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Sanji sweatdropped at the two teens, while exchanging looks from Haruka to Naruto. A smile then formed at his daughter. "I've never seen her so worked up on ramen before. She has never tried defending our ramen this harshly before either." He turn turned his attention towards the young fox boy laying his head on their table. His smile continued as he gave his thoughts on the boy. "I've also never seen someone who takes ramen as seriously as he does." He released a small chuckle while shaking his head as he allowed both Haruka and Naruto to continue on.

Chapter 7

With his head still lazily and hopelessly on the table, the starved Naruto awaited to be served this so called Great Hirosaka ramen. Truth be told, he'd probably prefer to be served instant ramen or even better: Ichiraku Ramen. Unfortunately for the blond, the later wasn't available at the moment and will not for all most a week.

"Great Kami of Ramen, if I don't get any ramen as soon as possible…" Naruto paused as his stomach grumbled once more. "…I think I may…die." He lastly finished before he drifted into a hallucination.

Naruto's Daydream Corner

"GAH!" The blond haired genin shouted as he shot his head up from the table. "Huh?" A confused cry followed as Naruto blinked at his surroundings. He found himself in the same kitchen as he was earlier; the only difference was he was alone. Neither Sanji nor Haruka could be seen anywhere in the kitchen.

"Oi! Sanji-san? Haruka-chan? You two still exist?" He called out only to be answered by the silence. "They must have left when I dozed off a bit"

"Naw…Roo…Toe…" A voice suddenly called out, quickly catching the boy's attention.

Turning his head towards the sound of the voice Naruto curiously searched for the source. "Nani? Who's there? Sanji-san? Is that you?"

The voice called out once more. "Naw…Roo…Toe…come here young one." A bright light suddenly appeared out of nowhere as a dimension hole ripped itself into existence within the Hirosaka kitchen. Epic.

Naruto saw the hole appear with his own eyes as he heard the voice continue to call out to him. Feeling confusion take over his mind, he could only say two words to describe what he was feeling at that moment. "Holy sh-"

"Be not afraid young one. For it is I, the Lord of the Ramen: sole ruler of the Land of Ramen." The mysterious bright light announced.

A very strong scent of ramen began to leak through the hole and engulfed its self into Naruto's nose. A heavenly sigh was released upon inhaling the smell. "It smells…nothing like any ramen I've ever smelt!" The young genin could only sigh once again as he inhaled it once more. "Need…Ramen…Now…" He demanded in a hypnotized state as he began to slowly walk towards the dimension rip.

As Naruto took each step closer to the hole the stronger and more mouth watering the smell became. He could feel the heat coming from the hole, a heat similar to the heat coming from a freshly prepared bowl of ramen. His mouth continued to water as he could almost taste it. He was just a mare inches away from the hole leading to this so called: Land of Ramen.

"Thank you Ramen Lord!" He shouted and jumped right into the hole with his mouth wide open. Without another second, he chomped down the first thing that entered his mouth and took in the taste of sweet sweet sweet…cotton and leather?

Back to Reality

Naruto opened his eyes from his dream state as the taste of cotton and leather entered his taste buds. He looked around confusingly around his area only to find an amused Sanji and a hard working Haruka on the stove area.

"Erm…Naruto-kun…why are you chewing your sleeve?" Asked the elder Hirosaka.

"Eh? Meh whaft?" Came the muffled and reply of Naruto as he had yet to notice his mouth tightly clamped down onto his orange sleeve.

Sanji could only point at Naruto's sleeve and gave a confused smile.

Finally Naruto had taken notice of his sleeve and released it from his own mouth. "Bleh…no wonder that ramen tasted like cotton and leather." said the blonde as he relaxed into his seat once more.

"That was a hell of a dream. The last time I had a dream as weird as that was that mission when I ate those mushrooms that Kakashi told me not to." Naruto gave a small smirk at the small memory. "He said it wasn't poisonous so I don't know why we couldn't eat them. He probably wanted to eat them himself later on." Naruto would suddenly be brought out of his ramblings by a very humble scent of ramen.

In a quick motion, Naruto franticly turned his head around in hopes to find a dimension hole somewhere around the room. He didn't find it…thankfully.

Raising an eyebrow, Sanji watched his guest shift his eyes and sway his head around as if he was searching for something. "Is something the matter Naruto-kun? Are you looking for something?"

"Huh? N-no, just checking if a dimension hole appeared somewhere. It was a false alarm." He replied with a smile as the earlier smell of ramen returned.

"Oh…uh…that's good I guess…yeah." Sanji could only agree with him. "Man…ninjas are sort of weird…" At that moment, the same smell entered Sanji's own nose and a smile grew. "It smells like Haruka-chan is about to finish up. I wonder how Naruto-kun here will react to eating Hirosaka's own family recipe ramen."

"Sanji-kun…is that scent that I smell…is it coming from…" He pointed towards the kitchen where Haruka was hard at work with her ramen.

Sanji's smile grew and simply gave a small nod to the blonde.

He inhaled the scent once again and continued to watch the peach haired ramen worker do her magic in the kitchen. He released a tiny sigh and mentally admitted that the smell was just as good as Ichiraku's one. He played with his lips as the watering in his mouth grew due to the growing smell.

Hirosaka Kitchen: With Haruka

Haruka had just finished seasoning the vegetables and beef that boiled in the pot. "…Now I just need to add the noodles to the pot." She thought with a smile. Soon afterwards, the young female added the noodles into the pot and began to stir the noodles gently.

She looked behind to check on both her father and Naruto. Upon seeing her blonde savior smack his lips due to the watering, Haruka smirked as she knew that her cooking caught the attention of Naruto. "Ha! I knew you couldn't hold out for long. You'll see just how great our ramen is!" She mentally cheered.

As Naruto hungrily watched Haruka cook, his mind drifted from the cooking towards the girl herself. They had met last night, but only made normal contact with each other this morning. His young mind began to ponder on his newly acquainted friend, but was swiftly interrupted by the sight of Haruka lifting the noodles, giving them a stretch and an unintentional tease to the blonde.

He stared at her. His gaze never left her. All that he saw…was her. Naruto, for the first time over ramen that was not Ichiraku, was in a daze.

Sanji watched his guest go into a daze and mistook that as Naruto staring at his daughter. With a small chuckle to himself, Sanji began his teasing. "Fatherly mode…Enabled!"

"Pssst…hey Naruto-kun, you seem like a nice guy and somewhat…smart guy." Sanji quietly called out.

Naruto nodded without taking his eyes off of the long ramen noodles.

"So…what do you think of her?" Sanji grinned a bit as if he anticipated for Naruto to be caught off guard by his question about this young boy's opinion about his own daughter.

A few moments passed before Naruto gave a simple answer. "Beautiful…" His eyes never left ramen noodles being stretched out of the pot by Haruka.

Not expecting that kind of answer, Sanji raised once of his eyebrows and gave a questionable look towards the blonde urchin head. "Huh?"

Haruka raised more ramen from the pot as Naruto constantly stared at the fresh ramen noodles. "Just look at her: so long, slender, and sleek."

Sanji listened on, completely misunderstanding who or correctly put, what Naruto was talking about.

"I…I can't wait to…I can't wait to eat her." Naruto stated a bit…sensually as he licked his lips and felt his mouth water.

Sanji had heard about enough, but was thrown a curveball by the blonde. "…that beautiful ramen. I can't wait to eat her." Naruto sighed hungrily. "Forgive me Teuchi-Ojji-san and Ayame-chan. I'm unfaithful towards your ramen."

Sanji on the other hand sweatdropped and let out a breath of air. With a weak chuckle he relaxed back into his chair and returned to his own mind. "I've got to stop reading so much Icha Icha Paradise."

Minutes Later

With a content sight, it was finally done. There in all its glory laid a freshly made Hirosaka ramen. Its heated steam rose from the bowl as Haruka smiled at her latest creation. "It's complete…and not only that, it's absolutely perfect!" Haruka gave herself a pat on the back as she gently carried the steaming hot bowl to the dining table. "This may be the greatest bowl I have ever created!" She cockily grinned as she laid the bowl of the ramen before her blonde friend.

"…It smells REALLY good." Naruto admitted after a brief moment of silence as he inhaled more of the aroma. "I'll admit…it also looks as good as Ichiraku's."

Another confident grin appeared on Haruka's lips as she placed a pair of chopsticks onto the bowl. "The smell is just the beginning. Just wait until you have your first bite." The confident grin never left her face. "Now eat up!" She motioned her hand to allow Naruto to begin.

Naruto released a sigh and picked up the chopsticks. "I would rather have Ichiraku's but I'm hungry…and who am I to decline free ramen." He gave a foxy grin and let his stomach take control by breaking the chopsticks into two. "Itadakimatsu!" Naruto shouted and lifted a wad of noodles with his chopsticks. He could see the steam emitting from the wad wrapped around his chopsticks. Finally in a switch motion, Naruto placed the noodles into his mouth and had his first taste of Hirosaka Ramen.

Sanji watching silently with his arms crossed in anticipation. Sure his pride in his ramen was nowhere near as powerful as his daughters and especially as powerful as Naruto's, but he was curious in how his family's recipe would standout.

Haruka continued to grin. Her body simply radiated a confidence level of over 9000. As she watched the blonde place the noodles in his mouth her mind instantly announced victory.

Both Hirosakas watched intently to see the outcome of their ramen, there was a quick silence as the noodles fully entered his mouth until...

"Bwah! Hot!" Naruto shouted as his eyes shot wide open. The steam blew out of his mouth as the noodles burned his tongue. "Waffter!" He breathed out through the heat in his mouth.

Both Haruka and Sanji could only sweatdropped once again at his antics. "B-baka…" Haruka simply said as her father gave Naruto a glass of water which was downed in a few seconds.

"Whooo! My tongue was on fire!" Naruto laughed a bit with a fox like grin.

"Just eat the ramen already, but his time…BLOW ON IT!" Huffed a slightly frustrated Haruka.

"Hai I will. It smells and looks good, but I still doubt it'll taste as GREAT as Ichirakus!" Naruto expressed with a smug smirk and once again rolled a wad of noodles into his chopsticks. He quickly brought it to his mouth and opened it up to eat it but swiftly closed it as he felt a heated stare from Haruka. He looked at the noodles on his chopsticks and instantly felt the heat from it.

"Oh yeah, hehe, I forgot." He embarrassingly admitted with a sheepish grin.

Both Hirosakas sweatdropped once more at the blondes careless antics.

With a few blows, the noodles seemed cool enough to eat and Naruto took another shot of experiencing Hirosaka family ramen. He quickly finished the first bite and instantly stopped. This quickly got the attention of his new friends as he stared at the full bowl of ramen. "Its…AMAZING!" Naruto shouted at the top of his lunges and continued to eat the ramen…very sloppily.

Unnecessary Time Skip: 9.42010 seconds later

After the unnecessary time skip, Naruto had finished his bowl and placed the chopsticks down.

Upon seeing Naruto's eating pace for the first time in person, Sanji shook his head and snapped out of his daze. "My kami, I have never seen anything simply destroy ramen as quickly as he did. That must have been one of those jutsu that ninjas use a lot…it has to be."

"Humph! I sure showed him which ramen reins dominance." Haruka proudly congratulated herself. She had taken our hero's eating rate as a sign of victory and a job well done. Not long after Haruka would be interrupted by a loud burp from the same blonde which only stroked her victory more. "So Naruto-kun…how was it?" She asked with her ego.

Naruto could only look at the empty bowl in silence and aw. The ramen bowl which had been filled with ramen just a few moments ago had been whipped clean. Not a single speck was left on the bowl. He then turned his gaze to the two and gave them a genuine smile. "It tasted…awesome! The noodles weren't soft from being over soaked or over cooked. It also wasn't hard from being under cooked. The toppings and seasonings blended in amazingly. It felt like I could taste everything that was added into the ramen…in a perfectly good way of course."

Hearing his praise caused Haruka to triumphantly cross her arms and nod her head in approval. Now feeling big headed, said female began to squeeze more praises and hear her ultimate victory over this so called Ichiraku. "See Naruto-kun, I told you. My family's ramen is the greatest in the world." She smirked and waited for his approval, but…

"Gomen…but it's not the greatest." Naruto shook his head and gave his belly a pat. "Your ramen is very good, but it came close to beating Ichiraku's. Sadly it's just short of beating Teuchi-Ojji-san's Ichiraku ramen. Don't get me wrong, like I said its good…but Ichiraku's is grrrrreat!" Naruto chuckled lightly to himself as he oddly thought of a tiger. "Sorry Teuchi-Ojji-san and Ayame-chan…but I meant every word I said. But have no fear; your ramen is still the greatest!"

After hearing his words, Haruka's big headedness deflated as she exploded…somewhat. "What do you mean close! Hirosaka ramen is the greatest ramen on the planet!" She shouted and stuck her tongue out at the source of her anger.

"If it's so great then why haven't I heard about it?" Naruto defended back with a grin.

"Us Hirosaka's are a humble family and do not want to be in the spotlight." Haruka proudly replied with a strong stance full of pride. "Plus…I could say the same about this so called Ichiraku. I haven't heard about them. So they shouldn't be that great." She smugly laughed.

"Ha! You take that back!" Naruto yelled as he got in her face.

"Humph! Make me Ramen-Piggy" Haruka yelled back who brought her face closer to Naruto's.

"I'm not a pig…a fox maybe, but I'm defiantly not a pig." Naruto pushed his face closer to hers in an attempt of winning this argument.

"From the way you eat your ramen I have my doubts." Haruka pushed her face closer once again.

"Yeah well…you're ugly!" Naruto retorted and did the same as before.

"I'm not ugly! I'm a beautiful young teen who is continuing to blossom into an even more beautiful young woman." She shouted in frustration that quickly turned into a quick burst of bliss.

Sanji sighed at the two which soon turned into a smile. "Any closer and the both of you would be kissing." He had to hold down a few tears as his voice cracked a bit. "Oh my sweet Haruka-chan…so you are lovey-dovey with Naruto-kun…"

Instantly Haruka blinked and noticed exactly how close their faces where. She could feel his breath against her lips and smell the scent of ramen emitting from him. "Kyaaa!" She screamed and slapped Naruto across the face which sent him flying into the cooking area. With a large blush on her face due to embarrassment, Haruka stormed off into another part of the house.

Sanji sighed once more and grabbed the first aid kit located beside their refrigerator. "Yep honey…she did inherit not only your looks, but also your strength and attitude." He happily thought and went to check up on Naruto.

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