Chapter 4-To Rescue the Dryad

"Bella and Felix?" came a voice.

It was late at night, near the City of Blackthorn, and the two girls were lying naked on a hillside, their things beside them. When a voice sounded out, they each rolled to the side, scrabbling for a pokeball.

"I'm not here to hurt you." said the voice, amused.
Its owner walked closer. He was male, with black hair and brown eyes, and wore an all black costume, including a belt with a gun. Despite his friendly words, he was gazing quite unashamedly at the two girls.

"What do you want?" said Bella, one hand still on her belt of pokeballs.
"You two are the only people known to have gotten in and out of a high security prison without being detected or caught at any point." he said.
"I don't know what you're talking about." said Felix.
"Oh, so it was another two girls fitting exactly your description that broke in, had sex with two of the prisoners, and then took them out? I mean, the two of you don't seem like the slutty type…" said the man sarcastically.

Bella tightened her hold on one of the pokeballs, ready to throw it straight for his head if he made a move to catch them.
"Alright, so it was us. What do you want? And how did you know it was us? And wait, who are you?" she asked.

"We are Team Rocket. We knew because one of the other prisoners was a psychic. He escaped and told us everything. What do we want? We want you to perform another jailbreak for us. One of our people, known as the Dryad, is inside the prison just south of here. We want him out." explained the Rocket.
"And what do we get for this? Apart from the obvious, whole not telling the police thing." asked Felix.

"We are willing to give you any one pokemon from our stores." he said. "If you do it tonight."

Felix nodded, starting to dress again. Bella followed her lead.
"We'll do it. We'll meet you… where?"
"At our base. In Mahogany. It's underneath the shop." he explained.

Bella pulled on her coat.
"Let's go." she said.

* * *

"You are NOT telling me that we're doing this again." said an exasperated Ebony as they stood on a hill near to the prison.
"Yes we are." said Felix brightly.
"We don't have a choice." pointed out Bella. "Though it's a pretty good offer."
"Yeah, and I think I saw this guy on a wanted poster. He's hot." added Felix.

Ebony groaned, and began using the same psychic blast as before to drill through delicate camera circuitry, followed by a dark pulse to short out any psychically based systems.

And they teleported.

Directly inside a cell.
"Are you the Dryad?" asked Felix, looking at the only occupant of the cell.
"I am. Who are you?" he replied.

He was tall, at least six and half feet, with green hair, short, and green eyes. His skin too was slightly tinted, in fact a deep green.

Felix' eyes went large.
"We're Felix and Bella." said Bella. "We're here to get you out."
"And how are you going to do that?" he asked.
"Same way we got in. Teleporting." said Bella.
"You can't teleport in or out of these facilities, they're psychically shielded." said the Dryad.

He blinked as there was a purple flash, and then moonlight struck his eyes, as they stood on a hill.
"I beg to differ." said Bella.

"Hmm. I'm impressed." he said. "Why are you doing this?"
"We have experience." said Bella.
"And the rockets have information on us." said Felix quietly.
"And they offered us a pokemon." added Bella.
"And you're hot." said Felix, before blushing.

"I'm glad you think so." said Dryad to Felix. "Because I was thinking the same, and I can call that consent."

From each of his sleeves came a vine, knotted at the end, and they travelled through the air to Felix and Bella, tearing their clothes instantly.

One pushed into each of the girls asses, forcing its way in. Bella gave a cry of surprise, Felix one of gratification.

The vines pushed further into them, lifting them Slightly into the air as they slipped deeper in.

Now Bella's face was one of pleasure as well.

The two of them were making loud noises of enjoyment, until something stopped them.
From their mouths came knotted vine, having travelled all the way through their bodies.

The vines crossed over, the one from Felix going down Bella's throat and the other one going into Felix'.

The two were silent now, their glossy eyes a sign to their ecstasy.
Until a muffled cry of pain.

The vines pushed out from the two girls butts, curving round, and then tightening, pulling the two closer together, before the vines slipped into their cunts.

It was only seconds later that muffled screams of pleasure came from the two girls as they orgasmed.

The vines withdrew, their complicated web unravelling, until the girls collapsed to the floor.

With a tiny smirk, the rocket asked.
"Are you coming to get your reward?"
"We get…" panted Felix. "Another reward?"

* * *

"Free Carnivine." said Felix, grinning. "Alright."
"Mine. You have more pokemon." said Bella, taking the pokeball.

Felix pouted briefly.
"Fine. Where too now?"
"Well, I was thinking this little town I know… it's over the Ice Path…"

* * *

And won't THAT chapter be fun to write…