Tobias and I lay in his meadow, staring up at the fluffy white clouds in the beautiful blue sky. Both of us were in our original bodies – some trick of the Observer's method of giving me back my morphs had also given me the ability to morph into myself. Now I finally understood the dilemma Tobias used to face every time we were together. I could become myself again, at the expense of losing my ability to morph. I wasn't sure that was something I could bring myself to give up.

Oh well. I had my whole lifetime to decide.

For the moment, though, it was Rachel and Tobias, lying together on a bright sunny day, hands intertwined, hearts beating together. Our relationship had always been strange, but now it was going to be even stranger. But I knew that we could weather it, because we always had. Our love was stronger than our circumstances. It was stronger than death itself.

We would endure.


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