Actually, young one," she spoke, sadistically, un-switching the safety with a deviously empty grin on her face, "We're here already."


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