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Although the story had its dramatic moment, things turned out for the best. Goku and Chichi god married less than a week after graduation and were expecting parents less than a week after their honeymoon.

Jenny and Yamcha did go out for that dinner, and then yet another dinner and then another and another and another and another and then another, and well I guess you get the picture."

18 and Krillin got married as well, later giving birth to a bouncing baby girl, Maron. Go figure on the name.

Chad and Marron both left for college. Chad got kicked out. Fortunately he didn't come back to find me or Jenny. No one's sure what happened to him, and no one really cares either.

And Finally Vegeta and me... I think we all know what happened there.

So my point is this, No matter what you think sometimes your perspective of people do change. The people thought you were never capable of loving you do end up loving. That's life you aren't meant to know what's going to happen and life can change in an instant. But you'll be okay as long as you have friends and people who love you.

" So what are you saying mom? I'm gonna grow up to love Pan?" Trunks asked, half asleep from his mother's story.
"You never know."
"Okay...I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the story mom. I think I'm going to go see Goten now." He said, getting up and walking out the door. Bulma simply shook her head and got up from her seat and walked into the kitchen. She slowly picked up the phone to call Chichi but before she could dial she felt an arm go around her waist and lips pressed against her neck.
"Nice story you told the brat woman." Vegeta said, amused.
"Well every word of it is true." Bulma insisted, hanging up the phone and turning around to face him.
"Well except one part." Vegeta said, kissing her from her jaw to her collar bone. "I could have settled for some one else to be queen." Bulma smiled as she pulled his lips back to her own. and mumbled one more word before being lead off to their bed room.

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