Chapter 1

"Yatta, lunch time!" an excited 13 year old blonde haired shouted shinobi as he jumped from roof top to roof top with great speed. "Ichiraku ramen here I come!" The blond shouted once more with a giant leap.

"Miso, beef, chicken, and shrimp! Yosh, I'll order them all!" the blonde began counting out loud causing passing pedestrians to give strange looks towards the young man. Though he didn't care, he just was excited to have his ramen. "Ehehe…all those D ranked missions really paid off. I've made a ton of spending money this time." Reaching into his pocket, the young man pulled out an oddly shaped frog wallet and happily tossed it in his hand simply to hear the clacking sounds of his commissions.

A few moments and roof tops later, a large smile grew onto the young man's face. "Ah! I can see it! Ehehe….TEUCHI-OJII-SAN!!" With another giant leap the young man amazingly jumped over an entire building. Shouting in adrenalin, the young man laughed and some how safely landed onto the ground in front of what seemed to be a normal stand, a Ramen Stand to be exact.

"Ah, after all those days of working on D ranked missions I can finally-NANI!?" The blonde suddenly stopped midsentence as a certain sign caught his attention. In an instant the blonde began reading the sign a bit carefully. "Hmm…beginning the first Saturday of July the Ichiraku Ramen Stand will be closed till the week after. We are extremely sorry for the trouble-" There was no need for the man to continue reading as he took the sign and entered the Ramen Stand.

"Oi! Teuchi-ojii-san!" The man burst through the curtains of the Ramen stand and once again called out for the old man.

"Shimatta! No need to scream damn it!" Came a swift a reply from the back of the ramen stand followed by an annoyed groan. Not long after a man suddenly walked out from the back of the ramen stand, from his attire one who think this man would be the head chef….and would be right."What's the problem now-oh, it's only you Naruto-kun." Replied the man who at first held an annoyed expression, but soon transformed into a smile after learning the source of the yelling. "I was beginning to worry that you'd stop eating her-"

"Teuchi-ojii-san! What in the name of Kami is the meaning of this sign!?" Interrupted the blonde now known as Naruto as franticly shoved the sign into the old man's face.

Teuchi smiled and slightly laughed as he read his own sign. "Ah, yes I had a feeling you'd come to me about that."

"Well? Why are you closing the stand for a week?" Asked the blonde.

Teuchi smiled and scratched the back of his head. "To be honest, both Ayame and I are going to visit our family back home. So we'll be closing down the stand during our visit."

"Nani!? For an entire week!?" A deflated look quickly over came Naruto upon hearing the announcement. "Why didn't I hear about something as important as this?" He continued.

The old ramen chef's face faulted. "It's not that important, it's only a week after all."

"But a week is like…seven entire days! That's almost eight days!" Teuchi sighed once more after hearing the blonde's stupidity, but chuckled a bit after.

"Yes Naruto-kun, seven is very close to eight." He said in a very sarcastic manner. "You know, I would've told you about this, but you stopped showing up for a while."

"But I was busy with missions." Retorted the blonde container. "Kuso, at least I got much more to spend than usual." A smile formed as Naruto reached into his pocket and tossed his frog shaped wallet in his hands.

Teuchi smiled at the young boy. "Ah whatever, hurry up and give me your order. Just because I'm a good person, everything you order is half price."

"Yatta! Arigato Teuchi-ojii-san! I'll start with 5 miso ramen!" Naruto happily shouted and quickly took a seat. "With extra miso!"

"Hai, coming right up!" The old man replied while turning back towards the back of the stand.

Naruto waited anxiously for his ramen. This was something he hated the most, along with a certain Uchiha, but that wasn't the point right now. "Kuso! Only a minute passed!?" An annoyed sighed escaped his mouth as he laid his head on the table in silence.

Though the silence did not last long as the sound of giggling entered the ears of Naruto. "I see that you still are a bit impatient when it comes to ramen neh? Naruto-kun?" Naruto slowly raised his head to find the source of the voice, only to find a familiar smiling face.

"Ayame-chan!" A large smile appeared as his face in return to the young woman's smile.

Ayame's smile only grew at the sight of seeing her little blonde friend. Her long cinnamon brown hair was neatly tied into a pony and held back with a typical white chef's cloth. She wore her usual work uniform apron along with Konoha's average civilian attire that seemed to be in fashion at the moment.

"Ohayo Naruto-kun, I haven't seen you around here in a while." Asked the sixteen year old female waitress. Placing her two elbows onto the counter and held her head up with both hands, her smile never seemed to fade.

Naruto scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and grinned in a foxy like manner. "Ehehe…well, I've been busy with some missions along with training, but thanks to the extra missions I can buy a lot more ramen today!" Naruto enjoyed talking with the ramen waitress. She was someone he could always talk to about anything, the thought of talking to Ayame because of her beauty didn't cross Naruto's mind, ever. Seriously, it didn't, but that didn't mean Naruto didn't know Ayame was attractive. He just saw her as a close friend he could talk to and the thought of becoming something more also have never crossed his little adolescent mind.

"I did miss seeing you around here. It's been kind of lonely having no one to talk to." Ayame said feeling a bit embarrassed. "I like talking to my Otou-chan, but its different compared to talking with friends." She let out a tiny sigh and continued. "Plus, having so many boys come over and flirt with me is kind of annoying after a while."

Naruto chuckled a bit. He knew all about Ayame's boy problems, who often talks about how annoying they all are. He some what enjoyed counting how many times she rejected a boy along with what unique way she rejected them in. "You can look at it this way; at least you know that others think you are very pretty." A faint tint of red burned Naruto's embarrassed cheeks. Naruto still wasn't used to complimenting Ayame like that, but it was true, she is very attractive.

Ayame's smile grew ever more from his words, but soon changed into an annoyed expression. "That's sweet. Arigato Naruto-kun, but to be honest, I would rather have people come here to eat instead of just coming here to look at me." Ayame simply released a tiny sigh which held a hint of depression.

"I come here for a few reasons, besides the fact that I love ramen of course." Naruto announced.

This some what caught the young ramen waitress' curiosity. "Oh really? What other reasons do you come here for then? Is it because you secretly want to flirt with me?" She grinned teasingly.

Naruto embarrassingly blushed as he raised his arms to form an 'X' formation across his body and face. "N-no, that's not it. Err…actually, kind of close to it. I don't come here to flirt; I come here because I enjoy talking to you and all."

Ayame blinked surprisingly. "Eh? Really, I didn't think you enjoyed talking with me that much…" She smiled slightly before continuing. "…after all, I'm just a ramen waitress. To think a shinobi would find talking to a civilian that interesting." Her smile slowly began to change into one of sadness.

Suddenly, Naruto slammed both hands onto the counter; successfully startling his female friend. "That's not true!"

"Oi! Don't slam my counters!" Instantly, a shout from the back was heard.

"Hai, gomen nasai Teuchi-ojii-san." Apologized Naruto while he sweat dropped, but quickly turned his attention back to Ayame. "As I was saying, Ayame-chan; I really do enjoy talking with you! Other people usually ignore me or don't really care. Iruka-sensei, Obaa-chan , Shizune-nee-chan, and Kakashi-sensei all are busy with their jobs, along with Ero-sennin who is pretty much busy peeking." Naruto sad with his voice calming down while he continued. "Sakura-chan isn't someone who I can open up to, along with Hinata-chan who is kind of weird, besides them I don't known the rest of the rookie nine enough to really open up to them."

Ayame stared at the blonde silently.

Naruto depressingly chuckled. "Ah shimatta, I began trying to cheer you up and ended up depressing myself." Naruto sighed. "It's going to be pretty lonely for a while. At least its only for a week, a long week." Thought Naruto.

Ayame smiled slightly. "It's alright Naruto, You somewhat did cheer me up a little." "But now I feel kind of bad about leaving for a week. I didn't think I was that important." She inwardly frowned.

"But still, I'm sorry Ayame-chan." Naruto put on a strong front and smiled happily, or better put as happy as he could at the moment.

"I said it's alright, just forget about it. Let's talk about something happier, after all I want to at least have my last conversation with you for a week to be a happy one." Ayame replied who also held a smile similar to Naruto.

"Hai, so Ayame-chan…how many boys did you turn down this time?" Asked a slightly chuckling Naruto.

Before Ayame could answer, a bell sounded off along with Teuchi yelling. "Five bowls of Miso!"

"Ah, your order Naruto-kun. I'll be right back." Pivoting on one foot, Ayame gently picked up each bowl of miso one by one and placed them infront of Naruto, who at the moment began to drool at the simple site of each bowl.

Taking a big whiff of the heavenly scent of miso ramen. Usually Naruto would instantly dig in at the moment, but he decided to hold off a bit. "Agrigato Ayame-chan, Teuchi-ojii-san! Ittadakimatsu!" Shouted Naruto as he took his chopsticks and dug in happily.

Ayame could only smile at the blonde. "Arigatai"

Naruto continued to eat, until he suddenly stopped. "Neh, Ayame-chan…exactly what day is it?"

"Friday, we leave tomorrow, why?"

Naruto nearly got a heart attack. "NANI!? FRIDAY! There isn't a second to waste! Oi! Teuchi-ojii-san fifty bowls of half shrimp ramen and other half of chicken! Come on!" Shouted the panicking blonde who changed from eating semi properly to the eating at an alarming rate.

Ayame could only sweat drop, but soon laughed as she began to help her father all while talking to the hungry blonde who at the moment had finished his second bowl.

Dozens and Dozens of Bowels Later

"Whoooo! That was great!" Naruto sighed in a satisfied manner along with an equally satisfied smile. "Today the ramen tasted extremely good, a lot better than usual." He continued while rubbing his own bloated stomach.

Ayame could only giggle at the blonde's antics. "Naruto-kun seems so innocent at times, especially after eating a bowl of ramen to his satisfaction."

A sudden aching rumble erupted in the belly of Naruto. A slight yet sharp feeling painfully entered the belly of Naruto. "Ugh…my stomach." The blonde groaned painfully and clutched his stomach before continuing on. "I think I actually at to fast."

"Or maybe you ate too much." Teuchi appeared, casually walking from the back.

Naruto gave a slight glare at the ramen chef through the pain. "There is no…urgh….such thing as too much….urgh….ramen…OH MY STOMACH, SHIMATTA!!" Naruto gripped his belly once more and laid his head down onto the counter.

Ayame gave a gentle smile and walked around the counter to Naruto's side. "Oh well, just rest your stomach for now. Rest here a bit." She added and gently rubbed Naruto's back soothingly.

Naruto slowly raised his head along with allowing another groan to escape. "Urgh…it still hurts." He rubbed his belly and slowly looked down at it. "I feel pregnant…ugh." Said Naruto just moments before slamming his head back onto the counter.

Upon hearing the blonde's latest words, the two ramen stand workers could only sweat drop. "I think your over reacting now Naruto-kun." Ayame weakly smiled. The old man could only chuckle.

"Its Ayame-chan's fault that I'm pregnant, she's taking responsibility." Naruto's muffled voice added from the counter.

A sudden faint pink blush appeared from embarrassment on the ramen waitress' face. "Really now, Naruto-kun."

Teuchi's chuckle returned but this time turned into a small laughing fit. "Oh no Ayame-chan, you better take responsibility." A grin appeared onto the old man's face, which in return got a hit on the head by a 'magical shoujo hammer'™ from an irritated yet embarrassed Ayame.

A chuckle sudden escaped Naruto's lips. His face seemed to show a bit of recovery from the stomach ache. "Ah, Teuchi-ojii-san you alright over there?"

"H….Hai…..bleh…." The old man replied weakly before passing out from the lumps that 'mysteriously' appeared on his head.

Ayame sighed and began to drag her father to the back. "Come on Otou-san, we have to finish up packing our things a bit." She smiled towards Naruto once more. "Gomen Naruto-kun, but its already kind of late and we still need to finish packing….well Otou-san here does. So….bye." Ayame's smile suddenly turned into a sad one for just a moment as she dragged her father to the back.

Naruto smiled and waved at them as he left. "Bye Ayame-chan, Teuchi-ojii-san. Have a nice trip, and when you guys get back I'll order triple my usual amount!" With that said Naruto officially left the stand and began his walk home.

The sun was beginning to set as Naruto continued walking. Normally he'd be home in no time, after all he's a shinobi, but even the greatest shinobi fall from stomach aches. "I should have became a medic Nin. Then I wouldn't have this problem." He grumbled through his thoughts.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH!!" A scream echoed through Naruto's ears and snapped him out of his rant. "Stop it! Help!"

The moment he heard the word 'Help' Naruto sprung into action and jumped from rooftop to rooftop towards the scream, yes; his stomach is aching like a bitch, and yes, a toilet would be nice for Naruto right about now.

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