Chapter 2: Could it be?

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"Who are you?"

"I am a Grim." Harvette said.

"I am the Guardian of Heaven." Said a boy with platinum blond hair. (Think Malik, the good one from Yu-Gi-Oh.) "I'm not a God though. I just look over the transportation, arrival, and paperwork of Heaven's occupants."

"I am the Guardian of the Underworld. I am the Master of the Underworld." Said a winged-dog.(Think Anubus without the Human body and with the rest of the dog's body and wings.) "My name is Anubus and there are my two twin sons." He motions to the Guardian of Heaven and another boy who looked more sinister and had spikier hair tied in a ribbon.(Think Marick, the bad one, with a ribbon tying his hair down at his shoulders.)

"Hello. My name is Marick and I am the Guardian of is my older brother Malik. It's the same for me as my brother. Call me Rick and him Mal. This is my little sister Youko." Rick said. When he mentioned his sister, Anubus gave him a disapproving look.

'Does he not like his daughter? Why not? She's beautiful.' Chance thought.

And she was. She was a couple inches shorter than Mal. Her skin was porcelain white. Her bangs were lake Mal's and the rest was in soft-looking spikes. It ended a couple inches below her shoulders and was a very pale platinum blond that seemed to have silver in it. Her face was that of an angel, and was clear of emotions, as were her eyes. But if you looked close enough, she seemed haunted. Her eyes were a silvery-lilac, with slitted pupils. Her eyes were a few shades darker than her brothers'. Her black suede skirt had slits going up the sides an inch above the knees. Her black, leathery shoes were witch-like in design. Folded over and bunched up at the top with a little bit of heel. Her suede shirt was a darker purple then her eyes and was halfway to her wrists. The thick, tan leather strip around her throat held an onyx Anubus' head with silver eyes and thin silver vertical lines.

"My name is Youko Night, and I am a Raven. I own a place called the Graveyard. A Raven is doomed to the Graveyard because no other plane will accept us."She said in a voice devoid of emotion, but with underlying kindness in it.

"Okay. Hello. I still don't know what we're ready for." Chance said.

"You didn't tell him?" Youko asked Harvette who shrugged and pulled some hair behind her ear which was pointed. The only strange thing about them-besides being pointed-was that they both had most of the point being blue with a blue band underneath it. In the ear-ring hole was a small silver ball. Hanging from both points of her ears was another single ball.

Looking over them all again, Chance notices a see-through black ribbon in Youko's hair. In white, four words were written. After blinking a few times, Chance realizes that beside each word, which seemed to be in Egyptian, was a small symbol. On the left there was a small, multi-tailed fox. On the back side was a snow flake. On the right was a wolf with four tails. A scarab with open wings was on the back.

"The fox is me. The others are my friends' symbols. Their dead now, though." Youko said suddenly, in a soft voice.

Chance's eyes snap back up and he realizes that her ears are also pointed.

"Come on. Let's do it."Youko said.

Nodding together, everyone steps closer to Chance, who blinks and takes a step back while looking around nervously.

"I, Malik Night, deny you, Chance Furlong, access to Heaven." Mal said, touching Chance's forehead.

"I, Marick Night, deny you, Chance Furlong, access to Hell." Rick said, also touching Chance's forehead.

"I, Anubus Night, deny you, Chance Furlong, access to the Underworld." Anubus said, mimicking his sons and touching Chance's forehead.

"I, Youko Night, deny you, Chance Furlong, access to the Graveyard." Youko said in a soft, kind voice, smiling as she touched Chance's forehead as well.

"Chance Furlong. You are to be placed into the Mortal Realm until an appointed time. If you could choose when you die, when would you choose, Chance Furlong?" Harvette asked in a commanding voice.

Almost immediately, Chance answers, "When Jake Clawson dies."

Hearing this, everyone's eyes soften and a gentle smile breaks through their careful masks, unbidden.

"Then so be it. Chance Furlong. You're life has been connected to that of Jake Clawson's. Goodbye and good luck, Chance. Oh, and before I forget. We've all decided to give you a Hope you like it!" Harvette says, lifting a scythe with another blade facing the opposite way at the bottom. Swinging it backwards, Harvette grunts and aims at Chance's neck.

*At the Hospital*

Opening his eyes, Chance realizes that he is back in the hospital room. Sitting up, Chance looks around for Jake. After spotting him, his heart sinks.

Jake's tail drags on the floor, his form is slumped, and his ears floppy.

"Jake!" Chance yells. Jake stops and turns around, his dead eyes widening and living up. Gasping, he rushes to Chance's side.

"Chance! You're alive! Thank God, you're alive!" Jake sobs, holding tightly onto Chance as if to make sure Chance wouldn't die again.

"More like thank a Grim, a Raven, and three Plain Guardians." Chance mumbles under his breathe, holding just as tight onto Jake.

"Hm? What was that?" Jake asks, loosening his grip and stepping back to study his friend's face.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it."

Due to their happy reunion, neither saw the relieved tears pouring from the eyes of all who had gathered there. They also missed the sighs of relief, the 'awe's, the cooing, the giggling, and the mostly female insistence that they were 'so cute!'. It seemed everyone had something they wanted to say and do as congratulations, but they were contint to just sit back and wait for them to finish having their moment.


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