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Chapter Five

I didn't walk to school the next morning with Davis because when I woke up my dad was sitting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper and mom was up and about again, constantly insulting dad about something or other. I already had a splitting headache so I left before Davis came to pick me up and walked to school by myself.

But now I'm almost an hour early and almost no one is here and I feel like a geek coming into school so early so I trudge into the cafeteria, pick up my free breakfast and absently eat some of the Cheerios until someone interrupts me.

I think maybe it's Tai or Sora when I feel the light tap on my shoulder, but when I turn around I see Kari standing there, a small blush on her face. She's flanked by the purple-haired perverted chick Yolei and the really short, serious kid Cody.

They're all staring at me and I stare back until Kari clears her throat. "Hi, T.K. Um... do you mind if we sit here?"

I shrug and they all take seats at my otherwise empty table. Now they're still staring at me and I feel like a freak at a zoo or something. I frown at Yolei and flick a Cheerio at her. She gets really red and looks like she's about to lunge over the table at me. It's funny so I laugh. "What the hell was that for!?" she demands, giving me a death glare.

I shrug. "You were staring."

Yolei glares at me even harder and Kari thwacks her over the head. Not too hard, but enough to make her redirect her glare at Kari. "Kari!? What the hell!?"

"You're being rude," Kari explains, then looks over at me and smiles, "So, what's up?"

I cock my head to the side. "The sky...?"

Cody and Yolei start laughing and Kari looks flustered. I just pop a few more Cheerios into my mouth and wonder how the hell Kari is related to Tai. They're so different it isn't even funny. I frown at the thought of kissing Kari like Tai suggested the night before...

"T.K..." Kari interrupts, giving me a worried look, "Are you okay? You look out if it."

I nod uneasily. "Yeah, sure..."

Kari opens her mouth to speak to me again when I receive a punch on the shoulder and I'm sent face first into my Cheerios. Ouch. Do you know how unpleasant that is...?

When I lift my head up from my little plastic container of Cheerios, some of the cereal still sticking to my face, I turn and find am angry Davis glaring at me, hands on his hips. "What the hell?" I demanded.

"You freaking ditched me!" Davis exclaims, gesticulating wildly to prove his point, "You freaking ditched me and I went to your house to find you and your freaking dad opens the door, tells me that I'm not welcome here and to leave before he called the cops, and he looks like he fucking wants to kill me because he thought I was that Taichi kid again!"

At the mention of the name Tai I blush and look away in embarrassment. Davis looks down at me in curiosity and interest, until Kari interrupts by having an outburst of her own, saving me from my best friend's intuition. "What about my brother, Motomiya?" she growls ferociously, eyes flashing in outrage.

Davis is caught off guard by Kari's threatening growl, but he nonetheless replies. "N-nothing...!" he splutters, arms stretched out in front of him cautiously. I don't blame him-- Kari looks scary when she gets angry, "It's just that... Takeru's mom and dad think that Taichi... err, killed his older brother..."

Kari whitens with fury and her hands curl into angry, furious fists. I almost think she's going to jump over the table and kick Davis' ass, but Yolei beats her to it, letting out an angry yowl and jumping over the table herself. Davis lets out a cry and Yolei captures him in a headlock, bringing his face down on the table.

"You better apologize, you ass!" Yolei growls and Cody runs over to attempt to pull her off of Davis.

"Y-Yolei..." Cody stutters, voice low and frightened as he attempts to break the two apart, "L-let him g-go... You'll get in trouble...!"

"Screw trouble!" Yolei hisses, "I may not have known that Yamato kid but I know Taichi enough to know that he would never ever do something to anyone, let alone his best friend! That Yamato kid had a death wish so he offed himself! How dare you insinuate Taichi had anything to do with it!?"

I flinch at Yolei's words but no one notices. Because now a crowd is gathering around the table and are urging Yolei to kick his ass even further and I can't think because it's so loud...

"Yolei," I hear Kari say, voice controlled and quiet, "Let him go."

Yolei hesitates, but after Kari gives me a glance she relents, slipping out of the hold, letting Davis straighten out and dust off his clothes, coughing hard.

"You're lucky you're a girl," Davis hisses venomously at Yolei, who glares right back at him.

"You're lucky my boyfriend's your friend," Yolei fires back, "If Ken didn't like you so much I would've broken something. Idiot."

The crowd's dispersing and Davis wraps his arm around my shoulders and leads me away from the cafeteria, muttering angrily under his breath. Just as we're about to go out the double doors and into the hall, I look back and see Kari giving me a sad, apologetic look.

I try to smile at her as reassuringly as I can but the doors close on me before I can, so I look down at the floor.

"Hey," Tai says, clapping his hand lightly on my shoulder and giving me a smile.

"Oh. It's you," I say this as coldly as I can, wishing that Davis didn't have soccer practice and that I hadn't promised him I'd go to his house after school. Because now I'm stuck here on the bleachers waiting for him to finish and Tai found me and this only makes it worse.

Tai looks at me with narrowed eyes and takes a seat next to me on the bleachers. "What crawled up your ass and died today?" he asks sarcastically, stretching out his long, tan legs and resting his feet on one of the rows below.

When I was five, I used to get bullied by the other kids because I liked playing with stuffed animals instead of playing sports with the other boys at recess. When Matt found out, he told me that the best way to deal with bullies was to ignore them. "If they think that it doesn't bother you," Matt had explained while I hiccuped into his chest over my favorite toy they'd destroyed, "They'll just leave you alone."

So I'm ignoring Tai. Not because he's bullying me, or anything, but because I really don't want to see him. He makes my head hurt and think of Matt and how he's so much better than me, and when I was bored one afternoon I saw an episode of Oprah that said that dwelling on 'emotionally tumultuous thoughts' wasn't mentally healthy. So yeah. I'm ignoring Tai.

Tai gives me a withering look. "Sorry I interrupted your fantasy about getting it on with one of the soccer players."

I cough and splutter and Tai has a smug smirk on his face. "I-I... I'm... not... I'm j-just waiting for my f-friend Daisuke to finish practice..." I choke out in my defense, forgetting all about giving Tai the cold shoulder.

Tai shrugs. "Oh yeah. Daisuke Motomiya. Yup, I've heard of him. Soccer captain, star player, blah, blah, blah," Tai's voice turns whiny and girlish, I giggle despite myself, "That's what everyone whines about. Except Kari. Apparently they had a little fight today," Tai laughs, "Kari only gets that pissed when she either likes someone or someone really annoys her. Sometimes she can't tell which is which, though..."

I frown at him. "Davis doesn't think you did it, Tai," I say, not wanting Tai to hate my best friend because that would be bad and awkward, "He was just saying that my parents do because whenever he comes to my house my dad thinks that he's you and he threatens to call the cops on him."

Tai looks at me with wide, surprised eyes. "Your dad's staying with you instead of returning to the lap of luxury?" he whistles, impressed, "Never thought I'd see the day that old Mr. Ishida gives up all his shit to live with your mom. Shit, I thought they hated each other."

I nod. "They do..."

Tai snorts and leans into me, his head on my shoulder, eyes closed. I blush and try to push him away, but he lazily swats my hands away as he speaks. "But about the whole Davis looks like me thing... I honestly can't see the resemblance."

He catches my hands that are trying to push him away. "That's because you're an idiot..." I mumble. Tai smirks and guides my hands to his lips, where he kisses each fingertip, making me blush and fidget against him, "L-let go...!" I let out, sounding strangled.

"You don't really want me to stop, do you, Teeks?" Tai asks mischievously, a smug smirk on his face.

His big brown eyes are small slits and our eyes are meeting and I want him to kiss me again when I hear a shrill whistle and our eyes tear apart from each other and towards the field, where the coach is corralling everyone back into the gym. Damn it...!

Tai chuckles and gets off me, stretching his legs. "Too bad," he murmurs, "Saved by the whistle?"

With that he gets up and traipses across the bleachers. "Why are you here so late?" I blurt before he can leave me.

He turns and gives me a look. "I had some business to take care of," he tells me vaguely.

I cock my head to the side but I don't ask him anything more, because he and I aren't really friends and asking him about something he doesn't want to tell me is just gonna make things worse. "Where are you going now, then?" I ask instead.

"Home," Tai replied, "Kari's waiting up front for me."

He's walking away and Davis still isn't back and I really don't want this to end so before I can actually think about it I start talking, which I'm already used to since I'm almost never thinking that much...

"Can I come?" I ask, and he freezes and turns and looks at me, eyes wide with shock.

"You want to go home with me and my sister...?" Tai repeats incredulously, "Why?"

I twiddle my thumbs. "W-well... I... j-just..." I meet his eyes, "Want to."

Tai gives me this look weird look-- a cross between amused and smug. "What about Davis?"

I bite my lip. Hard. "C-can h-he... c-come...?"

Tai scowls at me. "Oh yeah, T.K. Sure you guys can come. Bring your friend and, oh, you know what, why don't you bring your parents too? Kari and Davis can strangle each other while your parents try to lynch me."

I pout at him. "Please Tai...?"

It's his turn to bite his lip and he looks away then back at me and then he rolls his eyes while he answers. "Fine," he says, "But keep your best friend on a leash! I don't want my sister getting arrested for killing that dumbass, okay?"

I smile really wide and Tai flips me off and walks away. "Thanks Tai!" I yell.

He waves. "Be at the front of the school in fifteen minutes or I'm leaving your ass here!"

I'm so happy as he walks away that I almost forget that I still have to convince Davis to get into the car with my dead brother's best friend that I've kissed before and his little sister that almost had her friend kick his ass earlier that morning.

God, that makes me frown again...

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