Chapter One: Two Different Worlds

The wind blew gently past the crumbling buildings and homes picking up their tales of woe and pain. In only seconds time, this town had become a ghost town. It blew past the bodies of the fallen Z fighters each who bowed down to the ground at the end. They all had tried so hard to protect the planet they cared for. But they weren't strong enough. Even Vegeta had fallen. But he wasn't fighting for the earth. He was fighting for the sake of his mirai son. The evil invaders had gotten them all in the end. The hero of the planet who had perished long before was not here to save them this time. Now the fate of the Earth relied on different hands… smaller hands.

The boy didn't have a ounce of power about him. He wasn't even that old. Twelve at the latest. But yet here he stood, challenging their authority. He hadn't needed to say a word, to step before them. He gave them a piercing glare that told them all he wasn't about to let them leave. He looked like all the others of this puny planet. A pathetic human. A small little boy powerless to stop the notorious space pirates. Another foolish soul throwing his life at their feet when he was convinced he could defeat them. Except he was a little different from the other children of this planet. He wasn't scared…

The Tenkaichi Budoukai had gone horribly wrong. After the death of one of the fighters, the whole place went into chaos. All the Z fighters rushed to help… only one remained standing.

Zangya glared at the child that had unwisely confronted them. He had funny shaped hair that stuck out in awkward angles. His hair was a color as black as midnight on this planet since it contained no moon. He wore a orange and blue fighting ti. He didn't seem to be a threat at all.

She nodded to her partners on either side of her. Bido and Buujin. They nodded back. Neither were that great of fighters. No need to get her hands dirty. This kid was a push over. She just hoped that they would make quick work out of him. She didn't want to waste her time on such a worthless cause. And she could never subject Bojack to such a disgrace.

Buujin was a magician. He was slightly shorter then Zangya. He wore Arabic like clothing with a purple turban on his head. His fighting capabilities were not as impressive as her own but hey not everyone was perfect. He was better known for his magic anyway.

And Bido, what a case he was. He wasn't at all what you would call bright. But he wasn't that stupid either. His strength is probably the only thing that had kept him alive all these years since his big mouth didn't seem to be that helpful. He had a orange mohawk and beard. He wore baggy white pants with a small purple vest. Bido was almost all muscle. No one has never been hurt from a punch from him.

Zangya's blue eyes wavered over to the boy again and was startled to see him staring right at her. Their eyes met in a deadly deadlock. It was finally broken when she faltered. Zangya landed on the ground a few feet in front of the boy. Bojack landed next to her. Buujin took a secret approach and landed behind the boy. And Bido landed on the child's other side. He was surrounded. Zangya waited for the cool look to disappear from the child's face but it didn't. He kept his uncanny gaze on her. His dark brown eyes seemed to hold a secret to his birth… maybe he wasn't human? What was with this guy? Didn't he have any emotion at all? He was supposed to be afraid of them.

"What is your name boy?" Bojack's voice sounded from Zangya's side.

Zangya's eyes widened, but she kept her eyes on the boy making sure he didn't make any sudden movements. Zangya seemed surprised by this approach. Why would he waste his time learning this kid's name? Did he want to put it on a grave stone? Or was this boy more then what he seemed?

The boy's eyes lit up. A smirk crept across his face as he whispered, "Gohan."

"Gohan?" Zangya blurted out, "That's an awfully strange name. Kind of plain don't you think? Not at all fit for a warrior who takes down a couple of pirates. I mean, Gohan savor of the planet from the Space Pirates. Also king of rice."

Buujin and Bido snickered sinisterly at Zangya's mocking remark. Bojack, on the other hand, was not pleased. He ignored her completely making her feel slightly small. He kept his gaze on Gohan. Zangya wondered what he was looking for? This boy was a mere human. Nothing more… right?

Gohan didn't seem at all wavered by the pirate's comment. His smirk stayed on his face. Zangya looked over at the boy again and raised an eyebrow, "So are you going to fight us or what?"

Gohan nodded and muttered, "Not like this though."

Light zapped upwards around Gohan creating an golden aurora about him. His black hair spiked upwards and faded into sharp golden strands. His eyes zapped into a dull sky blue. His power level sky rocketed several levels but Zangya wasn't scared. Vegeta and Mirai Trunks had done the same thing. And right now Vegeta was kissing dirt with his son at his side.

Zangya nodded to Buujin. This should end now and so it shall. But before she could react Gohan shot backwards and jabbed his elbow painfully into Buujin's face. Buujin stumbled back and fell into the cold dirt. Gohan kicked up off the ground and blasted through the wall as if it was as innocuous as paper. Zangya gazed in astonishment until Bojack touched her shoulder.

"Let's go," He muttered.

Bido punched through the walls swinging his arms dangerously in the air closing in on Gohan. But Gohan just managed to avoid his punches. Gohan grabbed onto Bido's wrist and flipped Bido around in the air like a rag doll in till he let go. Bido sailed into the building he had just punched through getting showered by bricks. He managed to land on his feet to show he was not weakened. Zangya zoomed through the air towards Gohan taking the offence approach like Bido. Gohan continued hovering backwards watching her. He lifted his hands up high forming a powerful key-blast. Gohan shot it down at Zangya as she neared him. Zangya stopped her mid air pursuit and glared at the energy ball as it approached her. With one arm, she deflected it. It landed back on the ground a few feet from Bido spraying him with dirt.

Bido crossed his arms from corner to corner along his chest. When he pulled back, several crimson beams shot outward. They flew harmlessly past Zangya only blowing her wavy orange hair back across her face. But Gohan wasn't as lucky. He let out a surprised yell as he tried to deflect some of the beams but the fact was… there were too many. He slipped down past them pretty easily anyway. The beams collided with the sky leaving a large hole that led to blackness.

This brought a smile to the pirates' faces. They all looked to each other and nodded while Bojack stood back watching with a bored expression on his face.

Bido, Zangya, and Buujin all flew up together at Gohan pressing him hard against the concert sky. Gohan let out a yell of pain as he tried to squirm free of their grips. The sky began to crack…

"Gohan?" Trunks muttered waking up to the booming thunders of the coming storm. He opened his bright blue eyes slowly as his surroundings came into focus. Immediately, Trunks leapt to his feet glaring down at the city before him. His eyes scanned over his peaceful broken contains before he shouted,

"Darn you, Gohan! Why did you have to go alone?!"

The sky began to leak with heaven's tears as Trunks flew over the wreckage looking for his fallen master. At last he spotted a form on the ground not far away.


He landed, the sky flashing with lighting and heavy with driving rain. His clothes were soaked to the skin and his hair was so wet that his bangs stuck to the sides of his face. Trunks' heart pounded with pain at what he thought he might encounter. He walked slowly whispering to himself all the while, "Gohan? Why did you have to do it? Why'd you have to leave me? It's not fair…"

The broken stop light flashed red radiance off and on through the dark storm. Trunks finally arrived at Gohan's fallen body. His heart twisted and broke into a thousands pieces at the sight. Gohan lay on his stomach his face looking away from Trunks in a puddle full of rain water. His eyes were rolled up so that Trunks could no longer see his bright amber eyes. All he saw was the blank white of what was now. Trunks bit his lip as tears of rage and incredible pain slipped down his cheeks.

"Oh gosh no. What did they do to you Gohan?!" Trunks cried his voice cracking slightly. "You were my best friend. You were everything to me. E-everyt-thing…"

Trunks fell to his knees and turned Gohan over. He lifted Gohan's head carefully into his arms.

"This just isn't fair!" Trunks sobbed shaking him as if to wake him up. "Gohan? Gohan?"

He hugged Gohan's head to his chest letting the tears flow freely now…


Trunks jerked back to his feet, screaming. He balled up his fists. His fingernails dug so deeply into his flesh that blood trickled from his palms. He screamed with the utmost agony, flailing his arms back behind his head. He threw his arms back down and continued to cry. His pain went so far that it clicked. His hair spiked upward and turned golden. Trunks heart was broken but at least Gohan's death had done one thing. Trunks was now a Super Sayian.

Trunks fell to his knees and slammed his hands against the cold ground. The ground cracked and caved in at the impact. His heart still aching. He curled up into a ball and hugged himself. He cried and cried in till he felt as though he couldn't breathe anymore. Suddenly there was booming sound above him… but that wasn't thunder.

"Androids," Trunks hissed. "I'll kill them for this!"

Trunks stood up glaring through the rain at a figure landing on a building not so far away. He couldn't tell from here what the person looked like but he couldn't know it to be anyone else…

"Android!!!" Trunks screamed shooting up at the person.

He was blinded with such rage he couldn't even tell who he was charging at. But he didn't care. He just wanted to make those darn Androids pay for what they did.

ohan fell backwards through the air after falling through the broken sky. Gohan flipped backward carefully landing on a near by building. There he regained his footing. The pirates flew through the hole after him. As soon as the last pirate was through, it sealed up. Gohan let out an angry growl and clenched his fists waiting to continue the battle when from his right he sensed someone approaching. Gohan turned, ready to met whoever it was…

To Be Continued…
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