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Chapter 1

Sarah Williams stared at her friend in disbelief. She would've laughed thinking Hoggle was joking, but he wasn't. The expression on his face was one of sadness. It really happened.

"Sarah?" Hoggle asked, tentatively, "Did you hear me?"

Sarah nodded, as her vision blurred. Tears ran down her face. She tried to hold them. It didn't work.

"H- How?" She asked, her voice cracking on the word.

"We don't know. The healers said that there was nothing that could've caused the illness."

Sarah couldn't believe that Jareth, the Goblin King, was dead. According to Hoggle, a few years ago Jareth had developed a cough. It seemed minor, more like a clear- your- throat kind. Like everything else, it wasn't what it seemed.

The cough quickly became more violent. Other symptoms started to appear as well. Headaches that seemed to come once and be unrelated, but they, too, progressed into migraines. Very intense migraines, that could only be cured by magic and then only a few minutes a day.

Along with the migraines, came very high fevers and random bouts of weakness. As time went by, the weakness came more often and became stronger. In the final stages, there was no relief from the pain. Jareth became weaker and weaker. The illness kept growing until it destroyed his defenses and killed him.

The healers were trying to save him when he died. They shared a look of sadness and slowly drew the sheets over his head, signifying his death.

Hoggle now looked at his best and oldest friend. He was surprised at how hard she was taking this. He had half expected her to just shrug off Jareth's death or say something sarcastic. He never expected her to mourn him.

It was five years after Sarah's run through the Labyrinth. Ever since the night of the Goblin King's defeat, Sarah called on her friends when she needed to talk to someone. Especially after her family's death three years ago. She had really needed the comfort and support her friends offered.

Now they supported each other. Even though Jareth kicked them around and threatened them on a daily basis, he was still their king. The only king they ever knew.

Sarah felt like half of her had died. The part of her that dreamed.

Eventually, Sarah said good-bye to Hoggle and he disappeared.

She, then, fell on her bed and cried herself to sleep.