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A cold hard stone jumped on my lap and gave me a peck on the cheek. I knew that she would have saw me telling the story and wanted to hear it for herself. I guess I was just glad that I didn't have to go through this alone.

"Sorry I just couldn't wait," Alice said looking at Carlisle.

"It's very understandable. Now Jasper please continue."

For the next hour or so I told them about Bella and her condition. How she doesn't remember any of us and how she draws pictures of her past with no clue of what they mean. I explained the appiontment I had with her and how she looked. When I finished everything was silent.

"I didn't think this would ever happen," Carlisle said quietly. We averted our eyes, not wanting to admit that we had been careless.

"We can't tell Edward, not yet," Alice spoke from her place on my lap. We decided then. I would go on as Bella's doctor and Edward would not be told about Bella's reapearence. Atleast not yet, as Alice kept on repeating. I assumed from this that he would be told eventualy, but I didn't completely agree with Alice on this. Who knows what damage it might cause.

Alice and I went home to an expected house full of anxious vampires. I could feel there curiosity from a few blocks away. All but one. I could sense Edward. He had a sort of emptiness to him and if I looked deep down enough I could feel pain, sarrow, and despair. Alice called the family and told them to meet us in the woods behind our house, in the off chance that Edward might be listening in. But he never does.

"What happen Alice? Esme told us that you had a vision about Bella and then ran off without explaining." Rosalie was the first to speak once everyone was gathered around.

"I did." Alice was bouncing on the balls of her feet. A smile spread across my face seeing how happy it was making her. She really loved Bella. We all did. The memory of her birthday came into my mind and I bit back my smile.

"She's a patient where I work. I saw her in my office today," I answered there curious feelings.

"Don't you work at the loony bin Jasper?" Emmett asked.

"It's an Institute Emmett." Once realizationed dawned on all of them their feelings suddenly turned to sarrow. We now knew what the affect of us had caused. Only Alice remained with a little joy.

"She'll be okay. Once she remembers us we'll be able to see her again."

"Remember us?" Esme asked.

"She doesn't remember Forks or anything that was in it," I answered.

We all talked a little more and then returned to the house. We decided that once Carlisle was home we would discuss the issue of Bella's memory, and whether or not we should try to help her restore it.

Once Calisle was home we gathered in the living room. No one mentioned Bella's name to not attract the ear of Edward. We discussed it and came to a conclussion. In a week time we would tell Edward about Bella and let him decide.



I woke up with sweat covering my face. I had a dream. The first dream that I could remember having during my whole time in recovery. I had dreamt of trees. A forest. I was looking for something, or someone. I felt alone. As if I had just lost something. I kept tripping and falling over roots. There was a emptiness in my heart. I felt as if I would tear apart, into little peices, and get blown away. It was a nightmare, but a dream no less.

A tray of food and pills layed at the foot of my bed. I quickly consumed them and not moments later there was a knock at the door and then it was opened, as I knew it would happen. Crash was standing there with a smile on his face.

"Hey Bella. You ready?" I was glad that he was finally treating me normally. I nodded and stood up. We walked quietly the whole way to the Hell Hole. We stopped outside the door.

"Okay Bella I'll pick you up around 4 to take you to see Dr. Cullen."

"I thought I only saw the Doctor weekly," I said, suprised.

"Dr. Cullen's requested for you to have appiontments daily," he gave me a big smile,"This might mean that your getting better."

"Or worse," I muttered. I walked in and sat on the couch farthest from anyone else, not wanting to talk to be bothered. I pondered my dream for a bit. I was in deep thought when I felt the couch sink in next to me as someone sat down. I looked up and saw bright, electric blue eyes staring intently at me. She was very beautiful and looked out of place in the room full of "crazy people." She looked pretty sane to me.

"Hi, I'm Felicity. Your Bella right?" I inspected her. Her hair was nice and straight, not messy at all. She had on gray sweat pants with a blue shirt, like me. We had to wear that or the blue robes.

"How do you know my name?" I asked wearily. Something about today was getting my mood down. I had a feeling this wasn't going to be the best of days.

"Oh word gets around. I had a friend who had a room next to yours at your old place." She said this so casualy that I wanted to strangle her. How could someone else know about where I have been but I didn't. I didn't say anything and we just sat there. Finally she asked me the question I hated most.

"So why are you in here?" I tried to calm myself, saying that she was just trying to make conversation and be friendly.

"I don't know. You?" I hoped she would answer my question and forget my answer to hers.

"You don't know or you don't remember?" She asked it like she already knew the answer.


"Oh. I'm here because I said things that sounded crazy." She said it as someone would say,"I ate Mac-N-Cheese yesterday."

"Yeah? What kind of things did you say?"

"Do you know Dr. Cullen?" She asked suddenly.

"Yeah, sure. I had an appiontment with him yesterday." Where was this conversation leading?

"No, I mean do you know him, know him?"

"No..." Okay now I could see why she was in here. She was quiet for a minute, as if in thought.

"Bella," she said slowly,"Do you want to know some of the things that I said that got me put here?"

"Okay?" I said it as a question, not really sure if I wanted to know.

"There was these beautiful, pale creatures. I met one once. They told me what they were. Do you know what they were Bella?" I shook my head.


I scoffed. Yeah I could definately see why she was here now.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Completely serious. There's something else. I'm not sure if the best thing to tell you though." I sighed. I hated these types of games.

"You already brought it up. Might as well."

"Well... the friend that used to have the room next to you said that you would scream in your sleep a lot. He said you screamed some really wierd things." My heart rate accelerated. Was I finally going to know why I got put in this place? After all the memory searching was this strange blonde going to tell me?

"He said you would scream about a family. You would scream about fire and blood. About one perticular guy. A family of cold, beautiful, extremely strong and fast ceatures. You would scream about vampires."

I stared at her. Was she making this up to hurt me? She couldn't have, I had just met her. There was the fact that she already knew my name. Could I be in here for thinking that vampires were real?

"But-" I started to say but her name was called from the door, signaling that she had to go.

"We'll talk more about this later." She got up and left.

Vampires. The word seemed familiar. I knew I had heard it before but it seemed too familiar. It felt as if something was trying to push itself out of my memory but it was pushing to hard. Maybe I just thought this because I had finally been given something as to think why I was here.

"This is crazy," I mumbled. But then again this was the perfect place for that. I heard Crash call my name from the door and got up to go see Dr. Cullen again.



I sat waiting impatiently for Bella to arrive. I had decided to study Bella further and requested for dailey appiontments. I heard her steps from down the hall, along with her escort. It sounded as if they were in a hurry to get her. My door was open this time so Bella quickly stepped in.

"Sorry we're late," her escort said, feeling sinceraly apologetic,"Bella forgot to take her sketchpad before we left, so we had to run over and get it."

Bella was now seated on the couch with a sketchpad on her lap. She looked lost in thought and confusion was coming from her, but further down I could still feel the emptiness. I nodded at the escort and he closed the door behind him as he left.

"Good afternoon Bella," I said turning to her,"I thought we'd discuss your drawings today. May I see you book please?" She nodded, still lost in thought. Her emotions were tangled with confussion and denial. If only I had Edward's power. Then again, with Bella, that wouldn't do me much good. She held out the sketchpad for me to take. I got up and sat in the armchair next to the couch, graving the pad. The first page was confusing. A lot of diffrent small drawings covered the page, overlapping eachother. The next page had a huge eye. It seemed Bella was able to cough up some color since the iris was a slight shade of red. The next couple of pages were full of random things, but they tied into what happened in Forks somehow. Her truck, trees, rain in a forest, a piano. Some were really good and detailed. I remember hearing that shock brought out diffent talents in diffrent people. Apparently uncontrollable art came out of Bella. One of the last pages of pictures there was a group of shadows. Shadows of people. I could tell which was who. There was Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Carlisle and me. I turned the page and saw only one shadow. This was more hazy then the others. I could tell the shape of Edward right away. It was if the details were trying to leak through, but something was restraining them. I turned the last page of the drawings. There was a house. Our old house.

"Well Bella it's clear these pictures have some sort of meaning. Possibly your memory is trying to leak through."

"Your good," Bella said coming out of her daze,"Most just ask what I think they mean." Bella was feeling curious.

"I'm not most doctors." We stayed quiet for a moment. Bella not meeting my eyes.

"What do you feel when you draw?"

"Nothing, really,"Bella said quietly,"I kind of black out."

"Do you think this might be because your heart doesn't want to remember, but your mind does?" She finaly met my stare and there was alarm in her eyes.

"Is... is that possible?"

"It's very possible and happens a lot of the time. The heart chooses something that the might doesn't want or vise versa. We'll be lucky if it's that simple for you." I looked at the clock and saw that the appiontment was coming to an end.

"I want you to do something for me Bella. Try to draw something while you can actually see the page. Don't concentrate to hard but don't get to lost either. Be aware and we'll se what you come up with tomorrow." I heard the escort's footsteps down the hall. I gave Bella back her sketchpad and walked back around my desk, sitting in my chair. There was a knock at the door and Bella got up to leave. The only thing was that, as she walked out, her foot cought on the corner of the couch and she started to fall. I saw all the possible injurys and rushed to her side, catching her in mid fall. She looked up at me with shocked eyes, her heart rate going wild. Then suddenly it seemed as if something clicked in her mind and she quickly steady herself. Alarm was leaking through her every pore. I calmed her, but I knew once she left she would feel it again. Was she scared of my sudden movement or had she finnaly regained a little bit of memory? Enought to know that I was dangerous. Was that the little sign of realization I saw? I watched her leave, both of us momentarily mute from suprise.



As I layed in my bed I thought about what had happened. How suddenly Dr. Cullen had been sitting behind his desk one moment and then the next he was next to me, making sure I didn't fall flat on my face. At that exact moment the words of Felicity had ran through my head.

"A family of cold, beautiful, extremely strong and fast ceatures." Even now her words kept running through my head. Especialy the part about being extremely fast. He was otherworldly beautiful too. Could Dr. Cullen really be a... vampire. The word still tried to tug something out of me.

This must have also been why Feliciy had aske me if I knew Cullen. Knew him. Maybe he was a known vampire. Or maybe I had screamed his name when my memory was still intact and I had gone insane.

Unable to sleep that night, I laid in bed thinking of the possibility of vampires truely existing.