Hi. This is a seriously weird story with very weird lemon and blood. To read this, you will need to have read chapter 3 of 'Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Ash, Oh My!' by Mr.GuyOfDarkness. Enjoy. If you can. No longer a oneshot, by the way.

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A Twisted Revenge

"Ebony! Psychic!" A boy was standing in the middle of a road. His Espeon, black furred, was battling a Poliwrath. The Poliwrath floated into the air, and crashed into the ground. It fainted. The girl cursed quietly. Her own fault. She sent out another pokemon, a Tangela.

"Come on, Bella, you're going to need to do better than that!" taunted the trainer. The Espeon smiled.
"Ebony, Calm Mind and then Psycho Boost!" A swirl of purple energy formed around the Espeon, and then shot out at the Tangela. It fainted instantly. She swore again, louder. A third poke-ball. This one formed a Ditto. It immediately used Transform, turning into a carbon copy of the Espeon.
"Bad move." said the trainer. "Ebony, Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse!" The two super effective moves collided within seconds of each other, and the ditto fainted. Bella swore again, and returned Ditto. She forced herself to smile.
"Good battle… Felix, did you say your name was?" he nodded. "Well, see you around." She walked off.

No one beats me. She thought.

Felix was walking through a street in Goldenrod City. He had decided to cut through a deserted alleyway. He was regretting it. Very few people took these paths, and for good reason. The police only came down once a day, at dawn. At night, it wasn't worth the risk. Yet here he was. He saw something, like a bleu-green blob. It darted down an alley. It looked like a rare pokemon. He decided he HAD to follow it.

He travelled further into the suburbs, deeper into the dark, dangerous areas.

"Hey!" a voice came. He winced with shock, and turned around. It was Bella, leaning against a wall.
"Oh, hi. What are you doing here?" she smiled. It wasn't a nice smile.
"I have a date." she said. Felix was interested.
"Who with?" The smile turned into a scowl.
"Revenge." She threw out a group of pokeballs. Tangela, Poliwrath and Ditto appeared. Felix threw Ebony's pokeball down. Three on one, she'd still win. As the feline appeared, Poliwrath turned Hypnosis on her. Her eyes went wide, and she started to shiver. She couldn't move, or speak, just watch.

Tangela threw out a group of tentacles. They grabbed his clothes, pulling and tearing them in different directions until they all lay in tatters on the floor. One of the vines started to massage his dick. He started with surprise. He didn't notice Poliwrath coming up behind him, until Poliwrath shoved his own dick into his ass. He screamed with shock and surprise.
"No one will hear you." said Bella, smiling. "Not here. And if they do, they won't care. Whatever made you decide to come through here?" she said. The smile got wider. "Oh yeah. Me. I had Poliwrath implant the thought in your mind." Felix was sobbing, not used to this kind of abuse and pain. Poliwrath came inside him, and pulled out. He collapsed on the floor. He didn't see Ditto flowing towards him.

"Now, that's a special Ditto I have there." It started to flow over his legs, covering him. "He can do things no other Ditto can." He covered his body until only his face was visible. "For a start, he can use Acid Armour." Ditto glowed a sickly green and every nerve in Felix's body was alight with pain. He could literally feel his skin melting. It was sheer agony, more painful than any human should ever experience.

"And that's not the best of it. He can actually make himself so small to interfere with parts of cells. He can even emit chemicals. In short, he can change you." Felix felt, with a jolt of complete terror, that he felt his dick melting away from the acid. Mercifully, he fell unconscious to the sound of laughter.

"Oh, you're awake." Felix opened his eyes. And screamed. Bella was leaning against a wall nearby. A smug trio of pokemon were next to her. "Looks like Ditto did a good job on you. Pretty, most would say. You'll be fighting them off in no time."

Felix looked down at himself. Or, as he should say, herself. He screamed again. Or rather, she screamed. Everything about her was a girl. Nothing was left to distinguish that he wasn't. Except possibly the acid burns that were everywhere. And not just on the outside. Everywhere, his entire body had been changed, fooled into thinking it was and always had been female.

"You know what?" Bella said. "I'm not finished. This isn't punishment enough." He gasped.

"What did I do?" His voice was higher. Bella's eyes narrowed.
"No-one beats me and gets away with it. Tangela, Poliwrath? Enjoy yourselves." A group of vines shot at him, each one grabbing a limb and holding it up, until he was suspended just above the ground. Another vine moved underneath her, and punched into her ass. She screamed, and cried as it moved inside her. She screamed, and screamed again, but then she stopped. She didn't have a choice, what with a vine halfway down her throat. They moved towards each other. She started spitting up blood. Poliwrath pushed his cock into her hole. She gave another noise, a moan and a scream of pain. Poliwrath started thrusting hard, as the vines moved deeper, twisting, turning, inside her body. She spat out more blood. Poliwrath came in her, and she gave an agonised moan of pleasure and pain. Poliwrath moved out, standing next to Bella. Bella walked closer Tangela threw out another vine, this one snaking towards her still dripping entrance and pushing deep within. The vine quickly caught up with the others, twisting around her insides. They started pushing outwards, pushing against her organs, torturing her abused body more. She vomited all over Bella, a vomit of blood. Bella said nothing, but licked her lips of the blood.

"Oh, you do taste good. Tangela?" the third vine pulled out of the girls hole, moving round to join the other, pushing into the rear just as the four vines holding her arms and legs pulled her upright, onto her legs, though without the vines she would collapse. She was being held in the sky, her legs dangling where they were held. Bella moved closer, and licked at Felix's cunt. Her eyes dark, she licked again, and pushed her tongue deep inwards, as far as it could go. She pulled away, even as the vines pushed harder, renewing there abuse. Bella bought up a hand, pushing every single finger in at once, pushing the entire hand as far as it would go, bringing another scream. Felix had been trying to struggle all along, but couldn't. The vines were too tight. One of the vines appeared, poking out of her mouth. It withdrew, coming out of her ass. The other two exited as well. The four vines were released, and she fell to the ground with a thud. Bella smiled.

"Revenge is so fun. Wouldn't you agree?" Felix tried to answer, but she could only spit out more blood.
"Well, I can't have you telling people. Poliwrath, hypnotise… her. Let her forget my face, but remember this day!" Poliwrath's eyes glowed, and Felix's eyes went blank. Bella turned to go, and stopped.

"Do the same to the Espeon." Poliwrath's eyes glowed again. Then the girl and her three pokemon walked off. Minutes later, Ebony could move. She ran over.

"Felix, I'm so sorry! I couldn't do anything and-"
"I forgive you. Get help." interrupted Felix. Ebony smiled, and nodded.

It was hours before the ambulances and police arrived.

And our top story today, a girl has been found in a Goldenrod alley naked. Police experts believe she was raped, and say that the burns all over her body are from a pokemon's acid. The identity of the girl is unknown; she has been sleeping since she arrived in the hospital, though her Espeon says her name is Felix. The Espeon, out only witness says that there was a girl involved, but cannot remember her name or face.

If you have any information about the girl's identity or attack, please send them to your nearest Police Station.

Jenny, Community Support Officer

Bella was watching the news.
"Well, that's alright then. Wouldn't want her to get out of it by dying." She smiled.

"No one beats me."

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