"I heard their going to defend the village to the North

"I heard they're going to defend the village to the North. They sent a message last night saying that a terrible beast had been terrorising their village every seventh day. They had sent for help to all the other villages as well, but all of them denied it, as they feared the beast would strike them next if they were to get involved." Said plump middle aged women. She was the wife of the butcher and a terrible gossip. At this time she was telling her neighbour, the Smith's daughter about the knight's latest quest.

"My they sure are always getting involved in everything they need not be. I swear one of these days; they will leave and never return." Said the Smith's daughter in a snide, matter of fact voice.

The butcher's wife walloped her on the head.

"Don't you waggle your tongue lass, noble men they are, fighting to help people whom they have no care to. Pray your future husband be half of a man these lads are."

The Smith's daughter pouted and walked away.

'That woman always thinks she knows better. I'm sure the men my papa picks will be just fine a husband.'

At the same time in another part of the village the ground shook as the Knights of the Round Table rode through the gates and on their way north, ready to face yet another great adventure.