Sakura awoke when the first rays of light filtered in through her window. Tenshi was still asleep in the bed beside her. Both of them had a problem getting to sleep last night so he was allowed to sleep in her bed with her for a night. He usually slept in the room next to hers in his own bed but after the incident with Madara neither of them felt as safe as they normally would have. Sakura was also on end about the two Akatsuki ninja who were supposed to be paying her a little visit. She knew they had saved her and that they were probably no threat but she couldn't help but be fretful. Neither of those were the reason for her early awakening though. She knew she should have slept as long as possible but she just couldn't. Deidara was being released today at noon. Sakura could tell by the was the sun was coming in her window it wasn't even eight yet. She smiled down at her sleeping son. His blonde hair was laying on the pillow in every direction. She smiled and patted it down to his head softly. He didn't stir at all. His features were soft and relaxed, a small smile barely visible on his face. She wondered what he could be dreaming about. The only time he ever held still was when he was asleep so she took advantage of her opportunity and rapped an arm around him softly. Without waking him she lifted him into her arms and held him close to her, relishing the feeling of having her child safe and warm in her arms. She didn't know how long she sat like that, silently holding her son to her, but he woke up soon enough and it was time for breakfast.

She stood smiling in front of the stove. It seemed she couldn't keep a smile off of her face for more than a few seconds. Tenshi sat in his booster seat at the table, talking in his broken sentences to a toy he held in his hands. The water she had in a pot before her began to boil and she dropped in three eggs. She made her way over to the fridge and pulled out a head of lettuce and a few tomatoes. She took a knife from the second drawer closest to the sink and chopped the tomatoes into quarters and then in half from there. Once that was completed she dropped them into a big bowl and she turned her attention to peeling lettuce. Once she was satisfied that she had enough for the two of them to eat she put the remainder of the lettuce back in the refrigerator and turned back to the stove. The eggs were done and she peeled the shell from them skillfully. After the water was dumped she crumbled the eggs into pieces and sprinkled the tiny pieces over the other ingredients in the salad. She smiled again as she stirred it and served Tenshi his breakfast.

A few hours later she was a nervous wreck running through her house, making sure everything was in order. Once she was certain everything was perfect she sat on the couch with Tenshi, bouncing her knees in anticipation. It was nearly 12:30 and Deidara could be home at anytime. She pulled a stray lock of Tenshi's hair into place and he turned in her lap to smile up at her. Someone knocked on the door and Sakura all but jumped three feet in the air in her hurry to get up. She held Tenshi close to her and rushed to the door. Once she was standing before the dark wood she paused for a tiny moment and the slung it open, shaking the frame.

There, standing before her was Deidara. He held an impish smile on his face and a sincere happiness in his eyes. She smiled at him, her earlier worries melting away inside of her. All that mattered in that instant was that her family was now together. Deidara wrapped him arms around Sakura and Tenshi. The baby was giggling and squirming in Sakura's arms, a sure sign of his excitement. Deidara pulled away but kept one arms loosely around her waist. Tenshi stretched his arms out towards Deidara and shook them at him. "He wants you to hold him." Sakura giggled and Tenshi nodded his confirmation. Deidara looked a little weary for a second but gently took the blonde toddler from his mother, taking a small step backwards from the woman and putting both arms around his son.

Sakura cried as she watched Deidara take in his son. He smiled and hugged the boy tight to his chest. Tenshi was ecstatic to have his Daddy home. He was hugging him and kissing his cheek, a huge smile plastered to the small child's face. Deidara held the baby to his chest and stepped closer to Sakura. He wrapped one of his arms around her and kissed her forehead. "He's absolutely beautiful, Hmmm." Sakura hadn't noticed how much she missed the questioning at the end of his sentences. "I know." She brought her lips up and captured his soft mouth with hers. The kiss was sweet and told of all the longing they had felt over the last year. It was short lived however when Tenshi started whining for attention. "We'll have plenty of time tonight." Sakura promised as they pulled apart and Deidara went back to playing with his son. Tenshi wiggled until Deidara put him on the floor and drug his father to his bedroom. Sakura followed and watched, a content smile on her face as Deidara sat in the floor with their child, playing with all of his toys. She couldn't help but feel completely and utterly giddy for a moment. Here was the second love of her life, playing with their child for the first time. Everything was going to be wonderful for them now, they were all going to be happy now. She felt tears well up in her eyes as she watched them interact. They were laughing, Tenshi sitting in Deidara's lap, as they pushed the buttons on one of the baby toys. Now she could truly see just how much her son resembled his father. They had the same hair, same eyes, and same smile. She smiled a little wider when she heard the growling of both of their stomachs. "What do my boys want to eat for lunch?" They both looked up at her, an impish grin on their features. "Anything you have to cook." Deidara stood, sitting Tenshi on his feet and the three of them made their way into the kitchen, Sakura's hand in Deidara's.