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Chapter 11

Sarah sighed, relieved that Melinda left. It was two days since Jareth told Melinda to keep an eye on her. Even though Sarah liked Melinda, she wished that Jareth hadn't given her a babysitter without at least telling her the reason why.

Melinda had started dropping by at least once a day. She had even offered Sarah a part time job at the antique store when Delia couldn't be there, which was almost nearly every other day. Sarah hadn't felt Jareth's presence since. She wondered where he was.

Thinking of Jareth made Sarah think about the Labyrinth and her friends. Sarah realized that it was over a week since she had talked to them. She climbed the stairs to her room where she still kept the vanity mirror she had had when she was a young teenager.

Sarah sat in front of it and said, "I need you... All of you."

The mirror only showed her own reflection for a few moments, then another face appeared. "Sarah?"

"Hi, Hoggle."

"Sarah, is something wrong?" Hoggle asked.

Sarah shook her head. "No, I just wanted to see you. Where are Ludo and Sir Didymus?"

"Ludo is guarding the castle's gates and Sir Didymus was sent to guard the Bog again. We hardly see each other now." There was a note of sadness in Hoggle's voice.

Sarah looked at him, slightly stunned. "What about you?"

Hoggle sighed and said, "I am a personal secretary to Erebus."

Sarah looked at him blankly, "Who?"

"The new Goblin King. Jareth's younger brother," Hoggle explained.

"Brother? Jareth had a brother?" Sarah asked, bewildered.

Hoggle nodded. "Uh- huh. He's worse than Jareth ever was."

"What did he do?"

"Where to begin? Ya remember how me, Ludo, and Didymus told you how Jareth sometimes 'mingled' with his subjects?" Hoggle asked, making air quotation marks around the word "mingle."

Sarah nodded. "Yeah, you said Jareth would kick the Goblins around when he was in a bad mood."

"Erebus doesn't even do that. He ignores us. He doesn't care 'bout his subjects. And without their king's guidance, the Goblins are out of control." Hoggle said, becoming more animated as he spoke.

Suddenly, Sarah felt Jareth's presence and a feeling of danger came over her. Sarah quickly interrupted Hoggle with, "I'm sorry, Hoggle, but please come here." Sarah stood and backed away from the mirror. "Hurry."

Hoggle hesitated, then stepped through the mirror and into her room. "What is it, Sarah?"

Sarah slowly sank onto the edge of her bed. "I- I don't know," she confessed, "While you were talking, I felt danger, as if someone was watching or looking for something. Someone evil. Before that, I felt-" she cut herself off and looked at the seemingly empty spot where she had felt the warning originate. "Jareth's presence." She finished slowly.

Hoggle looked at the spot then looked back at her and asked, "Jareth's alive?"

Sarah blinked slowly, considering how best to explain to Hoggle about Jareth's limbo state. I'm alive, a voice, in her head, said. A familier masculine voice.

Something awakened inside of her. Something she wasn't aware of, until now :Magic.

Sarah, I'm alive.

End of Chapter 11

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